A Quiet Afternoon in Tuburan’s Molobolo Spring

Whenever I travel to the northern part of Cebu, I always find myself going towards the direction of Tuburan. I mean, there are a lot of other wonderful tourist spots and destinations in the north. But I don’t know why I just always end up dropping by the quiet town of Tuburan. Tuburan isn’t unlike […]

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Tabuelan’s Plaza: More Than the Usual

This is not a huge feature on Tabuelan and their plaza. Not really. But I just want to let everyone know how gorgeous the new (and improved) Tabuelan Plaza is. So, okay, honestly, I’m not even sure how ‘new’ this is because I don’t travel to Tabuelan very often (aside from the fact that I’ve […]

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Liki Spring: Discovering a New Gem

I turned left towards the long lonely road which connects the towns of Borbon and Tabuelan. I don’t know why I did exactly, as my original plan was to head straight to the City of Bogo and look for new things to feature. But just like most of my travels, I ended up NOT doing the […]

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Unbelievable Marmol Cliffs

So, where do we start? Well, okay, let’s start with why I decided to go to the Marmol Cliffs of Marmol, Tuburan. You see, prior to the trip, my eyes were set on Maravilla in Tabuelan. I wanted to go to the beach! Because you know, Maravilla has got one of the prettiest public beaches […]

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Northern Escape

For most people, the phrase ‘long holiday’ would usually translate to ‘awesome stay at posh beach resort’ or ‘week-long  south-east Asian cruise.’ For my family, however, it simply means getting a chance to get out of the city and do things we don’t normally get to do. See, one of the perks of coming from […]

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Stunning Tabuelan

Last Sunday, at around four in the morning, I woke up to see my dad stuffing a few shirts inside his small traveling bag. When I asked where he was going, he said that he was going to Bogo with a friend. His friend was asked by another friend to accompany him for the ‘breaking in’ […]

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