Aguinid Falls: Revisiting the Southern Gem

Right after checking out Ginatilan’s Inambakan Falls (we didn’t stay long,) our next stop was the town of Samboan to see the Aguinid Falls. The Aguinid Falls is located in a small baranggay called Tangbo. The road-side sign is small so it is better if you ask around especially since the baranggay is close to the Samboan-Ginatilan border.

Anyway, it’s so easy to find the falls. If you see the sign, you won’t get lost. You will have to pass through a covered basketball court and follow a short road will which ends at the ‘starting point’ of a very short trail. The trek is 3 minutes tops. So, if you’re not into long treks, Aguinid is for you.

Aguinid Falls. Always a beauty.

Upon reaching the starting point, you will see this sign. I’m not sure why the rates are different for locals and non-locals but I’m not complaining. I’m sure they have an explanation. Hehe.

They also have a Basura Bond Fee to ensure that visitors do not leave their trash behind. It’s also another way of saying “if you don’t value your fifty pesos, don’t worry about your trash.’ Php50 is too miniscule for this purpose. I say make it 500!!! Haha.

Anyways, there was no one around when we reached the starting point. So, we didn’t have to spend a dime. Yahoo!!!

The short trek to the falls.

You cross a small river to get to the first drop.

There it is.

Redjie getting all giddy. Haha.

Lovely, ain’t it?

Now, let’s go up!

View of the pool at the top and the second drop. Nice!

When we reached the top of the second drop, we walked a couple more meters to reach the third drop.

I can hear it!

Fresh water everywhere! Woohoo!

And there it is. The third drop.

Aguinid also has awesome rock formations if you’re into that sort of thing.

The third drop is surrounded by other smaller drops.

By the way, do you see that small rock underneath that big bunch of leaves? Well, apparently, I saw a couple behind that rock doing something similar to that thing I witnessed in Aloguinsan. Hahaha. Why do I always see these things?

Well, I must say it was partly my fault. I saw two bags and a lunch box on top of one of the rocks in the area. I simply thought that the owners were on the very top of the third drop. Hahaha. Well, I should have made a lot of noise to at least give them enough time to react.

To the couple, I’m very sorry. I swear, I didn’t see anything.  Only the guy pulling his shorts up at the girl covering her face.

I was the first one to reach the area as Redjie was still busy taking some photos. When I saw what they were doing, I quickly turned around and called out to Redjie “Redjie, come here! The view here is excellent!” Haha.

I swear I couldn’t look at the guy in the eye. They quickly gathered their things left.

When the couple passed in front of me, the guys said, “Kamo na pud ligo, boss” and smiled. Although I was actually quite nervous, I smiled back and said, “Bitaw boss. Nindot gyud diay diri.”

While saying that, I tried to move away from them. Well, I was just trying to prepare myself. Maybe he felt that I wronged him and he’d hit me in the face without a warning. Haha.

Well, nothing ever happened and they left quietly. Now, we had the whole place to ourselves. Haha.

Redjie trying to reach the top of the third drop.

A small pool in front of the third drop.

Enjoying the pool just below the second drop.

Visit Aguinid Falls now! It’s awesome!