Gloomy Sunday


It was so gloomy [and cold] the entire day last Sunday. So we decided to get on our bikes and go to Cantipla, a mountain baranggay near Balamban. We were stuck in Cantipla for a short while because it rained really hard. Fog covered the road [which I forgot to take a picture of] and V-hires taking passengers to and from Balamban had to reduce speed and turn their headlights on.

Cantipla is famous for its sweet corn, very fresh produce, and fog which could easily equal the mists of Baguio and Tagaytay . 🙂


A little warmth

Fresh fruits and veggies along the Transcentral Highway

A lagkaw on top of a hill

Bananas for sale

Mountains of Balamban

A farmer’s wife


A farmer’s daughter

Chinese Pechay!

Kuot gyud!

Road to Cantipla – part of Transcentral Highway

Si Clint