Compostela’s Green Lagoon

I’ve heard so much about Green Lagoon Park in Canamucan in the town of Compostela. They say that it’s a beach resort with a pool and various amenities. I never really got interested, though, because the resort, when viewed from the highway, seemed like a cheap getaway built right smack in the middle of a mangrove forest. Haha. Also, whenever I travel up North, my usual pit stops are Liloan and Danao. Incidentally, my uncles and cousins decided to go to Compostela over the weekend for a little excursion. I was originally against the idea of going to Green Lagoon but they all won me over (simply because they were paying. Hahaha).

Anyway, I’m glad that I went because I was finally able to see the place for my self. And considering that I had a negative impression of the place, I must say that the place wasn’t shabby at all. In fact, I liked the place. So, here are some photos of the resort. If you’ve been to Green Lagoon park, tell us what you think!


Green Lagoon Park in Canamucan, Compostela.

Of course, no pit stop in Liloan is complete without the Liloan Lechon!


Of course, there’s the Cebuano favorite – Puso!

This young boy is selling another Cebuano favorite – Masi!


Finally! Green Lagoon Park. Telephone Number 425-6008

Rates for their various rides. They also have calesa rides for Php20 each.

They have a barbecue strips for those who don’t like to bring stuff from home.

Huts usually referred to as ‘cottages’. Php500 each.

View of the coast of Compostela. Nice.

Nice looking beach houses. Wow!

That house looked really gorgeous.

The beach. The sand is not too fine. But it’s all right. The water is cool, anyways. :)

Close up of the cottages.

Green Lagoon Park is a clean resort. Nice.

Kids enjoying the water.

Right in the middle of the property is a big green pond. I think this was how the place got its name. Hehe.

I’m not exactly sure what they were doing. But I have a feeling that they were trying to reclaim it.

The swimming pool. Nice.

Cool! Perfect for the kids.

Water slides!

Pool rules and rates!

Nice looking rooms.


Visit Green Lagoon Park now!

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105 Comments on Compostela’s Green Lagoon

  1. wow! very nice place, indeed! i love masi!!!!! :-)

  2. I’ve been here before but I that time I didn’t like the pool but I guess this place has improved a lot as shown in the pics. I’m thinking of celebrating my daughter’s birthday there. THanks for this!!

  3. inday myrna // July 7, 2011 at 5:15 pm // Reply

    i show the pix to my son and he says, i love Cebu.
    nice place to cool down, tnx 4d info Ley

  4. nice blog….., thank for your blog atlast i got green lagoon contact #……

  5. a nice place for family gathering.. not much for the yuppies.. omg the lechon!

  6. ley tag pila ila rooms? thanks

  7. Can somebody give me their landline pls. :) thanks

  8. Great pics, Ley and those Masis! How I miss them! Compostela is pretty close to heart ‘cos I have a farm there. I love the place and the people, too. Thanks for posting this :-)

  9. The place really looks good. It’s affordable, at least based on the bike ride and hut fees.

    Will surely visit there, in the near future.

  10. Ley, would you know of someone who has a recipe for masi? I miss it a lot! Thanks.

  11. how much is the bike rental?

  12. the place + the food + scene = Perfect!! Ayus ang ganda!!

  13. can i have the contact # of green lagoon? me and my friends are planning to go there this coming saturday..please reply..

  14. Is the place safe for the kids—
    can i have the contact number of green lagoon

  15. The number is in this post. Thanks

  16. makahinumdom man pud ako ni bai ley..

    nga naligo sa swimming nga gamit ang yellow bracelet nga gi panghatag sa atong presidente.

    kay if maligo ka ug pool tagaan man ka ug yellow bracelet for boy and pink para sa gurls ^_^

    nyc shot hehehe//

  17. pila d i ang rates sa ila room per night?? :)

  18. pwede mu ask about sa ila contact no. kay magpareserved me?

  19. pila diay iny0ng bayad sa entrance??

  20. Hi Ley, OMG, that #2 lechon photo is mouth-watering! Grabee, nagpanilap ko gatan-aw! Pun-an pa jud sa masi, samut kalami! If you can find a recipe sa masi, mangayo sab ko ha? Hehehe..

    Bitaw, thanks for sharing these beautiful pics of Green Lagoon. Nice man diay pud sya and very clean. It’s amazing to see Cebu towns developing some new parks and attractions. This is one park to add to my list of places to visit next time I’m home.

  21. how much is there room rate?

  22. ayaw mo cg katog tagae me sa inyo cel number f dli mo manubag sa phone

  23. Thank goodness some bloggers can still write. Thanks for this blog post!

  24. Nice and very clean….

  25. Do u have mobile number? Can u send through my email… thanks…

  26. the Php500 for the cottage, does it includes overnyt?

  27. hi..asa ta maka inquire? wala silay site? salamat

  28. pla ang room ang over nyt?

  29. well, gkan mi didto 3 days ago (Jan. 19 2012) to celebrate my ate’s birthday… ok ra unta ang place daku, daghan cottages og rooms…ang swimming pool nice ra cya para sa mga kids kay murag taga paa/hawak raman sa mga adults naa ra cgru sa 3 feet kalawm. then ang dagat bati ka lubog ug lapokon and the WORST is the management. Liman ka ni kuha mi ug 6 rooms (1-6) with 4 extra bed (foam ra diay kay ilang extra bed foam raman na ma fold) then pag morning nanguli na tanan ug kami nlng nabilin sa room 6…the time nga finish nami ligo ug ready na jud to leave kay pangita-an pami sa recibo, unsa ilang gusto mangukay pami sa mga basura nga everytime namo request ug rooms and bed and other services bayad man dayon then nganu mangita paman sa receipt? then mga BOGO pa jud kaau, kay nangita sa key sa room #3 nga ang nkuha sa nag check/clean sa room kay 6 keys man pero 2pcs ang #1 then wla ang #3… pero 6 keys ra ghapon sa 6 rooms… hastang hasola jud ug dli jud accommodating ilang mga tao, mura kay d costumer mura man noon ta ug kawatan ug yawe ani….unsa ilang yawe gold? sus ginoo, dli raba jud worth among nagasto ngadtu nga mag overnight lagi mi sa ilang pool nga taga tohod then unsaon man nga 10P.M. e close nman…

    Ang ako lng jud masulti,kung naa mo lain option nga place ayaw nlng jud mo didto… sayang inyo money!!!

    • mao ba Gan…kayasa gud…ari bya me mag outing unta this sun…good that u mentioned na taga hawak rah ang pool ky dilllllllliiii na lang jud ko maligo ..hahaha!!!!

    • Teachers Group // March 5, 2012 at 7:54 pm // Reply

      pareha jud ni sa amo experience…lami kaau ni ipa bombo ang lugara ky pirme mangayo ug charge…!50 ang charge kada lihok ug avail sa ila mga facilities…oh my gosh, nag abang mi ug room for an overnight, den pabayron pa mn nuon mi ug another 150 sa swimming pool..unsa mn diay nah among gi abangan na room, wala na diay na labot ang pool?haler,common sense kono?unsa gud ni? alangan ra mn pd ng overnyt mi diri unya room ra amo gi ovrnytan..saon! mosukol pa jud ug customers ang mga staff…really sucks jud ni nga place…such a nightmare…mga nawong ug kwarta..bati ra ba ilang place…ipa BOMBO jud tamo..huwat lng!

      • That is why barato ra ila entrance kay you have the option to avail their facilities with charges or not unlike other resorts nga mahal kaayo ang entrance kay dala nman sa facilities like pool. What do you expect man sd tawn sa P20/head uie? And as stated sa pool rules and rates, P120 ra ang night use sa adult. Rooms are good for 2pax and free of use sa pool pero kung ni exceed mu ug 2pax, diha namu mu bayad para sa extra bed ug use sa pool which is P150/head. The staffs are just following the rules given by the management kay sila pud intawn ang makatapal. :D

        • correct!!! kanang daghan reclamo hai naku adto mog waterfront ky accommodating ang mga staff dd2 ug convenient gyod but since green lagon is cheaper yaw namu pag-expect ug sobra….

      • That’s why barato ra kaayo ila entrance fee kay you have the option to avail their facilities with charges or not unlike other resort na mahal ila entrance fee kay dala nman na sa facilities like sa pool. What do expect man sd intawn sa P20/hd na entrance uie, free na sa tnan facilities? Rooms are good for 2pax with free use of pool pero if ni exceed namu, that’s the time you pay for P150/hd for the extra bed and P100/hd para sa pool. Kung dka gnhan ug charges, pwd rman ka dli mu avail sa ila mga facilities. The staffs were just following the managements’ rules and rates kay sila pud tawn ang makatapal. :D

    • Maybe ila ra g.double check ang n.u receipt for some reasons. With regards sa key, g.clarify lang guro sa staff kung naa ba nn.u ang key, di man sd guro bogo ang mu ask lang. And lastly, it was clearly stated sa Rules and Regulations sa pool na mg close jud cla ug 10pm kay ila pman e.treat ang pool. FYI: ang taga tuhod which is 2ft kay sa pang bata and 4ft ang sa may slide dpit. :D

    • it is sounds you are first timer mag hotel, foam lang talaga ang extra. most of the hotels … and bayaran concern talaga receipt is needed if need confirmation. keys it is natural to return to reception asking nothing wrong kong maayos lang na pag uusap.. but the way isa pobliko ang naramdaman u dapat pag isipan mo ng hosto kong tama kaba.. ..wake up…….

  30. thanks for this. i have now the idea on where we gonna celebrate our party. definitely, this place. :)

  31. Evangeline
    I just want to know how per room and it’s capacity and if I take room/s do I need to for the usage of the swimming pool? And I want to know also, if I need to pa the entrance if I only want to rent the cottage.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi! as per inquiry… If you take room it costs 1,200 pesos good for 2 persons free use of swimming pool & entrance & 150 pesos charge for extra person exclusive use of pool & fee for entrance. Room capacity 4 persons only. I don’t know about the cottage. :-)

  32. leylander walay ju d motabag sa phone…unsaon pagpareserve?

  33. Teachers Group // March 5, 2012 at 7:45 pm // Reply

    Green Lagoon really sucks…it’s kinda a corrupt place. Everything you try to ask and you try to do, there’s always a charge. Hey, what kind of resort is this? The staffs are even unfriendly and always craving for money or charge from the costumers. They don’t have good service and good ambiance. They are just looking after the money from the costumers. If you are fooled by them, then they’ll enjoy your penny. Damn all of them…such a terrible experience to be in this place. Shit. I’d rather not recommend this place to everyone. I thought this was a good resort, but to our surprise…wow, what a nightmare!

  34. mao vah……….hanap nlang kami ibang place……….interesting nman kasi ang name niya……”GREEN LAGOON” oh divah!

  35. nag second thought nah noun ko.. asa inyo lain ika recomrnd nga nice sa adults and children nga resort?

  36. naa mo lain ma reccomend?/ gusto me mag overnyt…

  37. how much is the entrance?

  38. Gi AHaK NiNDoT KUnUhAy baTi lagE AnG cR Maka SUka kAy Naa dAe SukA Ang lababo wew Ug baha pa kau NAay jud ko instincts that night nga d Worth ang Pagbisita Ngadto Kay maka MAhay ra Ug maka sapot TAwn kay naay jud part nga Baho wew………….

  39. bati man ang dagat,daghan og bato..

  40. .. .. sana sumama nalang ako sa mama ko edi sana nakapunta naako dyan. ..

    but actually im not going to force my self to travel bec.i can’t . ..

    nice pool . .but the sea is not so good and the sand. .!!

  41. pure_bisdak // June 6, 2012 at 9:40 pm // Reply

    tinuod man, ila mga crew didto walay mga grado, may mga buot, dili kamao ug customer relations.
    babaye: P20 entrance ser
    ako: ok, sige, pila cottage?
    babaye: puno na ser wala na cottage.
    ako: mao ba? aw unya unsaon man dili nami kasulod? (ngano murag mosuwat pa man unta sa ticket para entrance. (ang guwardya sad sige pangapura ipaparking daw tarung ang sakyanan, wala pa gani maklaro makasulod ba mi, wala ra ba gyud mag atang sa dalan)
    babaye: dili na ser.
    ako: inyo room pila rate?
    babaye: wan to ser (P1200), pila mo ka buok ser, inihap ra ang tawo sa room.(klaro kaayo mi sa ako mrs ug duha ka mga bata)
    ako: kami upat , duha ka bata, stard man na two adults 2 kids di ba ?
    babaye: uu ser.
    ako: o cge mokuha na lang mi room, nya pwede na mi mi maligo.
    babaye: dili ser.
    ako: ngano man?
    babaye: 3pm pa check in ser.
    ako: aw dili diay pwede mo sulod na mobayad na man sa room, 3pm lang mo sulod(as usual like other resorts)
    babaye: dili ser.
    ako: tan awa kuno naa ba bakante klaro.
    babaye: (gi pang ukay pa ang papel

    nilakaw na lang mi oy, daghan man tawo way mga grado may sensido kumon man.

    gikapoy ko type ani pero mao gyud ni nahitabo,maayo ra sad wala mi madayon ngadto.

  42. Daghang salamat Ley. I hope they will improve their restroom facilities and the their employees’ PR.

  43. unsay kontak # nila, cell# lang…naay namaligya ug poso didto? isda para sugbaon or kilawon?

  44. we hav plan 2 hav an overnyt swimming w/ my co-employees this coming lastweek of august.

  45. dha man sad mi last year,ng.overnyt swimming. hop ok pa sa management nga allowed overnyt green lagoon.

  46. nkadungog rba mi nga d na pwede overnyt but hav 2 confirmed 8 1st..

  47. f u can reply,just contact me through my cp no;09293685357. tnx

  48. hi !!! nka suway man me overnyt sa GREEN LAGOON but sa pool rmi expensive lng ang ila pangau :)

  49. Green Lagoon Park
    Guimbal, Canamucan, Compostela, Cebu

    Telephone numbers: 406-6753/425-6008
    Cellphone number: 09176358261

  50. pila ang rooms?

  51. hahahah nice pa au ang mga posting sa sinugdanan..sos!!pag.abot sa tunga2x tidlom man….saon nahan mn unta dad.on aq mga nephew ig uli nq cebu….

  52. Kanang kung mag 2 nights me then what time ang check-in dayon tag-pila man jud cya?

  53. ok naman ang place, quite gud xa,the rooms and bathrooms need improvement. cottages, it,s ok naman kaso daghang lagum. dili na xa GREEN LAGOON, kundi “GREEN LAGUM”.hahahaha…
    the receptionist to bad, dili maayo ilang entertain, sa cottage- abi nako check in 2pm to 12pm the next day. abi naku lang sa rooms nila, lahi ra, wala pud nila gibutang sa papel na gihatag nila. ang nakabutang ra didto is check-in and check out. then sa nagrent sa rooms, katong tambok dili kabalo mag-entertain well, maligo me swimming pool nag-pay akong mama, she didnt say na naay libre sa swimming pool ang 2 person sa nag-rent sa rooms nila until nangutana mi ke kuya na nagbantay sa swimming pool. so dili na lang nila sultian ang nagbayad sa ilaha, toooooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddd:((

    THE RECEPTIONIST- lot of seminars “how to entertain visitors well”

    THE PLACE- need to develop pa


  54. manganhi raba mi ds sunday as in Jan.6, 2013
    we will be having our xmas party and games as well. hope na dli kau mi ma disappoint sa bad customer service.

  55. we were in intosan before and fortunately got no problem. we r planning to stay overnyt here in green lagoon but with hesitations reading all the bad comments. for clarification, room rate is 1200 good for 2 persons. do we need to pay additional for kids aged 7 and 8 years old? hope not anymore.. that 150 additional charge and for a foam bed is only good for 1 person? kindly sum up our total payment if our group have 6 adults and 2 kids. we will stay for 1 nyt with room and we will use the pool. if u can itemize it here, much better. have an idea but i just confirmation and clarification. tnx for the reply then….

  56. i mean i just need confirmation and clarification. waiting for a good reply then. tnx…

  57. labad sa ulo jud ni nga place.

  58. mghesitate mn sb ta sa mga comments.. plano baya unta namu muanha this weekend..

  59. How much is for the room rates overnight? and what time check in for overnight?

  60. i like go there really relax .

  61. How to contact green lagoon for reservation i can’t contact the number posted in this site. pls help thanx

  62. ian cabigon // March 22, 2013 at 7:24 pm // Reply

    do they allow us to stay overnyt sa cottage?

  63. anthony ian // March 27, 2013 at 4:08 pm // Reply

    kaya lng yung mga rooms walang t.v…sayang kaya i look for another place this holy week…

  64. Everything is set already for our summer outing here in Green Lagoon on April 19. The pictures posted here are so convincing, however, when we read the bad comments against the staffs in particular and the management in general, we’re now doubtful to pursue our plans. Supposedly, the reasons in going there are for relaxation, refreshment, bonding and fun- we’re afraid that they might turn into a disgusting scenario because of the staffs’ unpleasant accommodation . Deep in our hearts, we’d like also to try and explore the place and find out more from their resort specially their management. Now, that we’re in 2013 already, hoping for a lot of improvements/developments from their facilities, amenities, comfort rooms and bedrooms with pleasant costumer care and services. “A GOOD MANAGEMENT GAINS A GOOD RECOMMENDATION FROM THE CLIENTS”.

    Thanks Ley for posting these beautiful sights of the resort and everyone who was bold enough to blog on his true feelings and experiences in the said resort.


    • first off, the photos were NOT posted by green lagoon. Wala koy connection sa green lagoon. usa ra pud kos nibisita didto. wala koy ngil-ad nga nabatyagan sa akong pag-adto. kung tinuod ning mga bati nga commentaryo, wala ko nasayod kung tinuod. suwayi lang ninyo kung ganahan mo.

      but please ayaw na ko pangutan-a bahin sa mga room rates, contact person, etc. kay wala ko kabalo. kaduha ra ko naka-adto. pag-research pud mo oi. kung dili basa-basa mo sa post before modritso sa comment section. da! nangasaba na ko. hahahaha

  66. are there pools for kids? is it safe?

  67. Hi guys.. tagpila ilang set sa tables and chairs ngadto?? Kay dili lang unta me magcottage… mga 4 raman gud nya kung magcottage pa me mura makamahal me…. tnx

  68. i researched for the room rates but i was confused because the displays differently…
    other page has 1000 per room while other has 1200…is it really 3pm check in time?…please response.

  69. unsa man juy tinuod 10 pesos ang entrance o 20? 1000 ang cottege or 1200? then if day mo in what time mg start and ma end?

    • Entrance Fee: Kids-P10; Adult-P20
      Cottage: P500 7:00am-6:00pm; P500 7:00pm-6:00am
      Swimming Pool Fee: Kids-P50; Adult-P100
      For reservation and inquiries, please contact 425-8761/406-6753 (new lines)

  70. 사랑해 // July 2, 2013 at 9:48 pm // Reply

    Bisag unsa na Oras pwede maka check-in?

  71. how much is the payement for overnight stay ? reply pls, ASAP!!

  72. rymond lacson??? // September 30, 2013 at 10:39 am // Reply

    pwede mag overnyt dha???

  73. I have a bad feeling on this place. Since i’m invited raman for the occasion to be held on this place which is puros negative ang comment kay mo adto nalang ko (no choice)…

  74. if mo avail ta sa swimming pool , mag additional ug 100 ? so , 120 na tanan dala sa entrance fee .. sakto ba ?..

  75. im planning to celebrate my baby’s birthday next month .. unsa man jud ang place ? nindot or bati ??

  76. Disappointed! It was my first visit and was expecting so much from passing by and from what friends have told me. I thought it would be a great place for a family reunion.As a result the staff greeted us with insults! Couldn’t care less about the douchebags that work there. This place blows stay away and spend your money some where else..

  77. family plan to go to green lagoon this coming Sunday..but don’t know how to get there..we’re from cebu city..unsay sakyan namo padong diha..?

  78. Hi there. Am looking for a nice resort as a wedding reception. However, I want it at a cheaper price with nice package. I am trying to check out this resort but i couldn’t find their email address. I hope someone can help me with this.

    Thanks a lot!

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