Aguinid: Mystical Hideaway

Aside from the awesome beaches and the Kinugay, Samboan has a lot more to offer. And we discovered it, when our two young tour guides brought us to the undiscovered beauty called Aguinid Falls.

 The Aguinid Falls is actually a system of falls which runs some two kilometers from its base. Its falls are not as high as those in Kawasan. They are small actually. But they have unique shapes and forms and are quite a sight to behold. The Aguinid Falls are a hundred percent uninjured, untouched, and un-commercialized. The only trash you can find there are rotten leaves from trees (which are categorically not trash).


Samboan’s Aguinid Falls. Lovely!

The long walk to the falls.

Through coconut trees…

Mr. Cow

Ludy can’t take the heat

Shade at last!

Ahhhh! The sound of water!

Let’s move up!


Just keep walking…

Just keep walking…

Wow! This place is really cool!


We had to climb this slope. Very slippery. It was quite dangerous.

Just keep walking.

Super guides

Casualties: My Slippers

Another awesome falls. Notice the rock formation. Awesome!

Just keep walking.

View from the top.

Very tall trees

Ludy and Ryan

Gorgeous view!

Ludy enjoying the water.

Another falls up ahead!

Wow! Nice!

I can’t wait to go back!

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