Kilometer 38


 We went back to the convent of the Marian Monks in Simala, Sibonga today to accompany some aunts and uncles. When we reached Naga on our way home, we turned left and headed towards Lutopan and straight to Balamban then up the Transcentral Highway. The drive was all well until my uncle’s rear tires exploded. We had to stop in the middle of nowhere, hundreds of feet above sea level, to change the tire. While they were all too occupied, I walked around and busied myself by taking shots of the different lovely scenes.


Boys and their carabao hauling some kumpay

Motorbikers slowing down – the road in this part of Balamban was too muddy.

The reason was this recent mudslide.

The soil was too wet because it rained a lot this week.

Mud covering the other lane.

My uncle’s flat tire.


Nearby mountain

38 KMs to Cebu – 11 KMs from Balamban

Down the drain

A truck carrying a few ballot boxes for tomorrow’s baranggay elections. These dudes are probably teachers.

Another shot of the boys and their carabao.