Remembering The Dead


Every first and second of November, people flock to the cemeteries to honor their loved ones who passed away. Flowers are offered and candles are lit. Filipino tradition tells that All Souls’ Day is actually a day when the souls of those who passed away are summoned back to the land of the living for a short visit. For this reason, people prepare sumptuous feasts to welcome home those who have left this earth. In the city, a small offering, which consists of rice, some viands, water and some drinks, is enough. But in the province, whole chickens as well as very special dishes are served for the souls’ consumption.

The offering placed on the altar.

Relatives stay by their dead loved ones’ graves until the next morning.

An offering of fresh flowers, coke, water, rice, pancit, pork, and fish.

Candles are placed near the door to light the way of the souls. Doors are kept ajar so that they may be able to enter.

At the cemetery, the burial chambers are lit and adorned with flowers.

A young kid offering a candle.

Sea of lights

More lighted vaults.

A newly-repainted chamber.

A guy repainting a relative’s chamber.

The energy is really high and the mood is festive during All Souls’/ Saints’ Day.

Candles, flowers, and prayers are offered to all forgotten souls at the dakong cruz [big cross].

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