Timubo Cave

After visiting Lake Danao Park in Patabog, we went to the Timubo Cave in Sonog, San Francisco, Camotes. According to Manong Ban-ban, our habal2x driver, the cave has an underground natural pool with crystal clear water. In the past, according to him, visitors had to carry torches or flashlights to be able to reach the spring without scratches or bruises. However, lights were recently installed inside the cave to make it easier for tourists to get to the natural pool. Concrete stairs had also been created to prevent clumsy visitors (like myself) from slipping and ending up in the super-sharp rock formations below. To be able to enter the cave, you have to pay 5 pesos. I think locals can get in free of charge. Cool, right?


The cool natural pool in Timubo Cave. Totally awesome!

Welcome to Timubo Cave!

The sign says it all.


Harry acting like a two-year-old.

The descent. As soon as you enter the cave, you will be overwhelmed by the heat, which I think, emanates from the ground. Since the mouth of the cave is too small for heat to get out, and cold air to get in, you are left with no other choice but to bathe it its awesomeness and begin wetting your underarms. I remember that it was my most sweaty 5-minute hike ever!

Strange rock formations. The ceiling of the cave is constantly dripping with mineral-rich water. So, it’s not too safe to use your camera without any cover. If you’re not too careful, you might end up with a soggy camera. LOL.

Harry admiring the stalactites. Either that, or he’s just tired.

Harry going deeper into the cave. Wait for me, dammit!

The most fun thing about the cave visit is that you get to feel like you’re a real adventurer (even if it only requires a few bending and twisting.)

A small pool. Probably to clean your muddy feet.

Harry now with clean feet.

The underground natural pool. Just awesome!

Harry wanted to jump in. Me too. But it was getting dark and we still needed to go somewhere else. Dang!

Check out Timubo, ya’ll!