The Other Side

If you’re familiar with the South Road Properties (SRP,) you will know that the only side exposed to the Cebuano public is the ‘front’ side. This side is the one facing the sea. This is where Cebu’s future must-visits are currently being developed. This side is the crowd favorite. It gets featured in websites and the news. The ‘back’ side, the one facing the mainland and the one that’s  hidden from the public eye, is the one that never gets featured in news articles and travel websites. While the front side is bustling with life and energy, the back side is silent and still. This isn’t entirely bad, however. Like they always say, it is often in stillness and silence that you find real beauty.

The other side of the South Road Properties – still, silent, gorgeous!

Here is a map of the South Road Properties. The blue lines indicate the ‘front’ side. The red line indicates the ‘back’ side.

The University of Cebu campus in Mambaling.

The small channel between mainland Cebu and the South Road Properties gives fishermen from coastal barangays easy access to the sea.

A few people come here early in the morning or late in the afternoon to jog or ride their bike.

On the other side of the fence is Pond F, the huge still-unreclaimed parcel of land inside the SRP.  Beyond that are the GSIS Building and the Bigfoot Studios.

A long and quiet road. You seldom see this in the city nowadays.

Satchmo taking it all in. Enjoying his first out-of-the-box-experience in months!

You probably couldn’t see it but those are huge white birds in the water. If I am not mistaken, those are white Chinese Egrets. They look like the ones Gian and I saw in Olanggo.

A small mangrove forest frequented by numerous flocks of huge birds.

The Inayawan Landfill. I know it’s dirty and all, but it looks quite peaceful from a distance. Especially now that it’s already been closed. I heard rumors, however, that a private firm is going to transform the lot into something nice and useful.

More birds. There were a lot of them!

Flying V. It is always exciting to see this in the sky. It’s a moving reminder that life must go on no matter what.

A small mangrove forest at the foot of the landfill.

Yet again, more birds! In this photo, you can hardly see them. But there were a couple of them flying when I took this shot. If only I had a better camera. Hehe.

A small house at the foot of the landfill.

More houses!

A lady sits in the shade and cleans the shells that she collected.

A guy with his ‘gun’ dives in to catch some fish.

A lone cyclist traversing the last stretch towards Talisay City.

Satchmo enjoying the sun.

A huge waterway which allows sea water to freely flow towards the back part of the SRP.

The bridge connecting the City of Talisay and the South Road Properties.

Hey, all! After three months, I’m finally back with a new update. I hope I will be able to post new stuff more frequently from now on. All photos in this post were taken using a point and shoot camera. So, please, excuse the quality of the photos. Thanks!