This Way to Cambais Falls

The good thing about following awesome people on Instagram is that you get to see all their awesome adventures. The bad thing about following awesome people on Instagram is that you get to see all their awesome adventures! Haha. Now, you’re lucky if moolah is never an issue and you can simply retrace their steps whenever you feel like it. But if you’re like me who’s (currently) jobless, you’d have to wait for a little while before you can actually experience what they’ve experienced. Hehe.

Anyways, after weeks of (ehemm) planning, I finally got the chance to travel to the town of Alegria to see and experience the wonderful Cambais Falls. And, you know, to have something to post on Instagram. Haha. And boy, was it worth it!

The ride to Alegria is no joke. If you’re wondering how far it is from the city, then check out the number of towns that separate Cebu City and Alegria:

Naga – San Fernando – Carcar City – Barili – Dumanjug – Ronda – Alcantara – Moalboal – Badian

Not counting Talisay and Minglanilla, that’s nine municipalities. Of course, this was BEFORE I found out that there was a much shorter route. (See, you can actually take the Mantalongon, Dalaguete route to get there.)

So, anyway, after more than three hours on the road, I finally reached the town of Alegria. I was hoping that I’d see a sign somewhere along the road telling me where Cambais was but I didn’t see anything. And when I saw the sign telling me that I was approaching the town of Malabuyoc, I knew that I had to ask for help. So, I made a U-turn and stopped at the first gas station that I saw. While filling up my tank, I asked the gas boy if he knew where Cambais was. Luckily, he did. He mentioned however that it was a loooong way from where we were and that I could easily get lost if I made one wrong turn along the way. Okay, sounds scary.

But I decided to keep driving anyway. And, thankfully, every time I reached an intersection, there was always someone who was always willing to point me in the right direction. Thank you, Alegrihanons! 🙂

Actually, I was starting to get a little impatient when I still couldn’t see any sign of Cambais after driving for more than half an hour. I even almost decided to turn back thinking that I probably made a wrong turn somewhere. But the heavens were kind to me that day because a few moments later, I saw this small sign by the road. This way to Cambais Falls, it said! Yahoo!

I noticed a few motorbikes parked a few meters from the sign. So I parked my bike and started my 1.03 km trek to the falls. This is it! (Note: Habal-habal drivers available)

The trail was clear and pretty fine but it rained earlier that day. So it felt like half of Alegria was stuck in the soles of my shoes. Haha.

The main road as seen from the trail.

Along the way, you will see several farms lands and plantations. This one is an ampalaya field.

There’s also this nice little ‘forest’ which is perfect for selfies and photo ops. Hehe.

A few hundred meters later, I saw this group of young boys swimming in the river. They asked me to take their photo. I said that I couldn’t because the camera was in the bag. But they pleaded. So I took out my camera and pointed it at then. And that was when they scampered for cover. Haha. These kids!

Can you see them? Two of them were hiding behind that rock. And the other one was in the water. Haha.

By the way, this is the spot where you will see a small table and chair. Yep, someone will ask you to sign the log book and pay Php 20.

Less than 100 meters later, I was there. Ladies and gentlemen, Cambais Falls!

Local kids enjoying the water.

Crazy jumps. I probably wouldn’t do it even if I knew how to swim. Haha.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

You’re actually looking at the steps to Drops 3, 4 and 5.

View from the top. These kids are so lucky.

‘Massage bed.’ That is what they call Drop # 2. Definitely a favorite spot.

And that spot near the bottom of the photo is what they call the kawa. It’s like a cool little throne for non-swimmers like me. Haha.

I continued trekking to look for the last three drops.

Ah, there it is! This wooden staircase is always present in almost all Instagram posts about Cambais. Plus Drop # 3, of course!

Let’s go up! (Yep, I was wearing shoes and pants. Haha.)

View from the top. Imagine how deep the water is down there.

And there they are! Drops 4 and 5. I know it’s not very clear but Drop #5 (behind that while flat rock) is also quite pretty in person.

Small drops can be seen all over the place, too.

I spent at least 2 hours ‘swimming’ in the massage bed and kawa before finally deciding to head back home. We will meet again, Cambais, I promise!


Have you been to Cambais Falls? What do you think of the place?

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  1. These narratives are not only informative and written in a heartfelt manor, but they genuinely express the humor and good nature of the writer. Find the time and ENJOY Cebu!

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