Marcelo At Night


In my unending quest to find a place where I can relax without spending a single penny, I reached the beautiful island of Mactan. I remembered the park just beneath the second Mactan Bridge (Marcelo Fernan Bridge) and decided to check it out.

The park was well-lit and there were plenty of benches and picnic tables facing the Mactan Channel. A number of families were eating their panihapon when I got there. Scattered all over the park were groups of young people from nearby baranggays. Some were singing their favorite songs while others were just gossiping the night away. Hehehe.

The park has no entrance fee. So, it’s perfect for people like me who want to enjoy a quiet little time near the sea but couldn’t afford beach front rooms in Mactan’s beautiful resorts. Nyahaha. I was asked to pay 5 pesos, though, by the old lady who said that she ‘took care’ of my parked motorbike while I was away. LOL.


The park’s walkways and benches facing the Mactan Channel. Pretty cool place.

100_5699 by you.

There’s the bridge.

100_5705 by you.

Picnic huts. First come, first served.

100_5709 by you.

Here’s a view of the main bridge. I was only able to take one picture because I don’t have a tripod. And it was very cold. LOL.

100_5715 by you.

Here’s a view of the park beneath the bridge. Cool.

100_5714 by you.