Miss Cebu 2012

Cebu will once again be choosing the fairest Cebuana to represent the islands. This year, 12 candidates will be vying for the title. I think the judges will have a really difficult time. This is such a good-looking bunch!


Who do you think will win?

Poll at the end of the post. Vote for your bet!

Candidate No. 1 – Michelle Angelique

Candidate No.  2 – Anna Caryl

Candidate No.  3 – Rachel Chloe

Candidate No.  4 – Mary Hazel

Candidate No.  5 – Cynthia Lois

Candidate No. 6 – Pierre Anther

Candidate No.  7 – Ella Beverly

Candidate No. 8 – Herle Kim

Candidate No. 9 – April Ann Claire

Candidate No.  10 – Jonnie Rose Louise

Candidate No.  11 – Shannen

Candidate No. 12 – Lesley Anne

If you want to witness the Coronation Night, it will be on January 11, 2012 at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino in Lahug, Cebu City.


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