Tuned In

Last week, I got the chance to spend a night at Tune Hotel. Tune Hotel is the newest addition to Cebu’s ‘Hotel Corridor/Street.’ (FYI: Archbishop Reyes Avenue is often referred to as Cebu’s Hotel Corridor/Street. To date, more than 10 hotels can be found in the area.)

Anyways, I didn’t have to spend a single cent for this stay. MCPB reader Sir David sent me some cash to stay at the hotel and blog about my whole experience. Yay! See, he’s coming to Cebu next month and he wants to know whether or not Tune Hotel is okay. Thanks again, Sir David! πŸ™‚

Β ———————————

Tune Hotel Cebu – The only Tune hotel in the Visayas.

Prior to my stay, I visited the Tune Hotel website to inquire about their rates. Online rates looked pretty ok. I wasn’t able to make a reservation, however. You need a credit card to be able to do that.

I left work at 2 in the afternoon. 15 minutes later I was talking to one of the ladies behind the front desk of Tune Hotel. They’re very nice, too.

The reception area. Tune Hotel, I learned, is popular among young/backpacking tourists because of their flexible’ and affordable rates.

They accept all major credit cards. Check in is at 2 and Check out is at 11. They have additional fees for early check-ins and late check-outs.

The thing that makes Tune Hotel unique is the ‘Add-Ons’ that they offer.

Basically, you only pay for the room. They don’t offer free breakfast. Also, you only have to pay for the things that you need. If you think that you’re not in your hotel room most of the time, you can choose not to have your AC activated. Same rules apply for your cable TV and Internet connections. You may also bring your own towel and shower needs.



12 hours – Php 200 | 24 hours – Php 350

Entertainment Package/Cable TV

24 hours – Php 130

Internet Connection

12 hours per device – Php 120 | 24 hours per device – Php 240

Early Check in

Php 300

Late Check out

Php 300

Towel Rental + Soap and Shampoo

Php 90

They have free Internet access at the lobby.

View of the Cebu Business Park from the second floor of the Hotel. Awesome!

After checking-in (it was a breeze. They only asked for 1 ID,) it was time to check out my room.

Elevator with Fire Alarm Annunciator

Third floor rooms. Love the colors.

This is me! Room 306! πŸ™‚

After unsuccessfully opening the door (sorry, noob here. Haha) I had to look around for help. Fortunately, one guy who was helping an old couple get in their room came to my rescue.

You just insert your room card and everything ‘comes alive.’

View from the door. The room is quite small. But it’s really nice.

Two single beds. According to the lady behind the counter, you can get a room with a double bed.

Dear Guest!

From another angle.

Bed # 2 with a small fold-away table.

Of course there’s a safe for all my cash! Hahaha.

Satchmo enjoying the moment.

Hair dryer! I used this once. Haha.

They gave me a small bag at the counter.

And it contained one towel, one shampoo, and one soap. All for Php 90. I should have kept the bag. Haha.

Next, I checked out the bathroom.

Looking nice and clean.

Satchmo likes it.

Huge shower head. Nice!

With a toilet bidet spray. Not bad! Fortunately I’ve encountered that stuff in the past. Β I was so thirsty around midnight. I swear I would’ve filled a cup in a jiffy.

My add-ons.

My receipt. Apparently, rate is lower when you book only. And by lower, I mean 50% lower! Learn from my mistake. Book online!

Now, it was time to change and get comfortable.

My Cebu shirt. Hehe.

I spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping and watching TV. Haha. It felt like paradise. Sleeping in a nice hotel room on a Thursday afternoon. Wow!

Around dinner time, I went out to buy food. Ayala is only 2 minutes away! πŸ™‚

When I came back, American Idol was on! I wanted the bed near the window. But Satchmo wouldn’t move!

Flatscreen TV.

View of Cebu Business Park. Awesome!

I spent the night watching TV and taking pictures of various things. Hahaha.

The next morning, I checked out at around 10:30 am. Check out was a breeze. They didn’t even ask me to stay put while they check my room to make sure that I didn’t stuff the bidet spray or the TV or the safe in my backpack.

Anyways, again, thanks to Sir David for this break. πŸ™‚

But still, I think I should have kept the Tune bag!