Cantipla Goes Concrete!


Baranggay Cantipla in the highlands, some 27 kilometers from the city, saw the first glimpse of progress with the realization of a previously ‘impossible’ feat – the Transcentral Highway. Now, more roads (leading to other mountains baranggays are being paved. This strip, which used to be really dangerous especially when its raining, leads to Baranggays Sudlon 1 and Sudlon 2. Now, farmers can relax and smile as they ride on habalhabals with their fresh produce.


Cows and concrete.

Awesome view!

The mean machine!

View from the machine

Wow. “This photo has been selected for The Perfect Photographer Award ” in Flickr. Yay!

Sticky situation! LOL

This black material is used as the sealant to fill the gaps.

It needs to be boiled and kept in high temperature because they cool down easily.

Filling the void. Hehehe

Closer look

New road. Yay!

The mountains of Cebu. Wow!

Another shot

Comfy cows.


Smiling habal-habal driver and passenger. =)

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  1. Wow. I’m really quite amazed with all the progress going on there. The views remind me of my grandparents’ house (more like a payag) up in the mountains in Barangay Mabini. To get there, it would take us about three to four hours to hike up the mountain from where the jeepney stopped in Barangay Binaliw. Lush forests and farms flanked the treacherous dirt road. We used to drink from springs along the way. As a young boy back then, I didn’t really appreciate the view. Now, as I look at these, I really really miss that place. Do you know if the road to Mabini is now paved? They probably have electricity now. That’s progress, I agree, but I can’t help but pine for the rustic old days as well.

  2. The concrete is truly a good news. LOL I’m not surprise that you’re pic is up for an award, you’re very good at it. Congratulations! I love the scenery!

  3. yey! i’m glad i found your website! i miss cebu a lot but it’s difficult finding new/fresh photos of cebu. we went home for vacation last may, pero kuwang ra kaayo ang 1 week nga laag! your blog helps keep me “in touch” with the cebu scene. cool! keep it up! :-)

  4. congratulations! you’re very good at what you do. keep it up and keep on posting it as well, it helps cebuanas like me who misses home so much.

  5. it’s a breath taking view of Cebu’s country side. See the beauty of God’s creation: so green, virgin, unspoilt, and unharmed. Wish it will stay same forever. . . .

  6. you should visit “cantipla cave” it has a very nice view inside. the falls in tabunan called “guining falls” and take a look of different kinds of bird in tabunan forest especially the bird called “cebu wood picker”. the place itself is simply amazing too!

    enjoy…..hope to see all there!!!!!

  7. Congratulations! you’re very Good at what you do. What a beautiful Green Mountains of cebu. I’ve been to Tops once, nice place. So Green, Virgin, Unspoilt, and unharmed. Wish it will stay same forever………..



  8. Hi, Leylander. I presume you know Cebu very well, and you’re such a brilliant adventurer. I heard through a friend that Cantipla’s a nice place to visit; however, I haven’t got any idea how to get there. Is there any guide you could reccommend for me? hehe… Great job in your MCPB! More power…

  9. hi ako si lyneth sistoso narbonito minyo naku na aplyido akoanga mam sa dalaga name francisca carpentiro ramos anak ni isedra carpentiro ramos pap nya baldomiro ramos gosto naku makig himamat mga parinte naku dha sa carcar or minglanilya cebu.dri mi namoyo sa digos city.pls f naa naka ila reletives ni mam i want to mt them.nene tel naku 0096555154668 niako sa kuwait email rpl pls thank you all.

  10. wow,,,nice improvements!!! amazing……been there for my first 2 years of teaching at Cantipla Elementary School,,,i was the first teacher being assigned there,,,,,ang room nako at that time,,,,way lingkoranan,,,,as in bring your own chair,,,no books on the first year of school opening,,,,lisod kaayo ang sakyanan kon mouli mi every Friday,,usahay maglakaw nalang mi,,,,ang road as in lubak lubak kay sige agian sa baha,,,,thank God there is a great. excellent barangay captain at that time, no other than VICENTE PADAYAO,,,he is such a great instrument to this improvement that we have seen now,,,,

    • yeah, nice place na jd ang cantipla today. proud to be there, too. remembering those moments n cantipla 16 yrs. ago… a place very far fom d city, very very cold specially at night , always raining, fogging at noon, road full of bumps, no electricity… wow! a place suited 4 lovers. this place always hav a special place n my H E A R T.

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