Dalaguete, Finally!

Two weekends ago, I was finally able to see the town church of Dalaguete. True, it wasn’t my first time in Dalaguete. However, it was the first time that I saw the awesome structure with my own eyes. One time, I tried to ‘discover’ where the church was and I ended up taking pictures of the town market. My mistake was that I didn’t ask around. Because the church was just literally behind the town market. Hahaha.

When you first look at the town church of Dalaguete, you will remember two other southern churches because of its size, shape, and appearance – the town church of Oslob, and the town church of Argao. The town church of Dalaguete, like most heritage churches in Cebu, is also facing the sea. And it is surrounded by stone walls to keep it safe from Moro pirates who frequently attacked these structures in the past. Of course, there’s the Bantayan sa Hari or watchtower which was constructed for security purposes.

Anyway, I thought that the church was the only thing that I could blog about during this trip. Well, it turned out that Dalaguete is such a beautiful place that we ended up staying longer that expected. There is just a lot of things to see in Dalaguete.

Take this gorgeous spot, for example. Dalaguete is truly a gem!

The municipal hall and museum of Dalaguete along the South National Highway.

A small grotto/altar right beside the town church.

Belfry of the church.

One of the many doors of the church. And me, of course. Hahaha.

The centuries-old tree is now taller than the bell-tower. Wow!

The town church of Dalaguete. Gorgeous.

The convent looks wonderful!

View of the convent and the small plaza in front of the church.

A small ‘covered bridge’ connecting the convent and the church. Gorgeous!

An angel near the door.

Main altar of the church. Really beautiful.

One of the smaller altars inside the church.

Virhen sa Guadalupe.

Closer shot of the statue of Cebu’s Patron Saint.

And Cebu’s protector Senyor Santo Niño.

A statue of Jesus in the middle of the town plaza in front of the church. The image is facing the church.

Age-old trees in front of the church. Nice!

A recently-rehabilitated watch tower just outside the walls of the church compound.

The seawall facing Negros. And by the way, that’s Sir Jay from Makati. He taught me a few things about photography. He has a nice camera. 🙂

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Visit Dalaguete, today!

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