Gabii Sa Kabilin 2010

 The Gabii Sa Kabilin 2010 was a huge success. I’m not sure exactly how many people joined the event but there were obviously more people this year. Last year, guests started leaving the museums after 10 pm. But this year, there were still guided tours in almost all participating museums a few minutes before midnight.

By the way, I would like to congratulate all the members of the working committee for a job well done. It was a blast,definitely. I hope this will be a yearly event. And hopefully, more people will join next year.

We need more activities like this so that modern Cebuanos will be able to understand our culture better and appreciate the colorful past of this beloved island of ours.


Gabii sa Kabilin 2010 – A night to remember.

For Php100, you get to visit 9 different museums. If you want to try the kalesa, you have to pay an additional Php50.

One of the highlights of the evening was the performance of some members of the association of Badjaos here in Cebu. Two groups danced a traditional Badjao wedding dance. Here’s the older generation performing the traditional Badjao wedding dance.

While they were dancing, I couldn’t help but stare at one of the dancers. She looked really familiar. It took me just five minutes to figure out where I last saw her. I remembered that I saw her at this year’ Fluvial parade. She is a real Badjao coin diver.

Taken during the Annual fluvial parade.

The second group (younger generation) performed next. They were all very pretty.

One of the dancers.

By the way, if you’re curious about the dance, please watch the short clip below. I really like the song.

If you’re thinking that they’re not giving it their all or something, please check other Badjao dances on youtube. Apparently, they is how they normally dance. Hehehe. The dance was beautiful, by the way. I thought it was very emotional and intimate.

My friend Harry and the dancers. Hehehe.

Another highlight was the ‘balak’ by this duo from Dumanjug. It was awesome!

Harry got himself a cute narra tree!

We went straight to the Yap-Sandiego House after. Here is a shot of the ‘banggera’. A banggera is an important part of the kitchen. It is where plates and glasses are stacked. The banggera can also serve as a sink.

A small coffee table with age-old glassware.

One of the many tables in the house. Indeed, food and eating are very imporant elements in Filipino culture.

Antique lamp and mirror with, well, me. Hehehe.

The Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House.

A carro outside the house.

The Ho Tong Hardware which keeps the Jesuit House of 1730 hidden from plain sight.

The house was built in 1730. Can you believe it?

Harry and his new-found friends in one of the many rooms of the house.

The main ‘sala’. Elegant and gorgeous.

One of the many images in the house.

One of the bedrooms. Lovely.

View of the Cathedral Museum.

I took many photos but Lacey decided to ruin most of them. They were either too dark or too blurry. Hehehe. Sorry guys! Hehe.

13 thoughts on “Gabii Sa Kabilin 2010

  1. I can still remember the intricate movement of Badjao dancers. And I felt some guilt – I thought – I really thought they don’t have it – sorry for saying this. 🙂

    It was indeed a night to remember – the night the give me a lot of lessons.

  2. I am very happy they are doing these things to preserve our history and traditions. Great report as always, Ley. Thank you for showcasing it for us.

  3. We were not able to see many of the performances inside Casa Gorordo. I don’t know what time the performances started there. It was supposed to be our first stop, but sadly, the beautiful ladies in the reception table (together with you) told us that they ran out of tickets and we have to go to the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House… 🙂

    For a while, I thought you recognized me there…

    It was a nice event. I met many friends whom I thought do not have the interests on these things…

    But perhaps the best part of it was joining the tour conducted by Ka Bino Guerrero in the Museo Sugbu… He was so witty, and I appreciated a tour of the museum (usual guides I met just rant, reciting monotonously).

    And there were many bloggers huddling inside the museum’s square, you being one of them… 🙂

  4. In those two occasions, you were chatting with your companions. If it were not so, I would have really approached you… Di man ko maulawon… hehehe…

    Nope, there were just three of us, with tripods and cameras…

  5. Bravo!!!
    Nindot kaayo Ley.
    More photos pls sa Cathedral museum? Open na diay na sa public Ley? Wa pa man tu mahuman when I left Cebu.

  6. Daghan ka ayong salamat sa tanan nga mnga nindot nga litrato nga dire sa imong website. I can only wish I did more touring everytime i’m back home in Tuburan Antipolo. When I left Cebu in November last year to come back here in USA, I don’t remember that new restaurant called Adventure Cafe. We always use the trans-central highway from Balamban en-route to the Cebu city because it was only one and a half hour drive one way even though the road is brutally winding and steep in most part but the view was awesomely the best.The Adventure Cafe wasn’t there so, i’m not so sure if i’m talking it being in the same road. Do they serve american cuisine? It’s hard to get real iced tea, and cheeseburger anywhere in that area. Nobody heard about ground beef. Again thank you for all the lovely pictures and everything you up-load. It does my heart good. Thank you. The american cuisine is for my husband. LOL.

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