First Time In Argao

Well, of course it’s not my first time in Argao! If you’ve been following this blog, I’m sure you’ve seen a couple of photos of Argao in the past. Now, I know you don’t want to see the same stuff. Don’t worry. There’s one thing that’s new here. Well, this was the first time that I was able to see what the inside of the Argao town church looked like. I mean, I heard that the interior looks really gorgeous but I have never personally seen it before. So, yeah, if you’ve never been to Argao before, this will also be the first time that you’ll see the church interior here. In this blog.

And, oh, speaking of ‘first times,’ this is the first time that I will be using bigger pictures in my posts. I just realized that some of the photos can be real small and that a lot of readers look at the details of each picture. And, yeah, I’ve picked a different theme, too, because the previous one is too small and ‘bigger’ pictures wouldn’t fit in the main page.

Anyways, here are the photos. Enjoy!

Ladies and gentlemen, the town church of Argao! Ain’t it a beauty?

Argao town plaza surrounded by important government buildings.

The chapel for unbaptised stillborn children called Kapilya de Sakripisyo or Chapel of Sacrifice.

Palace of Justice. Lovely!

Argao town church with its gorgeous belfry.

Argao’s Joe.

Close up of the statue.

The plaza in front of the main door of the church. Pretty neat!

When we got there, there was an ongoing workshop for photographers. They were taking pictures of a guy and a gal wearing Filipino wedding outfits. That explains the crowd in front of the door.

When the group left, we saw that the main door was actually open. So, we went in. And we saw this. Amazing!

The lovely golden altar. Wow!

A pipe organ near the main door. Lovely!

Have you been to Argao’s town church? Tell us about your experience.

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