Ziplining in Balamban

 First of all, welcome home to my cousin Clint! He just got back from Jeddah!

So, anyway, a few weeks ago, a friend told me about a new zipline facility somewhere in Balamban. She said the name of the place was K33. So, obviously, it’s 33 kilometers from the city. She also said that her friend owns the place and that if I wanted to check the place out, I could simply look for the owner and tell him who I am. I would then get a discount or something. LOL.

Well, I didn’t do it. Hahaha. 1, because I couldn’t do it. And 2, because Clint promised that he would take all of us there when he comes home. And indeed, he didn’t break his promise. Hehehehe. Thanks a lot, Clint!


Clint and his brother Istong taking off!

The real name of the place is K33 Green Adventure. K33 because it was exactly 33 kilometers from Cebu City. And ‘green adventure’ because you’ll see nothing but green mountains when you’re there. Hehehe.

The K33 tarp posted along the Transcentral Highway. If you know where Island in the Sky is, you won’t get lost. Hehehe.

Log on to their website for more information.

Going down to the main view deck. We’re pretty excited!

I call this the ‘Zip Hut’. LOL.

Sign seen in the vicinity.

Rules and Regulations

300 meters. Can you handle it?

The other launching platform.

Nice looking restaurant serving shakes and sandwiches. Cool!

With an awesome view of the mountains of Balamban. Wow!

Site Development Plan.

Don’t worry. It’s very sturdy!

Safety Rules

Crew checking the equipment.

Manang is pretty nervous! Hahahaha.

A father-daughter tandem. Pretty brave kid.

Signing the waiver.

Manang ready to do it!

I’m pretty nervous myself! Hahaha. If this is where it all ends, know that I do Love Cebu. LOL!

Ready to take off!

And off we go! Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Next up, Clint and Istong!

Rock on!

Hikel, you’re up next!

Going solo! Hahaha.

It was a pretty kick-ass experience! I wanna do it again!

By the way, it’s Php160/person. That’s a total of 500 meters of pure awesomenesss!

Visit K33 Green Adventure now!


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