Cantipla Goes Concrete!

Sitio Cantipla in the highland barangay of Tabunan, some 27 kilometers from the city, saw the first glimpse of progress with the realization of a previously ‘impossible’ feat – the Transcentral Highway. Now, more roads (leading to other mountains barangays) are being paved. This strip, which used to be really dangerous especially when its rains, leads to Barangays Sudlon 1 and Sudlon 2. Now, farmers can relax and smile as they ride on habalhabals with their fresh produce.

Cows and concrete.

Awesome view!

Big machines parked along the road.

Wow. “This photo has been selected for The Perfect Photographer Award ” on Flickr. Yay!

Workers use this type of sticky liquid to fill the gaps in the newly-dried concrete.

Carefully, the workers scoop a cup of this material.

The material needs to boiled and kept in high temperature because they cool down easily.

It is then poured into the gaps.

This strip has finally been completed but they are still off limits to make sure that they completely dry out.

For now, let’s enjoy the beautiful mountains of Cebu.

And, of course, these cows.

Smiling habal-habal driver and his passenger. =)