Cebu Pacific Adopts Philippine Eagle “Mindanao”

Last October 15, 2014, Cebu Pacific made a very important announcement. In front of special guests, bloggers, and members of the media from different areas in the Philippines, Cebu Pacific announced in Davao City its partnership with the Philippine Eagle Foundation. I was one of the few lucky Cebu bloggers who were invited to witness this momentous event.

We left Cebu for Davao at around 7 in the morning. We reached Malagos, Davao City at around 9 am just a few minutes before the program started. Barangay Malagos, in the Baguio District of Davao City, is where the Philippine Eagle Center is located.

Cebu Pacific always comes up with the most interesting catch phrases. Did you get this one?

A Philippine Eagle plush toy on each of the tables during the event.

Everything is all set for the big announcement.

The beautiful lotus pond of the Philippine Eagle Center serving as backdrop for the event.

A few moments later, the program officially started. It was hosted by the funny and witty Gabe Mercado. (Yep, he’s the Yakult guy who quips “Okay ka ba Tiyan?”)

Cebu Pacific’s Director for Products Ms. Apple Ignacio gives a short message at the start of the event.

This was followed by another short speech by Philippine Eagle Foundation Executive Director Mr. Dennis Salvador.

The ceremonial turnover of Philippine Eagle “Mindanao” from the PEF to Cebu Pacific symbolizes the start of the latter’s active participation as Mindanao’s “adoptive parent.” As Mindanao’s adoptive parent, Cebu Pacific will take care of his food, medicine, and veterinary needs for four years.

After the short ceremony, the members of the media were then taken to Mindanao’s daytime spot.

And there she is! Mindanao is a 13-year-old Philippine Eagle who was born and raised in captivity.

Members of the media taking photos of the day’s main star.

Mindanao is one of the 800 or so remaining Philippine Eagles in the world today.

Mindanao’s favorite spot in the whole facility is this bamboo grove a few hundred feet from the pond.

Mr. Dennis Salvador discusses with members of the Cebu media the importance of protecting the last remaining Philippine eagles.

Mr. Dennis Salvador and Ms. Apple Ignacio pose for a photo in front of Mindanao.

Mindanao is one of the few eagles in the facility that can tolerate human presence. In fact, he can respond to the sole human trainer who has been present since his birth 13 years ago.

Mindanao posing for a photo for his trainer.

Mindanao and all the eagles in the Philippine Eagle Center need our help. You too can do your share.

Philippine Eagle Foundation
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TWITTER: @PhilEagleFdn

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