Tragic Wednesday, Good Friday

Last Holy Wednesday, the entire family traveled to San Remegio for the long break. Most of my cousins, aunts, and uncles (my dad included) got on their bikes and braved the 3-hour drive to the northern end of the island. Some of my cousins, however, had to take the bus because we figured that it would be a safer option (since EA was coming). Me and my mom weren’t able to join the rest of the family because I still had to report to work.

While I was at work, I got a text message from my cousin Cheque. They were finally in San Remegio. There was one tragic news, however. Hikel, who was driving his own motorbike, figured in an accident. Apparently, he fell asleep while driving. He crashed to the side of the road and he had to be taken to the nearest hospital – Sogod (they were somewhere in Sogod when it happened). His face was heavily bruised. Fortunately, his injuries were not very serious. He, however, still had to get some shots for his wounds. He also had to be x-rayed. Since he could no longer drive his bike, my aunt, who was an inexperienced driver, ended up driving his bike all the way to San Fernando. LOL.

I left the office at exactly four in the afternoon. And together with a family friend, me and my mom left the city to be with the rest of the gang who were already in San Remegio. It was raining the whole time we were on the road. It was freaky. And the road was so dark because there were no street lights. Traveling long-distance on a motorbike at night is definitely dangerous. But we were already in Catmon when we figured this out. Hehehe.

We arrived in San Remegio at around seven in the evening. Thankfully, we made it safely and in one piece. Thank God!


Here are some random photos of our Holy Week get-away. Hope you enjoy them!

EA and his grandmother running after his green floating dragon. LOL.


Osman checking out the beach.

EA having a grand time!

Hikel, despite the wounds, still managed to smile. Get well soon, dude! Hehe.

Warren’s Resort. One of the many resorts we visited.

EA is excited. LOL.

Balat. Ready to eat!

Nice white-sand beach. Lovely sight.

Is Osman crying or laughing? Hahaha.

The rest of the family ready to take the plunge. Hahaha.

Tender moments of a young girl and her mother.

Beach lovers enjoying the late afternoon sun.

EA ready to kinhas.

Osman found his first starfish.

I don’t know the name of this creature.

Hikel disguised himself as a ninja. Hahaha.

Onyot and Istong looking for lukot.

I found some!

Macho men!

A four-armed starfish. Weird.

The ninja is taking the sun hostage. LOL.

EA in action.

The beach. Low tide. Hehehe.


Two young kids observing in the shade.

Gorgeous sight!


I wonder what he found.

The lovely town church of San Remegio.

Back view of the church.

Kids at play.

Nice view.

I guess just like the rest of us, he too has problems.

Cow girl!


We saw a bibingka vendor in front of the town church while waiting for our cousins’ bus ride home. Here’s how bibingka is cooked.

Heat is then placed above and below the tray. After less than ten minutes, they’re ready.


By 3pm of Good Friday, we were all back in the city. 🙂

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