Medellin is Funtastic!

The next day, we got up early for our big trip to Gibitngil Island. I was really excited because I’ve seen photos and heard a lot of awesome stuff about this island. They say that it’s a must-visit and that the long trip from the city is so worth it. Well, that remains to be seen!

Gibitngil is an island baranggay under the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Medellin. If you’re from the city, the first thing you have to do is to get to Medellin. How do you do that? Simply get on a north-bound bus at the North Bus terminal in Mandaue. If you’re driving your own car, head towards the direction of Bogo City and then San Remigio. When you reach that intersection just before reaching San Remigio proper (you will see a big sign,) make a right towards Daanbantayan. If you keep going straight, you’ll soon reach baranggay Curva. Instead of turning right towards Daanbantayan, turn left towards Medellin. From there, getting to Kawit should be fairly easy. (Kawit is where you get a boat to Gibitngil.)

Funtastic Island. Gibitngil is out of this world!

We left Medellin proper for Kawit at around 8 in the morning. Just twenty minutes later, we were ready to board a small boat in Baranggay Kawit. On our way to our boat.

Didn’t know Kawit was this gorgeous! Wow!

If I am not mistaken, these boats for rent will take you to Gibitngil.

There’s Gibitngil Island.

There’s our small boat. And there were around 18 of us. Haha.

Kawit is so pretty!


Fifteen minutes later, we saw the white sand beach of Gibitngil.

Gibitngil is mainly a residential island. So, the only things you’ll see in this part are houses and fishing boats.

The resort is on the other side.

Amazing coastline. Reminds me of the White Cliffs of Dover. Not that I’ve been there. Haha.

And then we saw this sign on a huge rock. Woohoo! We’re here!

First look at Gibitngil Island. Amazing!

The ‘highlight’ of the entire island. Islets connected by man-made bridges to the main island.

The view is just amazing.

View from the top.

Fresh! Saluwaki!

They’re huge!

Just look at that!

Super clean and clear!

The ‘rock islands.’ Nice!

Another boat approaching the island.

This huge rock is spectacular. It would be awesome if you get to keep that spot at the top first.

Looks can be deceiving. It’s very deep. Trust me.

Diving board at the top of the rock.

Wow! The water is just breathtaking.

Tourist boats docked near the island.

Look! Koreans!

Are you brave enough?

1, 2, 3, Jump!


View of the main island from the rock.

The people who live in that house on top of the hill are sooo lucky.


Sun burn! Hahaha

Chillaxing at the beach.

BONUS! Pano shots (camphone) of Gibitngil Funtastic Island. Click on the photos for bigger size! 🙂

Well, what can I say? The long trip, the dizzying boat ride, the sun burns! It’s all worth it!

Visit Gibitngil now!