The Southern Leg

Two weeks ago, we traveled up North to the town of San Remigio to see if we could get a family room for the Holy Week break. Well, unfortunately, that didn’t quite work out.

This week, the quest for the perfect (well, seriously ‘available’ is even okay right now. haha.) destination continues. My parents decided that we go to the town of Oslob to see if we’d get lucky. My friend Redgie, who just got a new motorbike, decided to tag along for the initiation/break-in of his new ride.

So, here are some photos of our long and tiring but fun trip down South. Most of these shots were taken by Osman who was once again a ‘back-rider.’ Haha. Enjoy the photos!


Southern Cebu. Beautiful.

We started the trip with a quick breakfast at McDonalds Mambaling. By 7:30 am, we were on our way.

Entering the SRP. Here’s part of the nice-looking bridge connecting the SRP to mainland Cebu.

The Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod. Lovely.

SM’s steel forest. The 4th biggest mall in the world will open next year!

View of the SRP Wall and the remaining ferris wheel.

Gaisano Capital SRP. Very cute.

View of Gawad Kalinga’s housing program along the Mananga River in Talisay.

Finally we’re in Minglanilla. Another Gaisano!

A power plant in Naga City, Cebu.

The famous road-side green house of Carcar City, Cebu.

The Carcar Rotunda (park) is now off limits to bikes and motorbikes. Looks really clean now. Good job!

Pedicab terminal and the Carcar City market.

Diversion Road to Barili. This project was done to lessen the traffic in the main roads of Carcar.

Finally, the green fields of Argao. Lovely!

I think this is somewhere in Dalaguete.

Dalaguete proper. The busy intersection to Mantalongon.

When we reached Dalaguete, we asked around and we heard of a Baranggay Beach House just a few blocks away. We decided to check it out. Dalaguete’s beach. Nice.

Very lovely.

A seaside park. Cool!

We decided to check out the place. It was great. And it had a veranda which offers this excellent view. And the best thing was, it was still available! Cool!

After making things final (and executory. hahahaha.) we were back on the road. Here’s a view of Tingko Beach in Alcoy.

Finally entering the heritage town of Boljoon.

Really love this part.

Look! There’s the town church.

The town plaze. Oh no! What happened?

One of the most heart-breaking sights ever. This plaza used to be so beautiful.

Here are some shots taken last January 29, 2011. This was how the plaza looked like.


So sad.

Boljoon town proper.

Now entering the town of Oslob.

Finally almost there! :)

An old church in Oslob.

What a gorgeous looking day hut along the highway!

Finally in Oslob proper. A short stop at the gas station.

Oslob market and town proper.

After lunch, we went straight to the plaza fronting the church.

Wow! Can’t wait to swim!

We just ditched our bags on the ground and we were ready to swim in no time. Haha.

Here we go!

Woohoo! Hahaha.


Our stuff. Haha.

After almost an hour, it was time to go. Haha.

Hey look!! It’s a Makahiya.

Hehe. Nice!

Suroy Sugbo bus!

A historical site in Oslob. A tourist fave.

Nice addition to the cuartel.

Wonderful view.

Black birds all over Oslob. Awesome!

The nice-looking cuartel used to be very dilapidated and dirty. Good thing they fixed it.

Dude and his goats.

More shots of the old cuartel.


Oslob’s covered court.

Oslob’s town church.

The church was restored after a huge fire a few years ago.

Front view of the cuartel.

Redjie and Osman posing in front of the church.

Plaza in front of the church.

By 3 pm, we were on our way back to the city. But first, a quick stop in Argao for this!



We also checked out the Argao Nature Park. It was lovely.

We reached the city just a few minutes before six. It was a tiring long trip. But it was fun and exciting, as well. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the photos.

Keep posted for more updates! :)

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17 Comments on The Southern Leg

  1. I enjoy scrolling up and down the page to look for the cool, lovely, pretty, and awesome pictures again and again. But I enjoy more because of the stories behind the pictures. Imagine the final and executory part? LOL. (Nakahinumdom lang ko sa mga lab-as nga balita gikan sa SC).

    And of course, I love the adjectives!

    Payter! Salamat, mawala among kamingaw sa Sugbo.

  2. Lovely pictures, it tell me to explore the southern part of Cebu. Been to far as Simala only. I might try a Seres ride to the south as what we did to Maya, Daan Bantayan. Gee! SM SRP so big. As what i heard it will be name SM Pacific. Thank you Bai, i enjoy looking the photo’s.

  3. beautiful places! i do remember that green house in carcar. :) pila naman ang torta karon, ley? osman did a very good job! thanks for sharing your trips, ley. God bless.

  4. Once again Bai! you did a great story teller of all the places and photos that you shared with us.I am very please and I posted some of your photos to my facebook,some of my family and friends like it. The new chapel and city of cebu. Awesome pictures, I truly enjoyed all.
    Maraming salamat bai…

  5. Tnx kaayo Mr. Ozzy lol. At least nakita nako ang Cebu bisag layo ko ug mga dindot nga view sa Cebu province. Sa mga picture pa lang mora na akog nakaadto ug naka experience. Hope to see more of Cebu. :)

  6. Beautiful pictures. We’ve been to Boljoon a few times. It was sad to see that the plaza got destroyed by the typhoon last year. Thank you for posting the before photos of the plaza. As usual, I enjoyed looking at the beautiful pictures. Thank you for posting.

  7. My Cebu Photo Blog, good day. Nice to see posts about Cebu and I’ve been following your blogs to know what’s going on there and be updated. I’ve read about the Boljoon’s Bermejo Plaza, what happened? Before it was a really nice place when I visited the town last 2010.

  8. I never been to Oslob and Dalaguete but I love going to places…pero di nalang kay wala koy time ug kwarta hehehehe. Tnx sa mga beautiful pix…morag naka adto nasab ko pina-agi sa mga pictures. :)

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