Crossing The Line

So, yeah. After much deliberation, I decided to shell out 650 pesos to get a Sinulog Photographer’s ID.

I got the ID not only because I didn’t  want to be trapped behind police/tanod/ROTC/CITOM lines while other people stepped on my feet and my face, but also because I’ve never been inside the sports complex during the big Sinulog Day.

This is going to be my first time so I’m a bit nervous. What would the other photographers (the real ones who are using those really powerful dslr cameras) say if they saw me point-and-shooting with them? Hahaha. Are they gonna laugh at me? What about the road-side spectators? I’ve been a roadside spectator all my life and I’ve always hated photographers blocking my view in order to find a really nice ‘angle’. These spectators can be mean. But they can easily forgive especially if your camera is two meters long. LOL. But what about those point-and-shooters? How are they going to treat me/us? LOL.

All these things crossed my mind. Pretty shallow, you might say, but they’re real issues that I’d surely have to face this Sunday. Hahaha.

I’m happy, and excited, and scared. But I’ll give this gig a try. After all, this is one experience I’m very willing to take. 🙂


Pit Senyor!