MCPB Updates 5

Well, it wasn’t really a full article. My Cebu Photo Blog was just mentioned. Hehehehe. But still, I think it’s a huge thing. Hehehe. It makes me proud and happy. Hahahaha. I’m too shallow. LOL

 Anyways, the article published Oct 27, 2007, was about the decision of the MacJoy management to name the restaurant MyJoy. And as you all know, I’m a big fan of this restaurant. I guess the author was just googling some outsider information online and saw my entry on MacJoy. Hehehe.

Here’s the small portion which mentioned MCPB. Yay! 😀

 Here’s the full article:


Thanks for the info Ate Joy, – through Ludy. 😀

0 thoughts on “MCPB Updates 5

  1. ley, i actually read that article on line last week.
    i meant to mention that to you. i am very happy
    for you, way to go!

  2. Don’t think that your excitement about Sunstar’s mention of your blog makes you shallow. It doesn’t. Allow yourself to enjoy it because it’s well-deserved. You work really hard on your blog, and are worthy of recognition. Your fans are very happy and proud too!

  3. Hi Ley,

    I tried emailing you a letter but it keeps coming back . I want to tell you it was soooo good to see u at the bus station.. he he he I cannot believe that for all the people in Cebu , i saw you .. Guapo gyud kaayo ka sa personal Ley .. he he and so nice ….

    as always , you amazed us everytime . You are so talented and you bring so much joy for us who misses home so much ..

    write me if you can . maybe we can have lunch if you are not busy ..


  4. wow nice……………….gyud! gimingaw kug samot diri sa Riyadh almost 3yrs naku. i open your blog i see tourist site. cant you put an additional photo like Metropolitan Cathedral the mother church in Cebu. taboan market show the pasalubong, sea & air port, Bird sanctuary & diving site, show as also malling in cebu like SM & AYALA.

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