Sol, Luna, and Santiago

After leaving the Timubo CaveΒ with a broken heart, Manong Ban-ban took us to one of the most unexpectedly breath-taking places in Cebu – Santiago Bay. We were driving well over 60 just so we can reach the beach before it gets dark. The drive was kinda scary because Manong Ban-ban’s horn doesn’t work and kids and dogs just suddenly appear out of nowhere along the road. An experienced motorcycle driver myself, I know that many accidents (in Philippine roads) are caused by crossing kids or animals. So, the whole time, I was literally praying that we’d reach the bay well and in good shape. LOL. After what seemed like forever, Manong Ban-ban slowed down and announced that we were there. I must have sighed out loud when I got off the bike that when I saw Manong Ban-ban, he was grinning like crazy. Haha. We stopped in front of a nice looking road-side resort. When I inquired about the entrance fee, Manong Ban-ban said that we didn’t have to worry about it. Awesome cool!

Why go somewhere else when we have it in Cebu? Just look at that! I’m still in awe!

We reached Santiago Bay Resort at around 5:30 in the afternoon. It was getting dark fast so Harry and I wasted no time and just enjoyed the place. And by enjoy, I mean doing the typical things overexcited people do at the beach – cartwheeling, racing, making sandcastles, and yes, picture- taking. Good times!

Go away, Moon! We don’t need you just yet. Go away! Haha.

But Luna was pretty hardheaded. She continued rolling in like a hater. Haha. I bet those Filipinos and Koreans playing volleyball had the same thing in mind.

Experiencing Santiago for the first time. It’s just a beauty!

Harry wanted to dive in. But I was like, that doesn’t sound like a good idea. I mean, you seriously wouldn’t want to soak Manong Ban-ban’s motorbike. You can dip your feet. But that’s about it. Haha.

What a lovely scene.

I shot myself while Harry raced across the beach. We left Santiago Bay after this shot because it was already too dark. It was still a long drive home (our resort) and the roads here are too dark at night. But we made Manong Ban-ban promise that he’d take us back the next day before we take the boat back to Cebu. He agreed. Cool!

The next day, around lunch time, we went back to the bay to see what the place looked like with Sol now in the captain’s deck. It was more gorgeous than I expected. Also, we later found out that Mangodlong Rock and Santiago Bay Resort are ‘sister resorts’ as they have the same owner.

Can you picture yourself slowly going down the stairs? And before you could even reach the bottom, the cool water would touch your feet and entice you to jump in?

View of the beach from the resort.

Public open cottages in front of the town church. Very gorgeous.

Colorful flags.

Red and blue!

Work of art.

View of Santiago Bay Resort from the beach. Nice!

You have got to visit Camotes, you guys!