MCPB Updates 20

It’s been four months since I started saving up for a new DSLR camera and I’m still nowhere near the actual price. Bwahahaha. I was actually beginning to lose hope. And that without a camera, this blog would surely remain inactive for a loooong time.

But! Fate just wouldn’t let that happen. Last night, I got a wonderful wonderful gift from a friend. He gave me a digital camera! Woooooowwwww!!! Big big thanks!

As you all know, Lacey no longer works. If I were a digital camera, after almost three years of being overworked, I too would want to retire. Hehehe. But now we have Sonny (let’s call him that. LOL) to do all the dirty work for her. Hahahaha. I mean, Lacey takes really awesome photos and did wonders for this blog, but we should give Sonny a chance. I have a feeling he might turn out okay. Let’s all cross our fingers.

Let’s give it up for Sonny!

And thanks, too, to this blog’s few remaining readers who still post comments and leave private messages every now and then. You guys are awesome.

I will now try to eat less so that I could save up and visit (and feature) a new spot every week. Hehehehe.