Liloan’s (Bagacay Point) Parola: Guiding Sailors Since 1904

The Bagacay Point, more popularly known among locals as the Parola, is a lighthouse in the Municipality of Liloan which is considered one of the most important heritage structures in Cebu. The Parola has appeared in countless infomercials, promotional photoshoots, music videos, and of course, personal blogs. So, here I am with MY very OWN personal experience of the Parola.

I’m so glad they kept the place clean and tourist-friendly. Thanks and congratulations, Liloan!

The iconic Parola of Liloan.

Bagacay Point is a major lighthouse which can be seen even from the Island of Mactan on the other side of the channel.

The Parola, which was built in 1904, was named a historical site in 2004.

The heritage marker sits right next to the Parola.

The sign 1904 can be seen etched above the door of the lighthouse.

The lighthouse is solar-powered which makes it even more awesome.

Here are more shots of the Parola of the town of Liloan.

A nice two-story structure can be seen several meters from the lighthouse. I’m not sure exactly what it is. But I’d like to believe it is a house where the lighthouse keepers live.

The green field just below the parola.

The road to the parola looking nice and clean.

The parola as seen from afar.

I also chanced upon famous local band FASTPITCH doing a photo-shoot. How cool!

Have you been to Liloan’s Bagacay Point? Let us know about your experience in the comments section below!