Surf’s Up!

On my way to Oslob to see the bad-ass Tumalog Falls, I decided to make a short stop in Mahayahay. Mahayahay is Argao’s well-loved public beach. It’s much like Talisay but with less houses in the area. The sand is not white but it’s not dark brown either. Just perfect. The public beach is huge, which is always good. The most frequented strip has a well-maintained beachline which is perfect for young kids and those who don’t know how to swim. One portion of the beach is very deep and frequently has huge waves so it is restricted. The other side of the beach is where local fishing boats can be seen.

According to a friend who lives in Argao, Mahayahay is usually quiet during the week. Which was why I was glad it was a Sunday when I decided to drop by. As you all know, Sunday is beach day in Cebu!

These photos show how Sundays are perfect for relaxing, unwinding, and swimming with family and friends.


Mahayahay Beach in Argao – Perfect weekend destination!

Mahayahay Beach is gorgeous!

The sand is not sparkling white. But I like it!

Bunch of local boys having a blast.

One of the boys saw me taking photos. He waved at me and said: “Picturi mi, boss!”


Young kids enjoying in one a shallow tide pool a few meters from the water.

A gang of teenagers enjoying the waves and the breeze.

The Sunday crowd. Not bad!

Sign at the deep part of the beach. No Swimming!

Skim-boarders and surfers enjoying the view.

Green flag. I think this flag also means that swimming is prohibited.

Young surfer getting ready to hit the waves!

There he goes!

Friends of the surfers enjoying how they mercilessly fall off their boards every time a huge wave appears.

Waiting for a big-enough wave.

Here it is! Too bad I shot a few seconds too late. Haha.

The other portion of the public beach. This is where local fishing boats are ‘parked. Look, that’s the town church of Argao!

Panorama of Mahayahay Beach. Click on the photo to enlarge!

One of the many cottages for rent in the area.


The green green green rice paddies of Argao are beautiful. Don’t you guys agree?

Visit Argao now!

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16 Comments on Surf’s Up!

  1. Ley Bai,
    Don’t have to be really white sand as long as clean and the water too, very gorgeous beach.
    When we get there next year, I’m sure that is one of the areas I well visit and spent some time to enjoy our retirement , Beautiful indeed..Thanks much bai…

  2. Yes, the green rice paddies are beautiful and picture-perfect. The public beach is nice because it looks clean. Maybe we will visit there next time we’re there in Cebu.

    Thank you, Ley, for your blogs and very nice pictures.

  3. Nice to see Ley, your photo’s have ur logo. Coz sometimes I saw a photo belongs to you, use by someone else. Indeed Argao is nice. I like the photo of the guys. I like the sign for safety reason. At least their LGU is concern.

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