The Problem Is…


All right. Let’s face it. Although we can see a lot of really nice things happening in Cebu right now, we can also see a lot of really ugly things happening in this beloved city of ours. Like I said, Cebu is awesome, but she is not perfect. She has flaws. And there are a gazillion of them. So, before someone else points out these things to us (uhmm, I think a lot of  people have already pointed these things out to us – batangyagit, tagalasang, et al. ). Okay, so let me rephrase it, before someone else points out these things to us again, let’s look at them one by one and see how they’ve become such a menace, and why we can never reach our full potential as long as they’re around.


# 1: Spaghetti Wires

This problem has been around for like, what, since Cebu first had electricity? I hope we find a better solution to keep them a bit tidy. Burying them would surely cost us a fortune, so I hope we could think of something else quick.

100_2381 by you.

# 2: Cebu Zoo

So, yeah. The Cebu City Zoo and all its tenants need help. The animals need better homes.

100_2265 by you.

# 3: Road Safety

There should be a tougher implementation of road and traffic laws.

Take this photo as an example. Although this looks fun, it is actually quite dangerous.

102_6297 by you.

# 4: Pickpockets!

This one is hard to solve. But I’m not losing hope.

100_0610 by you.

# 5 Beggars

They’re everywhere. I’m pretty sure the city has anti-mendicancy laws but no one seems to be supporting them. Based on my observation, there are three kinds of beggars. There are those who are physically handicapped.

102_6038 by you.

There are those who carry babies around.

102_4269 by you.

And there are those who dive.

100_5883 by you.

# 6: Streetchildren

There are hundreds of streetchildren in Cebu City. Some of them collect junk and sell them.

102_7289 by you.

 Some of them beg to help their families.

102_4272 by you.

 And some of them just play on the streets and then beg.

101_0053 by you.

# 7: Public Pissers/Bombers

Although I think this is common all over the country, I really think this practice should be stopped soon.

102_5346 by you.

This Tanod had to pee in the set of the Kadaugan Sa Mactan reinactment. I wonder how Dennis Trillo and Pacquiao would feel if they saw this. LOL.

100_8977 by you.

Notice the dried sh*t on those things?  Yes, apparently, some people go to the SRP at night to drop the bomb. LOL.

s4021070 by you.

# 8: Jaywalkers

When it says Walk, that’s the time that you cross the street.

102_1660 by you.

# 8: Taggers

They’re those who feel that they’re important enought that all people should see their names everywhere.

101_0936 by you.

And there are those who do it just for kicks. LOL.

100_6747 by you.

# 9: Traffic!

Ahhh! Too many cars!

101_0598 by you.

# 10: Garbage

We should all learn how to keep our city clean.

101_0580 by you.

We should all do our part.

100_9637 by you.

# 11: Squatters

Cebu has numerous baranggays with illegal settlers. Like this one in Carbon.

1 by you.

This one is in Pasil.

101_0061 by you.

 This one is in Mandaue.

100_6515 by you.

# 12: Vendors

The vendors block the sidewalks and people are forced to walk in the street and eventually jaywalk. LOL.

101_0026 by you.

# 13: Dirty Public Beach

Public beaches should be cleared of houses and other structures.

100_9865 by you.

A public beach in Talisay.

100_9858 by you.

# 14: Poverty

A lot of people are still not able to eat three times a day. And I think that’s a major reason why all other reasons exist, to begin with.

100_8478 by you.

Let’s all do our part to rid Cebu of her demons. It’s hard. But it’s doable. 😀