In Photos: Balamban Crash Site

Last June 13, 2010, Cebu was rocked by a sad and tragic news. A tourist bus, which was on its way to Balamban, fell off a 30-meter ravine in Barangay Cansomoroy in Balamban. 21 people died and at least 30 were injured. Most of those who were killed were Iranian nationals.

Today, almost two months after the accident, I finally got the chance to visit the crash site. Here are some of the photos that I took using my cousin Lester’s camera.

The tourist bus which fell off a 30-meter ravine in Balamban, Cebu.

Beyond the steel barrier is the ravine where the bus fell.

According to reports, the driver lost control of the brakes and drove straight into this area.

The bottom of the 30-meter ravine. Some of the objects left in the area include seats, seat covers, shoes, and clothes.

The front of the tourist bus.

The most badly damaged part of the bus was the front (driver’s side.)

Terrible damage caused by the fall.

Shoes and sandals left at the scene of the accident.

Bus seats leaning forward (probably due to the impact.)

The back part of the bus.

View from the back.

Broken window.

Right side of the bus.

May the souls of those who perished in this accident rest in peace.

22 thoughts on “In Photos: Balamban Crash Site

  1. Lucky to those who survive, unfortunate to the one who lost their lives. Very sad and terrible. Lucky the bus does’nt ingulf.

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  3. It’s amazing there were survivors, Ley. The bus looked like a crumpled sheet of paper! The footwear left behind look sad. What lives their owners must have led before this accident! 🙁

  4. That accident was absolutely fatal and extremely mournful. Those who were rescued from the crash site were lucky enough to have been given another extension of their lives. Yet, it must be very painful on their sides once they get to remember what happened. They did survived but the heartbreaking memory would remain.

  5. Bay heroic kaayo ning imong gi buhat bay! its not easy to do something like this nga mag post ug photos nga nag sulti kun unsa ang Cebu. looking at the pictures itself ” mura gyud ug nag report ug something ang mga pictures” every picture tells a story. I heartily appreciated what you are doing. I recommended this blog to many of my friends already. I hope and pray that God in His goodness mo guide nimo sa imong cause to promote Cebu ( city and province) nag the Philippines!

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