In Photos: Waterfront Cebu City Hotel And The Cebu Skyline

Because we weren’t able to go to Sumilon because of the accident, Masil took me to the Waterfront Hotel in Lahug and showed me the room where she was staying. Her room has a commanding view of the city so I took the opportunity to take pictures of the Cebu skyline. After taking a lot of photos, she showed me the pool and garden behind the hotel. The place is rockin!


The garden behind the hotel. Looking nice!

101_0983 by you.

Cebu Skyline (north side). Click on Pic for larger view.

101_0953 by you.

To the garden.

101_0984 by you.

View of the door from the garden.

101_0982 by you.

View of the hotel building.

101_0981 by you.

The garden. Nice!

101_0980 by you.

The other side.

101_0978 by you.

The Sheraton hotel (soon Sofitel) beside SM City Cebu. The clouds look awesome. 

101_1001 by you.

The BIR building

101_0951 by you.

Waterfront’s CICC

101_0997 by you.

The FGU Center in Ayala

101_0996 by you.

One of the ‘towers’ of Waterfront Hotel

101_0993 by you.

Some birds and the Mactan Channel. Plus the U/C resort hotel in Mactan.

101_0986 by you.

U/C in Mandaue.

101_0985 by you.

The Cebu International Port

101_0971 by you.

Waterfront and the Cebu Business Park giants.

101_0959 by you.

Keppel, Innove, Lexmark, and a new giant.

101_0955 by you.

Two more CBP giants.

101_0948 by you.


13 thoughts on “In Photos: Waterfront Cebu City Hotel And The Cebu Skyline

  1. WOW!!! great picture,I would like to run back home to Cebu after I saw all the beautiful sights and places.thanks for sharing us the oppotunity to see the progress of my island cebu.
    Brazilian Cebuana

  2. I’m proud to be a Cebuano. Ug tanan improvement ug Construction sa Cebu give a moral booster to me. Abante gyod Sugbo.

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