Banawa Is Sizzling!

After accommodating one of the biggest call centers in Cebu (Convergys,) Banawa welcomed a new posh site for the up-there crowd. Clearly, Banawa is the new sizzling hot spot in Cebu City. The once sleepy stretch of M. Velez and Duterte Streets in Banawa is now oozing with life.

Standing at the heart of the Arcenas Estate, Rustan’s Supermarket and a few high-end shops opened their branches to accommodate the needs primarily of the growing Convergys population and the residents of Banawa and Guadalupe.

The Rustan’s Supermarket Fresh in Arcenas Estate in Banawa

View of the supermarket from the spacious park lot

The Convergys Banawa office is located just across the street

The famous red bee is also here!

The Jollibee Arcenas Estate is the second Jollibee in Barangay Guadalupe.

The development is also home to other brands.

On the other side is the Red Moon Chinese Cuisine & Delicacies.


There is also a branch of Chains and Starbucks Coffee.

Have you been to Arcenas Estate?

9 thoughts on “Banawa Is Sizzling!

  1. Ayaw ug kaulaw kung nag-tsinelas ka! Be yourself ug ila na kanang problema kung dili sila komportable! Diri sa Amerika wala’y pakialam ang mga tawo. Wala’y dato ug wala’y pobre, as we always say here “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS KID!” Hope ma realize na sa tanang Pilipino nga dili ta ma-inferior sa mga dato, pareho ra na sila nato bahug tai! hahahahhaa.

  2. hala ngiga nas banawa oi!! lambo na jud kaayo. magpaabot pa mi sa danao nga mo-inana pod. naa tuoy buyog diri pero sulod pod sa gaisano.

    btw, the angles in 2nd, 3rd and 4th to the last photos kay pareha2x sa etelecare building sa IT Park.

  3. i definitely agree with coco! You don’t have anything to be ashamed of.I saw that place the last time i went home impressive.

  4. wow! the last time i was in the area, rustans lang ang naa. did a couple of grocery shopping there. its nice to see other shops, like starbucks, etc. are already open. are the new shops located on the same building as Rustans? Go CEBU!

  5. bai, salamat kaayo sa imong website, it keep us updated on whats happening and whats new sa atong beloved CEBU, from a “cebuano’s” point of view and not from any media outfit. im sure we have a lot in common as far as how we look and feel for CEBU, thats why i frequent your website. keep up the good work bai…

    speaking of bai, gi re-open ba ang BAI Disco sa marco Polo? Naa kay updates sa former Cebu Plaza Hotel? and update sa mall expansions diha? 🙂

  6. wala giopen balik ang BAI, bai. however, marco polo is rocking right now. lami kaayo ang buffet didto. too bad, last time nga nakasulod ko didto kalimot kos camera. sagdi lang. next time, ako nang sudlon balik ang marco polo. hehehe…

    open na ang expansion sa ayala. suroyon pud ko to one of these days.

    ang sm kay 70% done na. picturan ko to kung finish na gyud.

    ang emall, gasugod pa lang. hehehe

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