In Photos: Ayala Center Cebu in 2006

Ayala Center Cebu is one of the biggest malls in Cebu City. Located at the heart of the Cebu Business Park, Ayala Center Cebu is in close proximity to some of the city’s biggest hotels, exhibition halls, convention centers, and sports clubs. Ayala Center Cebu houses a Metro Gaisano department store, restaurants, service centers, shops and entertainment centers. It is also home to hundreds of different local and international brands.

At the heart of Ayala Center Cebu is its two-tiered wishing fountain.

It’s still Christmas time. But one can already feel the Sinulog vibe in Cebu!

Ayala’s Paseo Verde is home to some of the mall’s best-selling brands.

Voting center for Miss Cebu 2007 candidates.

With Christmas just a couple of hours away, Ayala Center Cebu’s interiors are understandably filled with Christmas decors and designs.

The elevators of Ayala Center Cebu are oval-shaped and have the colors of the circus.

Jewelry bazaar at the upper ground floor of the mall.

At the center of the activity center is a stage where performances are held.

Third floor of Ayala Center Cebu

The guest guide and map of Ayala Center Cebu.

Food stalls at the mall’s West Wing entrance are very popular.

West Wing entrance of Ayala Center Cebu.

Do you remember how Ayala Center Cebu looked like in 2006?

27 thoughts on “In Photos: Ayala Center Cebu in 2006

  1. hey lan f u’ll add pics on this post picture-i ang blued og erickson heheheheh,,,f ever lng mgdungag ka,,,f dili oks ra:)…ciao!

  2. This is my Paradise everytime when Im on Holiday in Cebu, My first itinerary every morning is a coffee at the Starbucks, sitting at the Balcony, viewing passersby….just passing times until my stomach knocks for lunch somewhere…secretttttt !!!! at the Golden Cowrie or in Shutukil in Mactan ra diay tu….LOL

  3. i miss this place a lot!this is our hang out with my fellow klasmyts in college…if we have no class,were justt strolling ayala,setting somewhere and viewing any passersby!basin diay mkakita ug mga kaila ug klasmyt na taga TC!heheh.pra mgpalibre….lolz!

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  5. Cebu is my 2nd home ( one day it will be my first , and Ayala Mall is my faverite place,especially the galleon pizza place … nice iced teas and pizza
    When i make my yearly ” home ” visit with my asawa we make the mall our first place to call upon , after unpacking at home ….
    Great place to shop or just sit and relax and nice ‘n cool inside ……

  6. i really i miss going everyday at ayala strolling, meeting my friends and have coffee or have dinner in sunburst… and hope you can upload new picture about the new lagoon and the terraces just open lately….

  7. wow! d best talaga ang ayala… i really2x miss this mall, ive been working here in BLIMS fine furniture/ Automatic center for 1 year, though its not quit long, ayala had became my second home.i do love ayala mall…

  8. I really like this place… nice to shopping!! and roaming around to show my real beauty,, show my passion,, but is not good to have a little money,, kinahanglan more than 2000 naanay koy dah bisan t shirt lang!! see you soon when im come home in philippines………I cant find like this stores here n my place,, sweden vimmerby…..i miss this place!! i miss my favorite chicken in jolibee,,,, its meh, ZILCEB in Sibonga.

  9. i really love this place i remember my first time visiting cebu, the islands are so beautiful, the food are so great, i wish i could go back there this year with my hubby, and visit again shangrila mactan and the market in carbon,all the places i saw there is realy unforgetable

  10. Can anyone give me the contact details of the White Wings Travel Agency in the Ayala Shopping Center, Cebu please. I have provided my email address and would appreciate your response. Thank you.

  11. I miss this mall so much. It’s nice to see pictures of it. It’s funny this used to be a meadow before and we would walk through it at dawn to get to the jeepney stop and go to school. Wow. Now it’s a business and entertainment center. It’s amazing what money and ideas can do.

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