Northern Escape

For most people, the phrase ‘long holiday’ would usually translate to ‘awesome stay at posh beach resort’ or ‘week-long ย south-east Asian cruise.’ For my family, however, it simply means getting a chance to get out of the city and do things we don’t normally get to do. See, one of the perks of coming from a family of ‘limited resources’ is that the decision-making part is quite a piece of cake. While other families wrack their nerves in deciding whether to get six single rooms instead of three double rooms, for MY family, the first pick is the final pick. Hahaha. When one member suggests a cheap and ‘good’ place, no one would dare say no. Even if a room which normally accommodates 3 will eventually take the weight of six. Haha. Unless of course, that person could pay for the whole group.


Take this trip to San Remigio, for example. ๐Ÿ™‚

Penniless as usual, me and my cousins had a little brainstorming about how to best spend the Lenten break. After three hours, we came up with three things. 1. Play chakicha. 2. DVD marathon 3. Computer games. We were about to make a pick when my dad announced that we were traveling to Bogo to visit a family friend. He said we’d be staying in San Remigio and that food would not be a problem. The following day, we were all packed. Hahahaha.

We left the city at around 5 in the morning to stay out of the sun. I think we forgot that we were going to the beach. Hahaha.

By 8 am, we were in the town of Balamban. While everyone was busy eating at a local carenderia, I walked around and took a couple of photos of this lovely bridge.

The huge river. Looking really nice and clean.

Old bridge just beside the new one.

After breakfast, we were back on the road.

We took a couple of stops to take care of some personal stuff. Hehe.

Tabuelan town proper. Finally just a couple of municipalities away!

Around 10 in the morning, we finally reached the city of Bogo. We went straight to Gaisano to buy a couple of stuff. Here’s Satchmo waiting in the shade while the others went in to buy some things.

Then, it was time to go to the house of a family friend. His house is located in a barangay called Ban-Ban.

We met these two lovely guys.

Satchmo, I think we just found your big sister!


While the rest of the people were busy preparing our lunch, I decided to take a couple of photos of the farm. Awesome eggs!

Satchmo in the shade.

We saw a couple of sineguelas trees in the backyard! Read: Na-ihas!

Caterpillars! Ahhhhhh!

A nice looking rooster.

Fresh green mangoes! Awesome!

Lunch is served! The best-tasting humba ever!


After lunch it was time to get some coconuts!

Hard workers!

Add a little milk and a couple of pieces of ice, it’s ready!

Coconut stick = tooth pick after lunch!

A few minutes after lunch, it was time to leave for San Remigio. Here’s San Remigio, finally.

The obligatory sunset photo. Haha.

I wonder how these were formed.

Love doing this!

We stayed in San Remigio for two days and a night. Afterwards, it was time to get back to the city!

A very awesome-looking bridge somewhere in Asturias.

A quick stop in the town of Tuburan.

Gorgeous looking beach!

Then, we weere on the road again.

Sign we saw in Balamban before we entered the TransCentral Highway.

An accident in Barangay Cansomoroy. This is only a couple of meters away from the bus crash site where a couple of Iranian medical students were killed. Hope everyone was all right.

27 thoughts on “Northern Escape

    1. Sorry meron palang kwento. Last night when i opened your blog puro pictures,walang captions. Now i appreciate better, hehe, maraming salamat Ley!

  1. Feel homesick now. Nice photo’s, lovely country scenery. Reminisce me of the past. Last picture is sad, hope no fatalities. Tnx for sharing Ley. Nice of Satchmo to reunite his big bro.

      1. Ley,there’s no way i dont visit MCPB if im on the net. My network task is not complete w/o visiting on it, honestly. Were sound well here Ley, thanks God for that. And thank you for your concerned too.

  2. sir ley,
    kalami sa hum~ba ug butong ui. pasuya man ni..hehe
    anyways, thanks again for sharing your nice pics. ( stories as well )

  3. bai, i really feel guilty of not visiting your blog that often because there are lots of good stuff you have here. on the flip side, i like it coz i would be staying longer on this site and back read several entries. i think you deserve more blog awards for what you do. keep it up Ley and God bless!

  4. Again all Photos are looked great and the small town , very beautiful view and the fruits is so yummy, I miss eating them already. Daghan salamat kaayo Bai..

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