IT ‘Park’


If you want to go to a place where it’s safe, clean, nice, and (most of all) free, go to Asiatown IT Park. Although not really a ‘park’,  you can check out the IT Park  (which is open every day – until 8 pm) if you want to just kill time and relax. You can also go to the AsiaTown IT Park if you want to go jogging and briskwalking. The management (Ayala) even also allows families to have little picnics during the weekend.

Here are some photos of the IT Park in Lahug during a ‘picnic day’.


The vacant lots serve as the picnic grounds.

IT Park by you.

Lots of kids!

IT Park by you.

View of The Walk

IT Park by you.

We saw some Korean girls just lying on the grass and chattering the afternoon heat away.

IT Park by you.

A new mid-rise building in IT Park.

IT Park by you.

Here’s my cousin’s son EA (Exequiel Antonio) posing in front of the IT Park buildings.

IT Park by you.

There I3, I2,  and the new building fronting The Walk.

IT Park by you.

EA is strangely quiet today. LOL. Gotta love the Spiderman shorts! Hehehe.

IT Park by you.

The nice looking ‘I’ buildings. That’s i3 and i2.

IT Park by you.


22 thoughts on “IT ‘Park’

  1. wow, last jan. ’09 when i was there those bldgs are still not completed…. i go jogging there w/ dave everytime we go home to cebu and parteee at night at the walk….

  2. Good place to picnic as long as they don’t leave litters.
    Ang cute ni EA, looks like 14 or 15 months old now. Is he?
    Nice place, i’ve never been to IT Park yet.

    Thanks Ley

  3. Lander,

    The new building fronting the Walk and across the i2/i3 complex is TGU Tower. I tell you, that structure is massive!

    I work in the 6th floor. Hehehe…


  4. What a nice place to relax. I will surely visit this place next time with my family; bring some puso, inasal, drinks & snacks. EA has grown, he’s adorable!

  5. My wife and I did lots of laps around the Park when we visited Cebu. We stay just around the corner. Looks like the place is starting to “grow up”.

    I hope Ayala will leave the middle open as a green space and not fill it with more high rise buildings….

  6. 7 more weeks to go, Ley. can’t wait. will visit this beautiful place.
    thanks. EA looks adorable, he is a big boy now

  7. I used to work somewhere i1 (formerly known as PIPC Bldg.). It was not called i1 until i2 existed…then came i3. Who knows…i4 is in the works(?)

  8. Hehehe…yup, Leylander, naa na ko diha nag work as a copywriter/copyeditor.

    I’m fine, bai. How are you?

    Hey, nus-a ta manglaag oi? Ganahan ko mo tour around Cebu kay dugay na ko wa ka suroy sa other places in our beautiful, vibrant metrpolis tungod sa ka busy.

    1. @takdol

      daghan koreans sa cebu kay barato ra man, ila money won dako man value sa atua, when i went to korea on the holidays 2008 the value of 1 won was almost like $1, yes that how much their money currency costs to USD anywhere you go esp. at the tram/train station they do have an ATM you can get either USD or korean won, not in pinas/Cebu we cannot just walk to an ATM and picked USD…. so they like pinas their money goes a long way plus they can commit crime unnoticed!

    1. daghan na gyud koreans diri sa cebu sir. bisag asa ka maabot diri sa cebu, naa gyud. sa kawasan, sa bars, sa supermarkets, bisag sa church, naay koreans. hehe

  9. wajud ko kita ani dapita ay!! haayyzz kafaet, dapat mag bakasyon mo stay ug 2months cguro tagbaw nata ani sa cebu ug stay hahahaha … thanks sa info ley mwahhhhhhh 🙂

  10. Ley, good for you, you were not apprehended while taking pictures here… Our group was shooed by the roving guards when we went there.

    By the way, your photos are greatly improved from my last visit… DSLR na ka? 🙂

    1. i think dili gyud allowed. bisan katong sa ayala business park sauna, gibadlong pud ko. hhehe. sa it park, naglingkod2x man gud mi ato. dayon ang among bata man among gipicturean ug maayo. hehehe.

      im using the same camera bai. 🙂

  11. i was been there last January 2009 for applying data encoder in ESC company.. malas jud dili swerte.. tagak na daan sa test i got 36wpm and 95 accuracy but ang ilang passing is 40wpm with 95accuracy..

    and for the building structure, maka ingon sa ilang uban building lig-on.. coz wala sila kaau sila nag gamit sila’g semento ug balas. ahm murag fiber glass ba to ilang kasagaran gigamit. or unsa ba to kalimot nko..

    coz ara nag work akong brother construction worker.. kay pobre man me gud ..

    thanks .

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