Summer Market

If you’re looking for a new hangout just a few minutes from the city center, then Oakridge Business Park is perfect for you. The Oakridge Business Park, which I think, is patterned after the famous Asiatown IT Park in Lahug, is located in A.S. Fortuna in Mandaue City. Just 2 minutes from Gaisano Country Mall and Banilad Town Center and a mere 5 minutes from Asiatown IT Park, Oakridge Business Park boasts of a high-end foodstrip, a convention center, IT and commercial buildings, and a green mini park right in the heart of the complex.

To promote its facilities and earn new avid customers and fans, the Park decided to come up with an exciting activity for the whole family. For all Sundays of April, have bazaars and booths which sell various items. The activity, Summer Market, starts at 8 am and ends at 2.


Stiltwalkers  busy at the market.

Oakridge Business Park entrance. Looking grand.

With popular brands like Startbucks, Pancake House, Cafe Laguna, and many more.

To the IT buildings and park.

Sign by the road. You can’t miss it.

View of the strip from the park.

The green park which transformed into a market/carnival.

Open all Sundays of April!

Food booths at the Summer Market.

Plants and herbs for sale!

They mostly sell organic items. They also sell Lechon. Haha.

Nice looking ashtrays!

Ice molds – 3 for a hundred. Not bad!

Wild Honey!

Beauty products for sale, too!

And here’s my favorite part. The food!

Looking really delicious.

Sylvannas! I’m a huge fan!

Ice cream for the HOT Summer!


Choco Fudge!

Cookies, anyone?

Look at those muffins! Looks delicious!

Fresh produce. Nice!

This looks really pretty.

Filipino Favorites!



There was a cooking show, too!

Herbs and plants from Oroca’s use.

Free fan!


A huge inflatable for the kids!

Happy birds.

Juggling Long legs.

Pose with the clowns.

Bubble Boy!


IT Center 1.

The pavilion for various activities..

Facade of the pavillion.

Drop by Summer Market  now!