Visiting Boggart

Last weekend, I was able to return to the Cebu City Zoo with my family. We were so excited because of two reasons: 1) it was our first visit since the zoo’s management overhaul some months ago, and 2) because it was EA’s first zoo visit! EA, as you may already know, is my cousin’s young kid. Anyways, during the visit, I discovered something really  interesting. The new zoo manager, Giovanni Stephen Romarate, was, in fact, my second-degree cousin! Haha. So, instead of a short walk-through, we ended up with a guided tour with some insider/expert information about the zoo and the animals. Very nice! Hehehehe. Also, we were able to touch the resident superstar Boggart the Bengal Tiger. It was a great great visit! 🙂


Cebu City Zoo’s resident superstar – Boggart the Bengal Tiger

Welcome to the Cebu City Zoo!

Nice drawings on the wall.

Schedule and fees

Another interesting mural near the gate.

Zoo rules.

Looking nice.

A nice little grotto.

I noticed there were more visitors this time.

Portalet. Thank goodness! Hehehe.

A nice looking pheasant.

He’s an emotional eater. Hehehe.

A fiesty cat from Malaysia.

Very cute rooster.

Sheep and goats.

A golden leopard.

It was donated by Mayor Osmeña.

A rooster with really weird feathers. Hehehe.

A cute owl.

This one is interesting. This is a 70-year old parrot. It is being watched closely because of its broken beak and falling feathers.

Eating rice. Hehehe.

What are you looking at?

Here’s EA. He looks like he’s having a fun time. Hehehe.

Satchmo chit-chatting with a nice big white bird.

The sign read – Guinea Fowl

Satchmo and a nice little monkey.

The zo0 manager with a crocodile.

Any volunteers?



He’s so huge!

Looking really nice.

Love this shot!

Boggart with Mr. Romarate

Me touching Boggart.

Satchmo and Boggart.

Having an afternoon nap.

EA pretending to be Boggart. Satchmo is scared.

Family picture.

EXTRA: Shot of BBRC.

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