First Look: Il Corso Filinvest Lifemalls and Cinemas

Il Corso, the lifestyle component of FilInvest’s City di Mare at the South Road Properties, recently finally opened its doors to the public for the first time. While a huge part of the development remains unfinished, the mall’s main hall, the cinemas on the third level, and the promenade facing the Mactan Channel are now open. I was one of the lucky few to be invited to the first public screening of their cinemas (featuring Spiderman: Far From Home) and I was able to take a few snaps of the main mall, the cinemas, and the amazing ‘seaside garden’ outside. Take a look!




The main hall of the mall is wide and very spacious. I’m happy that FilInvest is actually making a conscious effort to make the mall similar to but also different from all the other malls we now have in Cebu.

I saw several ‘benches’ scattered all over the main hall. I’m guessing they will still be putting up kiosks in between these benches. With the kiosks in place, the place would still look very spacious and breathy.

Entering the main hall from the entrance facing the ocean, mallgoers will see this gorgeous view of their ‘chandelier’ as well as the escalator which leads them straight to the cinemas.

Behind the information booth, mallgoers will find the escalator as well as the massive staircase which will take them to the second floor of the mall.

Skybridges located in various areas make it easier for mallgoers to visit various parts of the mall (especially the ones facing the sea).

This set of escalators on the second floor takes mallgoers straight to the ticket box on the third floor.

The ticket box can accommodate three customers at a time. The mall, by the way, has four cinemas.

The foyer area of the cinemas is wide and spacious, too. And the design and overall feel aren’t that bad, either.

Here’s what the interior looks like. The cinema is not massive but it is big enough to accommodate a good crowd.

The lighting inside the cinema is fantastic, too. And they have spaces near the front for PWDs.

Enjoying Spiderman: Far From Home here at Il Corso.

Now that we’re done with the movie, let’s take a look at the promenade.

I must say that the outdoor restaurants are perfect. The view of the sea is amazing and the ‘pools’ look really lovely. Take a look!

A few restaurants have already opened (most facing the ocean) and I noticed that most of them are (I think) doing pretty great.

The playground looks gorgeous. My nephew Eploy was overjoyed.


So what do you think of Filinvest’s Il Corso Lifemalls at the South Road Properties? Have you been there? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below!

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