Tumalog: Picture-Perfect

So, it’s the weekend before my birthday (it’s also my 10th year at work) and I wanted to do something special. And by special I mean travel. (I’m so lame, I know.) So, even though it was the annual fiesta of our sitio and I only had 500 pesos in my wallet, I packed my bag, got on my bike, and hit the road. I really didn’t have any idea where I was going but we agreed to go South. Yes, I now listen to the opinion of my motorbike. He said south, so we’re going south.

The weather was pretty strange today. When I woke up at around seven, it was raining hard. I thought that I would have to cancel everything. So, I went back to sleep. When I woke up an hour later, the rain was gone. And that explains why this whole trip happened. Anyway, I had to make numerous stops during my trip because, apparently, the rain enjoyed chasing me with buckets and buckets of water.

I was still unsure where I was headed when I reached Carcar. I thought about going to Oslob and seeing the whale sharks. But I knew that I didn’t have enough funds and I thought that Oslob was too far given the limited amount of time I had. I had to be back home before the big fiesta dinner! However, I also heard about this Tumalog Falls and I was pretty curious why the falls is getting all the buzz. So, long story short, when I left Jollibee, my mind was set. Thirty minutes tops in Tumalog Falls and I’m speeding back to the city. All right. I can do this!

But lo and behold. My goodness, Tumalog is a beauty!

So, I had no idea where this Tumalog Falls was. I didn’t even bother reading blogs about it prior to the trip. I just relied on this feeling that I would find it without anyone’s help.

And true enough, when I reached Oslob, I saw numerous road-side signs telling me where the town’s tourist spots are. I tell you, the town folks are actually pretty good at what they’re doing. People who do not like to ask for directions – like myself – would just have to look at the sign and boom, they know where to go.

Barangay Tumalog is around 120 kilometers from the city. So that’s approximately around 2 hours of travel on a 70kph motorbike.  Anyways, you won’t get lost. The sign is so huge even kingkong wouldn’t have a hard time finding it. The drive up to the main ‘gate’ is quite long, though. Probably around 4-7 kilometers.

So, yeah. I reached the ‘gate’ with a small outpost. I saw this old man with a cowboy hat who was holding a bunch of tickets. He told me that I had to park my bike there because the road was slippery and very steep. I saw several vans parked near the outpost so I guessed there were numerous guests at the falls.

I chatted up the cowboy dude and he mentioned that the falls is part of most Oslob Tour itineraries (Tours usually include the whale-watching, the church and cuartel visit, and the Sumilon Island visit.)

Php 20 per head. I don’t know how much they charge for kids.

And the walking begins. Is that Tumalog Falls?

Trees! Trees everywhere!

More trees! It starts to get creepy as you move farther away from the outpost. Specially when you’re on your own. And it’s raining.

Really steep road. Cowboy guy was not kidding.

It was raining the whole time and I had my coat on. Started to feel like I was going into some sort of Blairwitch type of shiz or something.

I can now hear the sound of water. Maybe I was close.

And then! The concrete road ended and the real trek began.

And the road gets narrower by the minute. Okay, if you’re a snail or an earthworm, you can say “gets narrower by the hour’ or day. Whichever you prefer.

Plants with pimpled leaves blocking my way.

Wait, didn’t I just say it got narrower?

Finally, civilization. But wait, there was no one around!

(Found out later this was the ‘still unfinished’ bathroom and restroom.)

Huge, gigantic, big-ass bamboo plants! I suddenly remembered childhood tales of creatures like tambaloslos and tikbalang hiding behind bamboo groves. Creepy.

But hey! Look! Pretty looking mini-falls!

Another one!

All of a sudden, I heard someone yell out “1, 2, 3… Smile!” Yep, I was close.

And there it was. Tumalog Falls.

It’s not your typical waterfalls. There was no pool at the bottom of the drop. In fact, the water that trickled down from the top of the cliff isn’t strong enough to make a hole on the ground. But just take a look at that!

That green stuff looks really amazing.

Closer look.

One of the numerous ‘shower areas.’ You can actually ‘shower’ there.

Amazing view of the drop.

That drop in the middle is the biggest one out of all the drops.

Gorgeous. When I actually first laid eyes on the falls, I was in total awe. I never thought I could see something this beautiful right here in Cebu.

The area surrounding the falls is so alive!

So green!

More giant bamboo groves!

And look at that! Very lovely!

This is probably one of my most favorite shots. Hehe.


Thriving lifeforms in the area. I even saw some fish in the ankle deep pools.

The government of Oslob should keep Tumalog as virgin as possible. It should stay this way FOREVER!

Love this shot as well. The numerous drops.

Ah! You could stare at the falls the whole day and you wouldn’t feel bored. Seriously.

Some chairs and tables available near the falls.

The biggest drop = One gigantic natural shower! Haha.

More photos of this marvelous natural creation.

So, while I was taking photos, the Tagalog tourists left and I was the only one left. Even the guides left. I decided to take advantage of the situation. I took my shorts (I was wearing another one – for swimming. hehe,) my shirt, and my shoes off!

It was time to shower!!!! Oh, yeah!

The experience was amazing. That was probably the most awesome shower I’ve ever had. Well, it was actually shower PLUS massage! I was like an excited little kid. I got the whole amazing place to myself and I was laughing and singing and doing some crazy dance. I even started scrubbing my back, my sides, and my arms. Hahaha.

Suddenly, I heard some noise. When I turned around, I couldn’t believe my eyes!

There, standing in front of me, was a huge group of Korean tourists. There were around 15 of them. They were taking pictures of the falls and probably of me.

No!!!!!!!! Hahaha.

This timed shot is probably a perfect depiction of my reaction. Haha. Ulaw!!!!!

I pretended that their presence didn’t bother me at all. I turned around, made a silent cry for dignity lost, and hurriedly collected my things. Haha. That was probably one of the most embarrassing moments in my life.

By 3:30, I was ready to leave.

The trek back up to my bike, though!

The reached Oslob proper at around 4:00. Of course, I had to drop by a roadside burger place to grab something to eat.

I love Oslob!

After that, I was back on the road. The final stretch!

EXTRA: Cebu’s “Southern Bend” in Boljoon.

I reached the city just before seven. And I got home WHILE they were all still eating! Yahoo!

Visit Tumalog Falls today, you guys! The long trip is all worth it!

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