MCPB Updates 17

I am overjoyed. I honestly didn’t expect that this blog would still be around for its 1 millionth hit/visitor. Wow. Although this might look like a very simple thing to some, I actually would like to think of this as an achievement. I mean, I know how hard it is for a blog to get even just a thousand hits. But we’re talking about a million hits here. Hehehe.


By the way, I would just like to let you all know, especially that one person who sent me an email asking if I’m presenting the correct figures, that WordPress automatically does the counting. I do not count the hits and I am not making this up. LOL. Why would I lie about site hits? Site hits are not redeemable. Milyonaryo na unta ko karon kung redeemable pa. Hahaha. Anyways, I don’t know how wordpress does it. I just check the blog stats page and I see these numbers.

So yeah, I’m very happy that MCPB finally registered 1 M hits. The site will turn 3 this November. So, I guess this is an early reason to celebrate.

Thanks to all visitors and frequent readers. You guys know who you are. Salamat! ๐Ÿ˜€


Let’s celebrate. Mag toast ta for Satchmo. Wherever you are right now, inum ug usa ka baso nga wine/tuba/beer/coke/tubigย for Satchmo. Nyahahaha.

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  1. Hi Ley, congratulations! I am one of the million fans that check your blog often. Thanks for putting this together. The beautiful photos and wonderful/funny stories you shared makes me more connected to my (our) beloved Cebu now. ‘Getting excited to see the changes in my home city! Be there by Sinulog 2011. Keep up the good work. Judith

      1. Hey Ley, you can just call me Judith. But thanks for the formal gesture. I will surely tell my Bisaya friends here in NY city my latest find – your cool blog! Thanks for making it so transparent. Now I don’t have to read Sun-Star but your blog! Oops did I just say that!

  2. Ley, congratulations to you on your one million visitas!

    One million hits in less than 3 years is incredible…
    unparalleled in photo blogging history.

    What you have here is a cool web site…simple but interesting,
    informative, and most of all “user friendly”.

    Keep it that way Ley, & keep on shooting with Lacey.

    Congratulations again!!!

  3. wowwwwwwwwwwwowowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww congratssssssssssssssssss leyyyyyyyyyyy ;-)…. asa man ang SPAG dong? para pataas sa score npod aahehehhee…. next on this 2M na!!ยจyohooooooooooo… d best thumbs up

  4. MARVELLOUS one million hits to MCPB. Congrats Ley, im so delighted with this too. Toast tayong tatlo ni Satchmo, (Shandy = beer + coke)

  5. Congratulations Leylander!

    Although I must say I am not surprised. You have a quality blog and that’s because you are a quality blogger. Bisdaks everywhere can come here and be reminded of home. Oh, Cebu, Cebu, mingaw, mangaw. Yeah, even wannabe Bisdaks like me. Hahaha. ๐Ÿ˜€ Congrats again and now let’s go for 10 million!

    By the way, tell Satch I am having a cold, frosty San Miguel Dark with a squeeze of lemon. Let’s celebrate!

  6. Congratulations and a million thanks to you Leylander. Salamat kaayo sa tanan nimong oras nga gi dedikar aning imong website, lipay kaayo mi molili diri…
    BTW who cares for the WordPress opinion? GO GO GO Leylander!

  7. hey..! your photoblog is cool. i posted a comment and asked how to get to that multi-layered any-which-way falls in argao that you featured and i realized that, browsing some of your pages (i stumbled on your blog only an hour back while searching for more info about beach lots being primed up for sale somewhere in bagacay sibonga), i never saw any reply from you to any of the posted comments. di diay ka tig-reply! lol. anyways. in case it will fatten up your pride, you do write good english, man! and you do well in photography, man! good luck! i am sure you’re reading this but you won’t reply, so… anyways! monologues rock!!

    1. nyahahaha. toinks. pasensya na. tapulan lang gyud ko usahay ug reply. some posts man gud kay complete na ang info akong ibutang. ang mga post nga dili, gisupply pud sa readers ang info sa comments section.

      anyways, katong falls nga multi-layered sa samboan to. dili sa argao. i think naa sa comment section sa page ato, naay nireply nga taga samboan gyud.

      unsa pa gani to imong ubang questions? di na gyud nako matrace. hehe

  8. well, well, well. thanks for the reply. i am honored for a longish reply. thank you!! samboan diay! hah! i won’t call you leyland because doing so means i have been your blog follower since 2006. i am not. but i fell in love with your blog and am thinking of activating my bloglines and add your address to my list of subscriptions. sige, ayo ayo! 10 million hits in one year! how could that be? lol! nothing is impossible now. padayon na sa imong gibuhat!!! be blessed!!

  9. Congrats Ley!! Keep blogging ug may unta makadaug ka sa blog awards =)

    Being born and raised in Cebu (but currently elsewhere), this site serves as one of my ultimate guide to wazzup in my hometown.

  10. Congratulations Ley, thanks for bringing us very close to home though we are far away. May you be recognized for your great work and win the award which you really deserve.

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