A Look at the 2019 Boom na Boom sa Sugbo

MCPB - Boom na Boom sa Sugbo 2019

After a visit to Il Corso Mall by FilInvest, I decided to drop by this year’s Boom na Boom sa Sugbo. As per tradition, I decided to check the place out because I feel that the yearly carnival/amusement park is an essential part of the very festive Sinulog season here in Cebu.

For the sake of comparison, let me just share that I visited on December 1, 2019 at around 7:00 pm. This is also around the same time that I visited the 2018 Boom na Boom sa Sugbo last year.

See photos of Boom na Boom sa Sugbo 2018 here.

Entrance and Ticket Booths of Boom na Boom sa Sugbo 2019. Last year, tickets were sold at Php20 (weekdays) and Php25 (weekends) for both children and adults. This year, the flat rate for all days is Php25.

Let me just say that based on my observations, compared to last year, there were definitely fewer people this year at Boom na Boom sa Sugbo. But there’s nothing to worry about. I’m sure the number will rise during the Christmas break and during the whole Sinulog season.

I also noticed that there were fewer rides this year. But then again, I visited only three days after the park opened. So there is a very huge possibility that a couple more rides were added right after December 1.

As expected, the more ‘adventurous’ rides were the ones that were more popular. The Frisbee, for example, never ran out of ‘riders.’

This ride, too, despite looking very unstable, was very popular among teen/young adult park visitors.

Of course, the classics like the Ferris Wheel and Vikings were also huge hits. And I have to admit, they look pretty gorgeous (with all the lights), too!

A lot of rides at Boom na Boom sa Sugbo 2019 that cater to the young and very young ones were either not yet operational or were simply empty.

The Fun Slide, was an exception, however, as it was very quick to attract young park visitors (and their parents.)

There was also no queue at the Kiddie Bee, a usual crowd favorite.

The classic Bingo Social near the entrance wasn’t operational yet when I visited. The whole team was still very busy setting up the whole place.

The motorcycle exhibition show ‘Wall of Death’ was unexpectedly very well-received. I noticed that based on the reaction of those who paid for their tickets, the show was indeed very exciting and one of a kind.

The Space Shuttle, another favorite among very young park visitors, was also still waiting for its very first riders for the night.

If you’re wondering where the majority of the people inside the park went, the answer would have to be the ever-appealing perya.

A lot of young visitors also enjoyed spending their time at the shooting booths which gave them rewards for being a sharp-shooter.

And who can ever say no to the coin toss game? This game is hard to resist. Your spare peso for a plate, a bag of chips, or a can of soda? Who doesn’t want that?

I noticed that they allowed a few toy vendors inside the park. I personally think that this is a good idea as this is a great distraction for young kids who might insist on being on some height/age-restricted rides.

The busiest part of the park during my visit was definitely the food and entertainment square near the exit.

The square features food stalls (a few popular food brands are also available), a dining area, and a stage for nightly live performances.

Take a look at this video of Boom na Boom sa Sugbo 2019 at the South Road Properties.

Have you been to this year’s Boom na Boom sa Sugbo? Let us know about your experience in the comment below!

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