Ginatilan: The Quiet Life

 Just a few minutes from Samboan is the town of Ginatilan.

The first thing you notice about Ginatilan is that it’s very clean and peaceful. The people are quiet but when you talk to them, they’re very friendly. Too bad we weren’t able to tour the town much because we got there around 5 pm and only to buy veggies and meat for dinner. Sagdi lang, I’ll come back someday. 🙂

Ginatilan town park. Wow!

View of church tower from the market.

Public Rest Rooms

Lighthouse at the park

Another shot of the park.

The town church of Ginatilan

Dress code for churchgoers

Wow! Clean streets!

The seaside park of Ginatilan

Ahh! Nindot gyud diri!

The Municipal Hall and Police Station of Ginatilan

281 thoughts on “Ginatilan: The Quiet Life

    1. great place to visit, people friendly, plenty of food and drink, i visited and the police and locals all got together for a good time, will visit again

  1. nindota na diay sa Ginatilan karon sa. . . it has been more than 5 years since last nako adto didto……nindot kaayo mag pahulay sa may baybayon kay presko kaayo ang hangin . . . nice pics . . .

  2. Wow the view is amazing here. You are very lucky to get to witness this first hand but thanks for bringing us the pictures to try to experiences such a sight. Was there a lot of people there? It seems like I would be very comforting without a lot of people driving you nuts.

  3. nope. there were very few people when we went there. but i guess people come out a little later (early evening). there’s nothing much to do in this little town so people flock to the plaza to just talk and have a good time. =)

  4. i’ve been to samboan about 13 yrs ago, i don’t remember it to be like that, but maybe i never went to this Ginatilan place either…i definitely will now, next time i come home. all of your pics are so nice, just my kind of views. thanks!

    1. Wow! What a nice place. How I wish that I can be here. Ahm…. Ahm… Dean Michael Singco, how can I get in touch with you.. This is me, Danny Garcia from Basilan, remember? Hope you can give me a ring, this is my number 09261932026

  5. wow, beautiful pics….. never been to Ginatilan, sad to say that I’m cebuana but never been to any parts of cebu except santander…. i used to know the younger andrade the daughter of the major of santander but that was a long time ago when i used to live in cebu city….

  6. bai!! Ginatilan akuh probinxa bai! hahaahaha!! gi mingaw hinuon kuh dah! tsk tsk.. last nakuh bisita kay last last wik.. haha!! yeaahh.. nys kaau ang hangin ngad2!! cchhooii!!! nya maka ibog kaau ang dagat!! wahahaha!! my cuzinz live there by the way… wahehhe.. ngare lang sah bai…

  7. Beautiful picz of Ginatilan.

    I go to Ginatilan every now and then, because my father is from there, although he married a native of the island of Samar (my mother), that’s why we live now here in Northern Samar.

    But we go there to Ginatilan once in a while to visit, and although our town here in Northern Samar (Allen) is much more vivacious and lively with a very active night life than Ginatilan (due to Allen’s being along the Eastern Pan Philippine Highway called the Maharlika Highway), still Ginatilan is more well-planned, cleaner, well balanced, and peaceful than Allen.

    I love both places, they are different one from the other, although both are coastal towns, and I intend to return to Ginatilan every so often and reunite myself with my father’s relatives there.

    Sorry, I cannot speak Cebuano, but the pictures are really very beautiful!

  8. My father is from Ginatilan I was there in 2000 and the place is so nice.. I salute to Mayor Dean Singco for bringing Ginatilan PEACE & CLEANLINESS…..

  9. hi.,,

    ehem….,,,, infearness….., im proudly say GINATILAN gamay but peaceful & the ppol is friendly & hospitable…,,, adto mo sa amo……
    pobre me..but makapakaon me’ in ana ang taga ginatilan……interms of pakal everybody are invited labina fiesta…….handaan gyod na’.


    1. Wonderful and exciting views! Pagkanindota gyud diay sa Ginatilan!
      I’ve visited there early this year with my wife and kids for our annual vacation from abroad but it so sad nga wala mi magdugay,
      Gi-ubanan sab mi sa ako father nga taga Ginatilan along with my brothers and sisters,
      Igo ra mibisita ug kadiyot (misimba, nanagkot sa menteryo,mihapit sa mga kaliwat,hehehh..:) ) mao nga desperate kaayo to see these photos!
      It was my first to visit again since my childhood during fiesta sa Sitio Campisong,pagkatumoya sa bukid uy!
      Balik gyud mi next vacation will spend long time to experience the beauty and excitement of Ginatilan!!!

  10. yeah ako pud taga Ginatilan… Nice didto oi grabeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…. wla gud ko lingaw dri sa ofc nag search ko sa google na “ginatilan cebu” nakita man didto ang mga pics.. ahahahaha nice pics u have here.. great…

    BTW, hapit na d ai fiesta didto March.. see you soonnnnnnnnnnnnnn.. kana kong maka uli,, ehehehehe


  11. i once lived in ginatilan for 3 years. it has the simple charm of a small town, and some blessings of “development” like 24-hour bakery, money forwarding services, internet cafe and the like.

    if you get the chance to return there try to see inambakan falls. it’s higher than kawasan and yet remains undeveloped. i rappelled there once and i’d say it was quite an experience.

  12. bai, hastang ninduta naman diay ang ginatilan, naka anha ko dinha 20 years ago namista ko uban sa akong erpat kay taga dinha man sya. namasol pa gani mi dinha sa baybay hastang daghana pa og isda niadtong panahuna.

  13. GINATILAN is the best …..yeah! especially hapit na fiesta !!! fab food…wow plus fresh fish!!! wonderful beach….to chill out!! cool….TO ALL GINATILANONS HAPPY COMING FIESTA….ALL THE BEST! FROM grace and family love u all and miss the beach!!!here we have to travel to wales just to see d seaside…kamingaw!!! see u n aug..folks.

  14. I can`t imagine ths small& simple town Ginatilan cameout like a hidden!keep it up mayor Dean,& i salute also to the people behind tht project.The pictures are great,specially the water view Oh!it seems like your in a luxurybeach hotel,naks! pagamay gamay lng na bai!proud to be Ginatilanon.for those who are not ginatilanon tnx for appreciating my beloved hometown.

  15. yooohooo!!!!
    dugay2x n jud q la kauli s amua, la na gro q hbalo asa dpit ang dalan padolong s amu…hehehe
    well this pics are so beautiful!!!!!

  16. Hello … salamat kaayo sa pag post aning nindot kaayo nga pics sa akong home town… miss na nako ginatilan … four years na ko wala ka uli .. I am proud to be from ginatilan … you can see guys how nice it is… one more thing Ginatilan can be proud of ….our Major General of the AFP .. Gen. Pedrito Cadungog is from GINATILAN CEBU ….

  17. My forefathers were believed to have come from this
    place. I and my kins want to visit the place. Is there
    a hotel or place where we can stay?

    Thank you

    1. Hi idolito Kung ang kamag anak mo ay nangaling nang ginatilan baka kamag anak kita kc ang lola ko poh ay tulabing din karamihan sa mga tulabing ay nakatira sa canorong ginatilan.

  18. Hi, Yes there is … naa sa Guilungsuran dapit sa menteryo, nice place beside the beach … owned by someone from ginatilan married to a japanese …

    1. Yah, it is true that Ginatilan’s population is diminishing; it has nothing to do with census! Wanna know the reason? Dah, englisj jud……Kay ang mga tawo molangyaw, mamimnyo ug taga-laing lugar tapos di na mamalik..Like in my case, 19 years ago in Barangay Guiwanon, we used to have 5 to 6 houses (neighbors) karon wala na!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. mao bitaw na te,rinky..busa ikaw bisag asa ka dad-a sa kapalaran ayaw gyud intawon kalimti ang imong lungsod nga natawhan..bisag gamay but it seems to be the symbol of how life is simple..that God wanted us to live and appreciate his all creation..mingaw nko dha sa guiwanon amoa..Hope in the future in anykind i can help our fellow ginatilanons and in our town..

      2. aahh!!!….kamokamo raba diay?..ako bayang papa kay taga ginatilan man pod…nkapuyo baya pod q s saglit lng ,nka skwela man gani ko s una diha s ginatilan central school ug grade 1,2……n kakamiss dyan ang sea side …ang baybayon s guiwanon knindot jud ato s una ..ang dagat k tin_aw ug ang mga buhangin…makawagtang ug prblema s ginatilan………….i hope sooner mkabalik aqo s ginatilan f gods well…..

  19. it is really beautiful and clean.i wish tanan untang munisipio ay ingon ini kaatiman.the mayor and the people really did a good job!thanks again ley!

  20. Kumusta jan kina Hon. Watoy Tocao and family specially to Lola Kinlee. Nindot kaayo ang inyong pictures of Ginatilan oi! Garaa oi! Anhi pud mo diri sa Olongapo City swa inyong mga ig-agaw, mag visit kayo dito sa amoa, kay suroy tamo sa SUBIC.

  21. regards to Nolan and Judith Tocao jan sa munisipyo ng ginatilan!!! visit mo diri sa Olongapo City manuroy ta sa Subic. Anhi mo diri sa December kay mag bakasyon sila Liza ug Ian. Naay dala si Denden na makina sa panagat para kay Watoy. Unya dungan na ta ug pauli diha.

  22. hi kumusta namong tanan dha!nindot jud kaau ang ma pictures…c u n december..miss u GINATILAN.. naa dha wrk akong mama sa health center…

  23. Nice first glimpse of Ginatilan..ang akong lola (from Tulabing-Sinco family) is from Ginatilan..pero nagsettle na sila sa Tanjay City & Bayawan City, Neg. Or. ron..for sure daghan mga relatives dinha..hopefully i can visit the place, though sa manila ko based ron…

    1. Edge,
      I want to know more about your parents. Both the Tolabing and Singco families are my relatives. Roger and Hilario Tolabing are my second cousins – his father, Hilario Aranas was my mother’s first cousin (my late mother’s middle name was Singco – changed to Sinco in Bais and Tanjay and to Cinco in Davao, but the origin is Singco from Ginatilan).
      Although I’m a Sitoy, my father being from Cordova, Mactan Island, but I was born and grew up in Ginatilan, same with all my three sisters and four brothers. The Sinco in Bais is a close relative of my mother. I have been in the US for 35 years and plan to resettle to Ginatilan for good. I do visit our town every fiesta in March.
      If you want to know more about Ginatilan, I invite you to visit our website:

      1. Hi! My grandma is from Singco clan here in Bais. I’ve been planning to trace back our heritage and possibly do a lineage. Thanks for the post. It may be a good start for this project.

        1. hi Edu….kinsa ngalan imo grandma sa Bais kay i know ako Lolo Flor Singco from Ginatilan naay igsoon naa sa Tanjay or Bais not sure kon both place ba. I do not remember names kay was little then pag pamista namo before. Naa sad cla igsoon sa Tinago, Dumaguete but most of them had passed already…..c Lolo Totong.

          1. Eva,
            Early this year – January 17 to be exact, I posted in this webpage about the Singcos, Sincos, Cincos who have spread all over the Visayas and Mindanao (particularly in Negros Oriental, Leyte, Davao, Cebu and Cotabato, originated from one single immigrant from China in the late 17th or early 18th century, per Romeo Singco, preeminent Ginatilanon historian of the Singco clan. Personally, I have a “Singco” blood since my grandmother (my mother’s mother) was a Singco before she got married to a “Rocaberte” from Samboan. Among my mother’s cousins on her mother’s side were (are) the Singcos in Bais and Dumaguete, Davao (Padada) and Cotabato (Midsayap). I know there are other Singcos who are closely related to us but I have no idea as to their whereabouts. I know there are Singcos in Manila as well.
            I vividly remember in the late 50’s and early 60’s when relatives from Negros used to attend our town fiesta in Ginatilan, such as Bening Singco of Dumaguete, Corazon Singco, as well as heirs of the Ceniza Studio of Bais. I’m not sure now if they’re are still alive, but I’m pretty sure they have descendants who will help us walk through our blood lines.
            My family and I, as well as my two brothers and a sister, have been outside of the Philippines (my 2 brothers and I have been in the US (New Jersey) for 40 years, my sister lives in Germany for over 30 years now. In my case, I go home to Ginatilan every year to attend the fiesta of San Gregorio. Are you attending? If you do, then I’ll make very effort to meet you and introduce you to hundreds of Singco’s in Ginatilan.

          2. Sorry karon pako nakabasa ani nga reply nong Tony. Yes, I heard about the GAUSA sponsoring the Ginatilan fiesta every year. Let me know if you need any help from me. I am now here in Florida, U.S. but still have many relatives living in Ginatilan. I am very much interested in knowing the Singco, Sinco, Cinco clan and origin. My grandfather Florentino Singco had passed already and I know he had brothers and sister in Dumaguete, Bais and Tanjay whom most I do not know or remember. Next time I visit I will ask their names from my father. God Bless!

          3. Hello sir, do you know Hilario Tolabing from Ginatilan? I am trying to look for his other brothers and relatives as he pass away last August 30. 🙁 Btw I am Aldin his grandson. Thanks!

      2. hello tony,
        pls add me in your fb acct or yahoo acct. i am grace c. sinco-kandog. i want to know more about your parents.

        1. My lolo’s name was Estacio Sinco, he was a pastor and the eldest pf a family who were all musicians and had the sinco orchestra, all these stories feom when lolo was still alive whenever he remembers ginatilan and bais.

    2. hello edge, i’m grace c. sinco-kandog. my father was from midsayap, cot but my great grandfather is from ginatilan, cebu. i dont know where’s the exact place in ginatilan. pls add me in your fb acct or yahoo acct. my email ad:

  24. I actually love nature! I love this place! And I do really like this fascinating falls. Though I am a Filipino but I admit I am still strange to this place. I been in some other countries but I never been here. The Cebu, PHILIPPINES.

    I wish soon when I could visit back the Philippines during my vacation from Europe I could visit this place. I wish also to have friends from Cebu. Don’t worry I could speak Cebuano.

    I am open for talks and friend link. My and YM friendster:

  25. Wow…. Great photos! Thank you for posting and creating this site. I agree completely that Ginatilan is a nice town. With the Inambakan Falls as the main attraction for tourist, it will add to the beauty of the town. Hopefully, the mayor will get more funds to fully develop the road and create bridges or decent walkways towards the falls. Would be nice!

  26. nindot jud kaayo na ang ginatilan labi na og mahuman and kalsada
    paingong sa amoa sa mangaco og para sa inambakan falls bibo na jud
    kaayo labi na og daghan na onyang mga torista nga manganha diha

  27. wala lagiy picture atong balay nga murag sa holland,kanang duol sa paradahan sa bus.nindut kay nga balay,kulang na lang windmill.bitaw,lami ato ITO sa ginatilan.

  28. kun lingaw ang pangita-on, mingaw ang ginatilan. kun relaxation ang gusto, ok kaayo. peaceful ang lugar. gimingaw lang nuon ko da. panagsa na lang ko ka suroy didto.

  29. nindot bitaw jud na ang ginatilan maayo onta og humanon na sa mayor ang
    kalsada papunta sa mangaco og sa inambakan para mas maganda talaga
    diba? lalo na pag marami ng mga torista ang puputa sa inmbakan palls

  30. hw beautiful it is to see the place of my father’s hometown..he never been to ginatilan na 4 how many years kc s zamboanga city n cla 2mira ng parents nya together w/ his siblings..i went in ginatilan wayback 1989, and i missed that place since the, i planned to visit ginatilan again together with my papa to visit his relatives in canyurong ginatilan…how beautiful are the pics taken, it’s a inviting and inspirational..hope to be in ginatilan u ginatilenios..

  31. deep inside i really like to live here in my father’s hometown kc peaceful; kahit c papa gusto na rin nyang umuwi in his hometown kasi as young as 10 yrs old p sila 2mira sa zamboanga city, nw 68 yrs old n xa so he is too eager to go bck again in ginatilan n and stay there for good n together w/ us, kc namatay n din cla lola angela mascardo at lolo eutiquio villar na taga jan s ginatilan..hope we can live and stay in ginatilan n soon…plz welcome us..

    1. Okey ra man ang taga Malatbo, Ginatilan, Cebu. Taga asa man ka karon. Karon ako naa sa Visayas State University sa Visca, Baybay, Leyte. Nag work mao nga nangawala na ang taga Ginatilan kay naglangyaw man gud. Nangita ug kabuhian kay sa Malabo mag uma sa man ta sa yuta nga batoon hehehehehe

    2. How are you related to Liza Kagakit . Liza Kagakit ni siya sa dalaga pa. pero karon married naman ni ambot kinsa iya name. 2 times naman sad ni siya naminyo diba… Si Lorna Kagakit ako classmate sa Holy Trinity Academy sa Ginatilan town.

  32. hi,.

    mao jud ka arnold,. nindot unta jud ang ato ginatilan but ang price sa mga utanon ug isda labaw pa sa carbon ug taboan,.instead anha unta ta kakaon sa ato ug lab as na isda ug utanon pag kamahal sad.., fait!

  33. Hi peeps,

    Apil ko ani beh kay taga-Ginatilan pud ko.
    Nindot jud kaayo ang Ginatilan, labi na sa among bukid sa Cambagte. Piso nalang plete padung langit. Yehey !!! Overlooking jud kaayo, makita gud ang island sa Negros ug Bohol.

  34. Hope I could visit Ginatilan. This is the origin of my forefathers. Hope my relatives see this post. My number is 0927 750 7667, I’m residing in Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte.

  35. Merry Christmas d ai sa tanan nga ni post dri…..

    Nice man gud mag tagay2x daplin sa dagat…. tsk tsk tsk.. usa na sa mga ma hinumduman nako way back my high skol life…….

    With regards

  36. I miss my one and only love of my life. Her name is Iris Bendanillo and lives in ginatilan. . We drifted apart but I know she loves me truly. Whatever happens, I will always love her the same way

  37. I have made Ginatilan my second home now sinse 2004. My Filipina wife comes from there, and I was introduced to this place on my first visit. We go back there from UK every 6 months or so to see her family. I can assure you that the people of this village truelly are very friendly, a few of the locals now know me well and always stop to talk. Just seeing your pictures here brings Ginatilan closer to my heart. Roll on the festival,…we’re comeing over to see it once again,..its brilliant to see !!!

  38. hello sa mga taga Ginatilan, sa campisong ko nagpuyo sauna since I was 9 years old with my Grandparents thats why i always look back the place its such a nice and beautiful place. My high school was in Guiwanon Barangay School batch nila Rowena Lano. From Lynette Olores in England.

    1. Greetings to u Lynette,

      Didto ko natawo sa Ughob, Ginatilan. Sama kanimo 9 years old na ko nga milalin didto sa Sugbo. Pero kay duol raman and ciudad, magsige ko’g balik-balik sa atong nindot nga lungsod.
      Usa sa mga lugar nga nata.ak nako sa Ginatilan mao ang Campisong. Puede ba taga,an mo ako sa email nimo aron tika ug usa ka nindot sugilanon bahin sa Campisong?

      Ang ako address :

    2. hi, maam

      may be you can visit ” the guiwanon national high school” via facebook.

      we are planning to have a reunion this coming dec. 17 ,2011 for the entire batch/ graduates from guiwanon.


      ignacio s. ciloy jr ( batch 1996-97)

    1. ok rako mikadzzzzzzzzz oi, ikaw musta namn ka? nagkita pamo ni Rowena regardz nya ko.. nice na kaau ang Ginatilan sa?

  39. congrats mayor dean, nindot na kaayo ang ginatilan karon. proud kaayo ko nga inyo gi share ang mga pics. musta nalang ko sa akong mga kaliwat sa HAYAG’s ug mga CADUNGOG’s sa lungsod ug sa guilongsuran ilabina jud sa akong gwapong ig-agaw nga c jeffrey cagang… hahaha… c iti dennis hayag usa pod ka gwapo. bwahaha…..

  40. Hi my beloved grets gornez, Imbitaha nya ko sa fiesta ninyo ha,hehehe, Love you and to your beloved hometown, Ginatilan…mwah!

      1. Hala tingeha ning bataa. Naa pud diay ka dire. Magpakong ta. Karon pa ko nakacheck ug balik. Wa nako FV oi. Mana man ko level 34 ba to di man ta kasulod sa atong mansion oi way ayo gikapoy baya ko ug dinaro.

  41. Hi Leland,

    Not sure about this but I heard nga naguba daw ang park sa Ginatilan tungod sa bagyo sa miaging semana. I haven’t seen any images/pictures of the said damage yet but I hope it is repairable and I hope it could be done soon. The park made a whole lot changes to Ginatilanon’s life. People can hang out anytime even from the other towns. I used to hang out there a lot. I have seen the sense of unity of people in that park. I am also sadden to know that the typhoon leaves several homeless in Ginatilan. I really hope the park could be fix and hopefully the build out will be more stronger. 🙂 Ciao

  42. WOW!!!
    da best jd ang Ginatilan..
    Gentilez City..
    regardz q sa tanang couzins n relatives nq dha..
    sa mga FERRAREN, CADUNGOG etc..

    mingaw nq sa Ginatilan..
    kita kitz nlng sa fiesta puhon..

    piz awt..

    visit lng nya mo sa aq FS account (friendster)..


    1. helo,tga ginatilan diay ka….relative diay ta….wr na diay ka krn. tga mindanao ko taz naa ko dri cebu krn. gusto unta ko adto sa ginatilan pro dli man ko kadumdum oi,ky naa didto ang igsoon sa akong father.tnxs!ds is my fs

  43. To Tikboy:

    I also read that article about the population in Gentiles is diminishing. I just hope not because of deaths nor anything bad, just plainly because most people went abroad or maybe people there became more wiser , using proper family planning which is good and ideal specially now that we experience Global Crisis. This recession can take years or maybe forever hopefully not.

  44. no comment ^_^ “diri mangudko nagdaku” ma place GINATILAN im proud 2be ginatilanon….daghan paman diri nindot nga wala ninyo ma kit-an =) “There a lot of nice things here @ ginatilan “example” the people here get 2 know them there friendly…well ginatilanons kinda shy but treat them nice i asure you that when you start to know them huh its priceless “basin cge namu balik ha,ha,ha” cge diri raku kutob “take care bye bye” ^_^

  45. Hi mga pipz,

    When gani exact date ang fiesta sa Ginatilan? Sa una kato nag skol pa ko sa HTC ug sa Guiwanon Nat. High School kay 2nd week of March man cguro to (i’m not that sure). i don’t know karon.. kinsa man nkahibaw sa sakto nga date please daw e post dri so that mka uli ang naa pamilite (ehehehehhe) para mka hibaw sad me ba…. tsk tsk tsk tsk… Kinsa pud to ganahan manginvite pwede ra sad e post dri,,,, provide lang ug sketch asa dapit inyo balay… ehehehehehehhe…

    With regards,
    Chaegie V. Cadungog

  46. woW………..GINATILAN!!!!!!!!!I’m going home……..
    mga gwapo jd ug gwapa ang mga tga Ginatilan noh???
    MIZ U…TO D JOLBOT AND INTES FAMILY,..ingatz olweiz.


        1. Hello Cherry Marie Malot!

          Who can forget your gorgeous beauty? hehe, you were the crush of the town! so as Adela Enad, she was on the television at some point in time local program in cebu, I cant remember the program now but as far as I canremember she was faired with Goliat and Teban, Anyway, were are you now? do you have email address or YM addres so that we can keep it touch? just add me at

  47. ..ako pud,,gkan na ko dha sa ginatilan…nindot keu ang place,,,bsag naa pa ka sa bus,malingaw ka sa mga views nga imong maagian….bluegreen keu ang dagat,,klaro kau nga limpyo jud…wa na ko kabalik dha ,,gikapoy man gud ko tungas..

    1. Hi im from ginatilan too..though not from the towncenter but im proud of what ginatilan has become..i hail from salamanca. i’ve been to lots of places out of the country coz i work on a ship..but i always think of how peaceful and quit,relaxing town it is..clean and very refrashing. Just hope arterial roads going to the barangays be improved..Just got our barangay connected last year to the power grid but it brings so much happiness to the people living there..Kudos to the people behing the progress of this sleepy town Tourist may come and share their dollars with the locals..see u all guys..

    1. Ginatilan is 124 kilometers from the city and takes approximately 3 and a half hours by bus via Barili – less, if you drive by private vehicle.

    1. journey will mostly taking more time during rush hours compared before due to traffic congestion unless otherwise you have to travel early morning or late night to avoid this journey time consuming………

  48. Nindot ang ginatilan oe…sa pictures pa lng daan murag gusto na ko mo anha sa maong lugar…
    asa kaha diha dapit ila sa?

    ug diri n lng ko kutob..

    I miSs u PAT!!!

  49. Hi, Leylander (Ginatilanon visitor)
    Kudos to you for publishing beautiful pictures of the town. I’m from Ginatilan, currently living in the US – New Jersey. Ginatilanons in the US have organized a while back called GAUSA (Ginatilan Association of the USA) and I’m currently serving as president. All the improvements you see in the church can be attributed to the generosity of the members of the association.
    You can see more pictures of the town as well as other information related to the GAUSA in our website below. I’m inviting all of your visitors to view this very informative website.
    Once again, thanks to you for job well done.

  50. hi,,,muzta na nice jud kau ang ginatilan.kay taga ginatilan jud ko. muzta na sad ang domaboc’s family and matas.tnx

  51. there’s a lot of things that we can do for the improvement of our small town.not depending the assistant of our govt.,we private ginatilanons can contribute to boost our simply if you have some business,try to put up capital.,para ma apil sad ang ginatilan sa imo pag asenso..daghan pa wla sa Ginatilan so kita mga ginatilanons,makatabang dli lang sa lungsod asta sad sa atoa isig ka lungsod kay maka benipisyo man unya sila sa atong ibutang didto…this is just my opinion..daghang salamat…maayong pag bisita sa akong yutang Natawhan.GINATILAN:HOME OF THE PEACE LOVING PEOPLE…

  52. hello sa tanan nga taga ginatilan, most espescially to my family in upper palanas. i’m proud 2 be a ginatilanon not just peaceful ang place but i like the people living there very friendly & honest. hinaut nga molambo pa ang ginatilan.

  53. hello sa tanan nga taga ginatilan, specially to my family & friends in upper palanas. i’m proud 2 be a ginatilanon not just peaceful ang place but i like the people living there very friendly & honest. hinaut nga molambo pa ang ginatilan.

  54. Kumusta! sa mga taga Ginatilan… Taga-Ginatilan pud ako lolo, Tamayo-Dugaduga Clan..

    30’s pa nihawa ug Ginatilan ang ako lolo, davao ang iya last place of destination and settled there til he died in 1992.

    Sa mga naka-ila ani nga clan.. please tell me more of our relatives who are still living in Ginatilan.. Thank you kaayo..

    1. Elmer,
      Dunay daghang mga Dugaduga sa Ginatilan hangtud karon, most of them are in Malatbo, a small sitio above Paradahan, and in Cambalbag another sitio slightly below the barrio of Cagsing.
      One of Ginatilan’s foremost musicians was Andres Dugaduga, duna siyay anak nga si Dodong, a retired teacher and also a musician. He used to conduct the choir sa simbahan. Duna akong kauban sa GAUSA (Ginatilan Association of USA) nga Dugaduga si Fely who’s residing in Des Plaines, Illinois with her father. One of my co-workers at Revlon was Erlinda Dugaduga, anak ni Tonying Dugaduga ug igsoon ni Vicente ug Sergio Dugaduga taga Cambalbag. Kon mobisita ka sa Ginatilan, you’ll feel at home tungod kay duna kay dugo nga Ginatilanon.

  55. regards lang ko sa mga taga Lulumpan… Lulumpan is part ra sa Cagsing where i belong… (LYLC Wild Catz) tsk tsk tsk.. naa paba kaha ni nga team sa basketball.. ehehhe.. Among Kapitan c Delly (sak2 ba kaha ni nga spelling no? xensna if Delly este dili d ai ehehehe) this person is very helpful, no doubt… Thanks a lot capt…

    By the way, sa mga college level at least 82 units, computer related course .. nga wa pay trabaho kong dili computer related must be 4 yrs… pwede ramo mo apply dri sa innodata.. morag naa me mass hiring karon na year.. pwede ramo mo pass daan… heads-up lang ni xa.. who knows ma hire mo dri.. daghan nata dri innodata taga Ginatilan.. I can be reach at below local numbers

    I.T Department

    Innodata XML Content Factory Incorporated.
    HVG I.T Park Subangdako Mandaue City

    With regards,
    Chaegie Cadungog

    1. Hi, Romelisa,
      Where do you live now? Ang “Cadungog” last name is one of the two most dominant last names sa Ginatilan. The other one is “Singco”.
      Daghang mga “Cadungog” nga nahimong malampuson, for instance si Lt. Gen. Pedrito S. Cadungog, became the Commnanding General of the Philippine Air Force until he retired late last year. He graduated from Holy Trinity Academy (now college).
      Salamat sa imong message.

      1. HELO po…andito me now sa lapu lapu city….really po?ganun po ganun po ka well known ang mga relatives natin.As of now po,i am working in one of the travel agency here in cebu as a ticketing agent dto lang po malapit sa sm. Regards lan gpo sa lhat….

    2. Hi Romelisa, am one of the cadungog clan, where u live ba karon, if got heard of local movie actor Gerard Pizarras, he is your relatives too.. real name is Byron Gerard Cadungog..agaw pedong knows him well.. Happy Fiestas to all Ginatilanons’s

  56. baya nis mariel jolbot mag apil apil….ehehe……classmate naku nas mariel jolbot..ila balay atubangan sa HTC sauna pero giexcile sila kay illegel ila gibaligya na poohding……..eheheh…….woi…….ako lola cadungog……ahehe

  57. nice photos…great shots with the St.Gregory Churh… I was baptised here..:D
    naa juy time nga inig adlaw nako dakong hikay sa tibook ginatilan kay fiesta..hahaha like sa this coming 2010 fiesta….

    regards to all Cadungog & Tojong

  58. well, i missed everything in guiwanon, ginatilan… so far it’s a beautiful place i’ve been with before. regards sa mga cueno family, matus family and to lola maria olores who passed already but when she live she have a very good heart to me. good day and se you asap….


    1. hi there tatski, i wonder if we are relatives as Im Olores and from Ginatilan, ive studied in Guiwanon Barangay High School.naa ko mga classmate sauna cueno ug matus.

        1. hi maam,

          i know adela enad, shes my neighbor in looc, shes now in cebu city. sometimes we talk with her cousin,

          by the way im inviting you to reconnect with your classmates in guiwanon national high school.

          you can visit facebook and search ” the guiwanon national high school graduates”.

          we are planning to have a reunion this december 17, 2011.

          if i may ask ” on what year you graduated from guiwanon.?


  59. Hi!I’ve never been to in Ginatilan but my families ancestor is from this place and my Lola used to say that all Sinco are relative in this place and I am a Sinco myself and I really wanted to meet some Sinco’s from Ginatilan. Anyone?

  60. Hi, Chona,
    What’s the name of your Lola? Is she still alive? I descended from a “Singco” myself from my grandmother. Over the years, the spelling of the name “Singco” has changed – to SINCO and to CINCO.
    The “Sinco” families in Bais and some parts of Negros Oriental are in reality descendants of the “Singco” from Ginatilan. For instance, the late Dr. Vicente Sinco (founder of Foundation University and one-time president of the University of the Philippines) was a part Ginatilanon because his mother came from Ginatilan. Dr. Sinco adopted the last name of his mother. Cinco familes in Davao and in Leyte are likewise descendants of the original Singco from Ginatilan.
    If you are a Singco, then you are my relative. I now live in the US but still continue to attend the Ginatilan town fiesta each year in March. Please E-Mail me at and I can tell you more about the “Singco” families.

    1. hi im also a part of the cinco family my dads name is buenaventura cinco borje and my grandmas name is joaquina cinco and shes from ginatilan cebu my dad passed away 15 years ago. right now were here in Cavite we also have relatives here in Imus Cavite and their from malabang Lanao del sur . i hopw to hear from you soon by the way do you have facebook account?

      1. hi im borj and currently where here in cavite, my dad is Buenaventura Cinco Borje and his mom is Joaquina Cinco and some of our paryente is in Cotabato City, Pagadian, Iligan, Balabagan and Malabang Lanao Del Sur. and also here in cavite specially in imus as well as in tanay Rizal most of my titas and titos are in military and police corp… like my tita Mila and tita Terry who are active employee of PNP they were assigned in Camp Crame, i hope we could talk about our family root, Hopefully this year i am planning to visit my paryentes in Cotabato City and Pagadian, by the way heres my facebook account: Yrag Erojb add me up, hope to hear from you soon…

  61. Hello, is any body know about my aunt? her name is Gelita Ilan Piñes and she’s living there in ginatilan. I think she’s working in the munipality of ginatilan in a registrar office.
    I am here in cebu, and i just want to visit there in ginatilan soon to see my aunt or my uncles and relatives there….This is my email add. or just txt me in this # 09104373936 / 09234759371. Thank you!

  62. Hello everyone! My father is from Ginatilan and my mom is from Samboan, and I am the one who introduced Leylan there! hahahha.. I am a proud friend of his! di ba lan! char!!

    true! dili pwede mo-kalawat if dili mofollow sa ilang dress code. I used to have my vacation at these two places during my younger years. ligo to the max sa dagat ug sa pool and then inig uli sa city, dili nako makita, kalimutaw nalang ang puti!! those were the days!

    Hi to Olores and Intes clan in Ginatilan!

    ****lan, karon pjd ko nakaleave ug comment sa imong blog ha after two years! LOL!


    (=>,<=) ZANE SCUBA 0

  64. thank u soooo much for posting very nice pictures of my hometown Ginatilan!!! ive never been home for 5 yrs now since i got married her in Oregon, USA. i really miss Ginatilan a lot!my friends, my family and of course Ginatilan itself.till then!

  65. My forefathers were believed to have come from this
    place. I want like to know more on the history of town and my family beginning n dis place .pls visit

  66. Attention Cateriw of Oregon karon pa ko naka check sa imo message dire. Wa nako mga networking sites kay gihack hack man.

  67. ako si letty anak ni pedro cabanog kung kinsa ang nakaila naku kumusta sa mga igsoon nako na c eti corning kelya basion ug akong ig agaw na c eti pedy erak mahimo siyang maki pag chat sa ako te pedy makipag chat ka sa akin ito ang e mail add ko. . chat lng sa akin

  68. day belen kung duna kay computer sa school ninyo chat kanaku naadi akung ngalan research k nalang si letty cabanog to barkada nimu

  69. sa pila naku karon ka tuig ni aning kalibutana, AKO jud handom /gusto jud ko maka adto dha sa ginatilan, aron makita naku ako mag kaliwat “singco”…tungod dha gkan ako mag lolo ug lola….ug labi nga nakita na naku ang daku sa kabag-uhan sa Ginatilan compare sa mga storya sa mag katigulangan sa una…… ug puhon unta maka kita ko ug paryente nga naka ila sa ako lolo ug lola nag nagtaliwan na………….my lolo’ s name is ALFONSO SINGCO SR, UG AKO LOLA NGA SI EPIFANIA C. AGULO

    1. Hi,
      The original Singco family of Ginatilan has spread throughout – to Davao, Negros Oriental, Bohol, Leyte, Cotabato and elsewhere.
      I remember when I was growing up in Ginatilan – in the early 50’s, my parents would always entertain Singco families from Dumaguete – I would call him, “Manoy” Bening Singco and his family – and I could recall that he was connected with Foundation College (now University). He was very close to my mother – Mama Naning (Saturnina) and especially to my grandmother (Lola Atang).
      Then there was another “Singco” family in Bais, who in the early 60’s, operated a Ceniza Bus Line and photo studio. They have a daughter named Corazon Singco. Another Singco family in Bais is that of Andres (he had changed the spelling of “Singco” to “Sinco”) and in fact, one of his daughters, Monique now lives in Ginatilan. Another daughter is Rosemarie who’s married and settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They’re close cousins of mine.
      Dr. Vicente Sinco – late president of UP, was a cousin of my grandmother. His mother was a Ginatilanon “Singco”.
      There are “Singcos” in North Cotabato, in Jagna, Bohol and “:Cincos” in Padada and Digos, Davao – all their origins were from Ginatilan. Then there are the Amorados of Ginatilan whose mother was a “Singco” – a close relative. Finally, the recently retired Commanding General of the Philippine Air Force, Lt. Gen. Pedrito S. Cadungog, is also a “Singco” from his mother. The middle name “S” is really a “Singco”.
      Yes, the “Singcos”, “Sincos” and “Cincos” all can be traced from their common roots: Ginatilan

      Thanks for your inquiry and your interest.

      Regards, my “paryente”
      Tony Sitoy

      1. Hi Tony Sitoy,

        I am also a Sinco from Davao. My grandfather came from Ginatlian then migrated to Cotabato then to Davao. My family just migrated here in Manila. I’m curious myself about the family. Thanks for the insight! By the way, just would like to ask… if the surname has been changed from time to time, what really is the correct surname? My dad says it should have been Sinco…


        1. Hi, Khrissy,
          As I mentioned earlier, the last names “Singco”, “Sinco” and “Cinco”, all originated from the name “Singco” whose lineage can be traced to a Chinese immigrant who settled in Ginatilan in the mid 19th century. The details of the early Singco family tree can be obtained from Mr. Romeo Singco in Ginatilan.
          I’ve stated that the “Singcos” have spread throughout – to Bohol, Leyte, Mindanao, Manila, etc. I know first hand of my grand uncle (younger brother of my maternal grandmother) named Anacleto (deceased) who migrated to Davao (Digos) in the late 40’s. When he was enlisted in the US navy, for reason of his own, he changed the spelling of his last name to “Cinco”, so that all his children now bear the “Cinco” last name, like his daughter Elizabeth whom I met in Germany several years ago. Anacleto had a brother (also deceased), named Inocencio who moved to Midsayap, Cotabato also in the late 40’s, but as far as I remember he retained the “Singco” last name. I know this first hand because he and his family used to visit us in the 50’s during the fiesta of San Gregorio.
          There’s another Ginatilanon “Singco” – a distant relative, named Jesus (I call him “Susing” his nickname), who moved to Manila years ago who also changed the spelling of his last name to “Sinco” but his brother Felipe, who lives in Samar, still retains the original spelling, same with his sons and daughters.
          The “Sinco” in Bais (specifically that of Dr. Vicente Singco – one time president of the UP), also originated from a Ginatilanon “Singco”. His mother was Ginatilanon native who was impregnated by a Spanish friar. There are “Singcos” (like Atty. Adelaido Singco and family) in Jagna, Bohol who continue to use the original spelling of their last name.
          I don’t have the slightest idea as to what motivated our “Singco” ancestors to change the spelling of their last names to “Sinco” or “Cinco”. My only guess was out of necessity. Or was it for class identification, because the “Cincos” and “Sincos” are well-off and the “Singcos” are not?
          Notwithstanding, they are all correct. But if you ask which one is the orignal spelling – the answer is “SINGCO”.
          Thanks for your inquiry, my paryente.

          1. Hi Tony,
            This is interesting. I just came into this website today. I thought i would not find much. But i see a wealth of info. And I’m blessed to find that there are several Sincos/Cincos/Singcos. Your stories are familiar. But I hope this can be useful. My grandmother was Maria Paz Lopez Sinco and my grandfather, Tiburcio Lopez Chavez ( he was half Mexicano). They were 1st degree cousins. My grandmother Maria Paz Lopez Sinco was full sister of Coloma Lopez Sinco. Yes, she was the mother of Dr. Vicente G. Sinco. Maria Paz Lopez Sinco and Coloma Lopez Sinco had a brother Sergio Sinco. He was a Filipino General during the revolution against Spain. Their father was Don Escolastico G. Sinco and he was a son of Rafael Librado Sinco. Don Escolastico G. Sinco married Saturnina Manangquil Lopez. The family account is that Don Escolastico G. Sinco became mayor of Ginatilan, Cebu( maybe this was before 1900;Is this still in the records of the town?). But my grandparents were already residing in Tanjay and Bais during my father’s time. My father ( Jose Ruben ) and my only uncle (Serafin ) have names are in the memorial in Bais City for fighting in the 2WW as guerrilla and USAFFE officer respectively. According to my cousin, Serafin Sinco Chavez was the Commanding Officer of the 77th Infantry Manhuyod Unit, Negros Oriental. He was wounded in actual battle engagement, but he led the capture of a Japanese Garrison. In fact he was the 1st Linear Officer who captured 2 Japanese Garrisons in Negros Oriental. He was airlifted to Manila and was hospitalized in Camp Aguinaldo hospital during WW II. My cousins are all over Mindanao and Visayas and Luzon now. Some have migrated to other countires. Many years ago I meet a Singco from Cotabato. i asked her then if they came from Negros. Young as she was then, she said she did not know. My father also had nephew who surname was Cinco married to Raterta. Thank you for sharing access to this site. God bless us all.

        2. hi im borj and currently where here in cavite, my dad is Buenaventura Cinco Borje and her mom is Joaquina Cinco and some of our paryente is in Cotabato City, Pagadian, Iligan, Balabagan and Malabang Lanao Del Sur. and also here in cavite specially in imus as well as in tanay Rizal most of my titas and titos are in military and police corp… like my tita Mila and tita Terry who are active employee of PNP they were assigned in Camp Crame, i hope we could talk about our family root, Hopefully this year i am planning to visit my paryentes in Cotabato City and Pagadian, i hop to hear from you soon

      2. hi im gary and currently where here in cavite, my dad is Buenaventura Cinco Borje and his mom is Joaquina Cinco and some of our paryente is in Cotabato City, Pagadian, Iligan, Balabagan and Malabang Lanao Del Sur.

  70. Hi sa tana ako pod Cadungog my Pa from Ginatilan og ako gakianan sa ako Papa mga Ferrarin og Dagwayan dha sa Ginatilan og sa Cebu city mismo nia na me sa cotabato namuyo ron.

  71. wow! nice! i really miss my hometown….
    by the way, KUDOS! to the one who posted these lovely pictures….
    Fiesta is fast approaching…
    I hope there will be another Table Tennis tournament this year…
    Peace! God bless mga Ginatilanons…

    please email me:

  72. elmer…ako lolo kay si andres tamayo dugaduga..taga dinatilan pd ko…anak ko ni quintin “dodong” dugaduga…come and visit us if you like…

    tony sitoy…
    sir…i dont know who you are but i’m wondering how you came to know about my father and grand…thank you for the post…

    contact me at:

    1. Hi, Jean,
      Before I respond to your inquiry, here’s some background:
      First, I have been in the US for more than 30 years – 36 to be exact – but almost every year from the time I left Cebu, I have been attending our town fiesta. In fact, I’ll be flying home next week to attend the fiesta of San Gregorio.
      Ginatilanons in the US have organized the GAUSA (Ginatilan Association of USA) more than 20 years ago to help renovate our church. Now, our townfolks have witnessed the improvement of our church and it’s because of the many Ginatilanons here in the US who have lent their support to save our church. Yours truly is the current president of the association.
      Every fiesta, the GAUSA sponsors a night before “Bisperas” – the “GAUSA Night” and this year we will be entertained by popular Visayan recording star Max Surban and his group.
      Now, to your inquiry:
      I know your grandfather, although I’m sure he didn’t have any idea about me when he was alive because I was still in my grade school days when he used to play the trumpet at the church during procession. He probably knew my father who was at the time Municipal Health Officer of Ginatilan. My mother was a “Rocaberte” from her father and “Singco” from her mother. My lola’s brother – a contemporary of your grandpa – was also a trumpeter.
      As to your dad, Dodong, I knew him in the early 80’s when, one time, during my visit to Ginatilan, his choir performed at our old family residence. I’m pretty sure, he still remembers me although in Ginatilan, everybody – especially the young, calls me Noy Nene or just plain Nene.
      Your dad is a fine musician as well just like your Lolo.
      Jean, where do you live? Are you into music also?

      Until then, regards.

      1. noy nene..
        my real name is Ludwig van Tocao Dugaduga
        i live with my parents right now here in ginatilan…
        i just graduated psychology and my father told me to stay here for a while until my birthday and fiesta,which falls on the same month, but soon after these i wud live for the city to look for a job…
        i just spoke to my dad this afternoon and he told me that he knows you as well…
        in terms of music, me and my brother and a few cousins formed a band…
        together with our dad, my brother and i plays a lot together at our house..
        are you into music as well???
        i heard from my uncle tito quijano that the sitoy family is into guitars..
        i had spent some time with him a few years back, while i was in college…

        1. Hi, Ludwig,
          I’m attending this year’s fiesta maybe we can get together for some music at our residence with other music-lovers like my buddies, Pedie Erac, Jess Matas, Boy Ferolin, Eddie Nadela and Boy Itao.
          Yes, I played lead guitar when I was in the band in the city in the early 60’s then I switched to keyboard.
          Presently I play piano for three choirs here in Jersey: one for Sunday regular mass which is a mixed choir (Filipino and American), the other two are all-Filipino Apostolate and community choirs.
          Thanks for inquiring.
          Noy Nene

  73. Hey! wiggy, nice game we had last time, but not enough to beat me….hehehehe! more practice pa ha…
    Wig, I think Mr. Tony Sitoy knows my Father…. mga hilig mani sila music as well as very good singers…. I think we have some of his albums…
    I will verify that to my Manoy CarlMats….

  74. I’m from Bais City Negros Oriental, but grew up here in Imus Cavite. I’m proud of Ginatilan. Ang atubangan ana sa Negros ay Bais City. Diha gikan ang akong Grandfather na si Luis Jamito Gornez (Deceased) (1901-1984). I hop to visit Ginatilan someday to meet my relatives there…..Daghan kuno kaayong mga Gornez diha.

    1. Hi!Luis Llanera I am also from Bais City Oriental Negros related to d Gomez family my great great grandmother is Brigida Gomez-Baena her sisters Tomasa Gomez-BaenA and Nicolasa Gomez Vicente.They are know in Bais History as Gomez Sisters pioneer Hacenderas of the place and a native of Avila Spain,do u know about d Gomez History in the place?I hope u can sent me one tnx.

      More Power

      1. Hi penn, tanong ko lang poh kung ang apelyedo mo ay tulabing dahil ang lola ko poh ay tulabing din came ginatilan also,

  75. See, Noy Nene knows Tatang very well, hehehe!
    Well, Wiggy goodluck with your tabletennis practice… And I believe that if you can beat Jacob, you can also beat me, hehehe! Just work for it, ok? hehehe, coz eventually you will improve, specially if you upgrade your racket… allright then..
    Goodluck!!! See yah all this upcomming fiesta…. 🙂

  76. Mayor Dean Singco sa Ginatilan kay walay ayo. Maayo lang sa dapit sa lungsod kay gitarong ang kalsada pero padung gani sa bukid sa Cambagte ug Salamanca abonohan lang ug giso kung hapit na election. Unfair kaayo ka Mayor…for almost 25 years since my birth kana kalsada sauna mao ra jud gihapon hantod ron. Copy-cut kaayo ka sa imo amahan na ex-mayor sige lang mga pasalig. Pero wala jud maski usa nga natuman. Daghan na kaayo nadisgrasya sa habal-habal, luoy kaayo ang mga taga-bukid. Wala jud gitagaan pagtagad sa among tinahod nga MAYOR SINGCO.

    Peace sa mga supporters. I am just trying to raise the concerns of my fellow taga-bukid.

    1. korek ka dyan,,im not a singco’s supporter..they r good men but when it comes to leadership,,hmmm i dont think so…wa jud na sila na himo nga project..hehehe

    2. Tama ka bay, wa gyoy nahimong maau ning mayora dinhe sa atoa, nag puli puli lang ning amahag anak ug lignkod nga puro corrupt. ambot ning mga tawo sa ginatilan nga padaa mas kwarta inig eleksyon, ang resulta way asensyo ato lungsod. hoy gising mo, ayaw mo padaa sa vote buying….

  77. proud to be one of the ginatilanos,,taga palanas ni anak ni lourdes and rex platts…(: hapit na fiesta,,maayong fiesta ninyo mga kababayan. theres no place like home,,

    1. Hi Marian,

      I thought ako lang ni-angal sa mga Singco, haha at least naa pud diay ka. By the way, parang familiar name sa imo parents. Nakaadto man gud ko sa Palanas sauna pa high school pa ko. Then, kadto amo gi-adtuan na balay kay cousin sa ako papa. Taga Suba man ako papa sauna pero nibalhen sila puyo Cambagte. Luague ako family name, pero wala jud ko nailhan nga taga Suba or Palanas kay wala naman pud mi niadto. Heard daghan daw mi mga paryente diha.

      1. Hi, Luague sab ako Mama pero ninglangyaw man iya papa to Leyte from Cebu. Mora man to siyag taga Samboan. Ang iya ngalan Clemente Luague og ang usa niya ka igsoon Paterno. Just wondering kung naay nakaila nila. Salamat kaayo.

        1. Hi KenQ,

          I think kana si Clemente Luague igsoon na sa akong lolo na si Carlos ug naa pa jud na sila isa ka igsuon na si Antonia. Bata pa ko nakabantay ko ana niya kay ningadto mi sa Palanas kay namista. Pero karon wala na jud ko nailhan sa mga Luague diha sa Palanas and Samboan . Hopefully, mag-reunion ang Luague clan someday.

  78. Hi I accidentally open this page while searching for somebody from Cadungog clan. My surname is also Cadungog and I came from North Cotabato. Nice to discover this page. What I only know is, my grandparents came from Ginatilan. Hope I could meet somebody with same bloodline.

    1. hello, im mai….relatives ko rin ung mga cadungog. my home place is also frm north cotabato, but now im here in cebu. May I know wer ka dapit sa cotabato?

  79. musta na mo diha mga yakso ang akong maguwang lang ang usa sa original nga yakso si pedrito nga lagum ug sipat kaayo.

  80. hi, nindot imohang mga pics taga ginatilan ako sa gilongsoran beach part. dapat naa kay picture ng mayor dean michael singco, crush ko yun hehehehe

  81. hi, mamista mi sa ako mga ofismates dha sa ginatilan…mgstay mi sa ila Asing Gutana (she’s my lola)…den mangaligo mi sa Inambakan….last na ako anha sa ginatilan was 2007 fiesta sd ghapon…and really nice ky dha sa Ginatilan…before ky anha mi mgvacation prmi sa ako family and dghan sd ko kaila dha…excited to see my friends there…:)

  82. Hi Tony Sitoy,

    Are you the Tony Sitoy who took up Bachelor of Arts at the University of San Carlos sometime in the 1960’s? Are you the one who is a relative of Arthur Sinugbuhan? If so, then you were my classmate then at San Carlos.

    I am Alex R. Balbuena of Samboan, Cebu. I am right now living here at Fremont, CA. Thanks.


    1. Korek jud ka lesvylou. Hopefully sa umaabot nga mayor mahatagan na ug solusyon ang problema sa mga taga-bukid which is mao gyud ang kalsada. Hopefully dili na korakot ug tagaan na unta pagtagad ang mga taga-bukid. So, let us vote wisely.

  84. Your photos are as lovely as my memories of Samboan and Ginatilan. I would visit friends who were school teachers there in Samboan and when I needed to use the Internet, I would take a walk or take the trike over to Ginatilan. What I enjoyed most is the friendliness of the people and their genuine concern for your well-being. The food was especially fresh and we would sit out by the bay wall and eat all manner of delectables that the local vendors were selling. I now live up in San Fernando area of Luzon, but get down to Ginatilan every chance I get. Thanks for a great blog and the memories. Kuya

  85. Election time!!!

    Kinsa di ai mga nilansar ug Mayor, Konsehal ug uban pa diha sa Ginatilan?

    Warm regards,

  86. Am so happy kc soon we will residing in Cebu nah pagdating ng ate ko from Saudi, We’re planning nah talaga since na umuwi na sa Cebu so we can visit our relatives in Ginatilan..Am so excited na talaga..Welcome Home to Cebu yeheyyyy..We the Villar Family in Zamboanga City…

  87. Hi to all ginatilanon….weww!!! i really love my hometown….such a nice place!!!
    Mingaw nako!!huhuhuhu

  88. wow…..

    im very proud to my home town…. i missss it…..

    were very proud mga ginatilanon…..

    1. CONGRAT’S……..MAYOR TONY!!!!!



  89. Si bernard taga ginatilan, artista na man.

    Taga cambagroyong diay ko. makita namo ang dagat sa negros ud bohol.

  90. Ginatilan is the best…bisag layo sa cebu city but still it still worhty to visit Ginatilan..this is the place where i am going to live soonner…People are good and friendly and most of all are hospitable sad……nice place and quiete..less crime..nindot ila municipyo and clean ang market…daghan sad mga acitivities and people are christ centered also..i never regret visiting Ginatilan..and also i Found my loving and soon tro be my wife na taga Paradahan…the best jud..

  91. I want to stay in Ginatilan but I can’t do it as of now because my is work is here at the Visayas State University, Visca, Baybay, City Leyte. Well here in Visca , it is like also a Paradise. Thanks God na dinala din niya ako rito sa Visca. Also quite, fresh air, near the beach and near the mountain, parang dito lang ako sa Baybay Leyte nakakita na very near ang mountain at ang Beach . Okey din sa work atmosphere. Almost the same sa Ginatilan, Cebu. Hahahahaha. If you will visit here in Visca please visit me at small Radio Station inside the campus 1449 Khz in your radio dial. Taga Malatbo, Ginatilan, Cebu gyud ko . Gusto lagi ko i repair amo balay sa Malatbo kay nabuslot naman to. Every December 25 until Jan 1 nandiyan ako sa Ginatilan. I will spend my vacation man gyud sa GInatilan bisan dili nindot amo balay . hahahaha. There’s no place like home , Ginatilan…

  92. Thanks kaayo niining imo website. I am Carmela Acojedo-Sudario mao ni ako name sa First married nako. Then change to Carmela Acojedo-Yamada ako na ning second married na name. I am the number 8 daughter ni late Andres Pancho- Acojedo. My mother is Late Susana Jorolan -Romanillos. Then I am here working sa Visayas State University Visca, Baybay, City, Leyte. I have 3 children now, 1. Jerelle Studer A. Sudario 2. Christian A. Sudario and 3. Tomas A. Yamada
    Salamat nga naa ning makita nato anywhere in the world. God Bless. More power.

    1. Hi, Carmela,
      I know your late father very well. Igsoon siya ni ‘Manay’ Beatriz Bitiwan. When I was in primary grades in Kabatuan in the 50’s, I had 2 classmates – Asuncion Acojedo and Delfin Acojedo. How are you related to them?
      My wife’s cousin used to teach in VSU Visca. I’m not sure if he’s still there. His name is Dr. Eliseo Ponce from Malabuyoc.

      1. Hello Sir Tony,

        Beatriz was my Auntie, Yes I know Dr. Eliseo R. Ponce. Retired na siya 2 years ago. Taga Malatbo gyud ko. hahahahah. Before Dr. Eliseo Ponce before was working here. Kauban nako siya pero tua siya sa Research Centers. Daku man pud ning Vicsa Sir. Ako connected ko sa ila Radio Station AM ni siya. Single pa ko dir before 19882. Then kaduha gyud ko naminyo diria sa Visca Baybay. Hhahahah. Mao nga atulo na gyud ako apilyedo diri nga nag change. Hahahahah. Naa ka sa US Sir. Murag duna man gani ka house sa Cebu City no. Duna sad ko karon kauban diri sa Visca si NicK Carreno taga Malabuyoc pud. si Dr. Eliseo Ponce maoy iya nag backing up. heheheh. Ako The Lord man gyud ang nag hatud nako diri sa Visca Baybay. Nice talking to you sir Tony. Warmest Regards. Wala diay ka nagpa uso sa facebook. Just Search my Name sa facebook sir .

        1. hello….im elmer gornez from libungan north cotabato…sa ginatilan cebu ako papa,patrocenio gornez,gipanganak..after xa naka anhi dre sa mindanao, wala na jud xa nakabalik didto….ang iyang mama, si ruperta sandoy…ang iya papa kay si mauricio gornez… gustounta nako makaila sa ako ga paryente dha…kinsa nakaila nila? kinsay ganahan magtrace sa akong mga paryente…pls pls,…email lng sa ako…

      2. Asuncion Acojedo and Delfin ako daw na mga iyaan and uyoon. But I did no see them anymore. Retired na si Dr. Eliseo R. Ponce. He is staying in his mansion in ceratin Barnaggay in Ormoc City. They had 2 daughters. Warmest Regards Sir Tony. Retired na sad ka Sir Tony.

  93. hi im borj from bacoor cavite just want to say HI to all the Cinco, Sinco, Singco families i hope we could organize a reunion someday. mabuhay tayong lahat god bless to each and everyone again, GOD BLESS TO ALL CINCO, SINCO, SINGCO FAMILY AROUND THE WORLD….

  94. My mother is from tha place and i’ve been there a lot of times and in deed it is such a wonderful place. I’ve been to Inambakan falls as well! You should go there guys. Crimes?? Very less in deed. In fact I can say none at all. I miss the place just by looking at the pictures. Thank you so much! I’ll be back there this November. Wanna join guys?? I can be your tour guide! 🙂

  95. Ako nga father taga Campisong, Ginatilan Cebu Philippines.Kumusta sa mga paryente Jolbot.Nindot ang Kawasan falls sa Campisong,Ginatilan.Layo lang ,OK ra unta pero kapoy ug tungas.Kung daghan magtungas lakaw alegre kaayo.Modolhog pa gyod lalom sa Campisong.

    1. Hello Rosie,

      Duna pud diay Kawasan sa Campisong. I Think Kawasan falls is found in Matutinao, Badian, Cebu. I see. Dalha ko sa Kawasan Fall diha sa Campisong. Warmest Regards.

      Carmela Acojedo- Yamada

  96. ive been there in Hinatilan……taga dha ako dy wui…….xian cabunilas buhhhh…kalaag ko dha nice jud…….

  97. gwapo nman kaau kron ang ginatilan? dgay n kaau q wa n mkbcta dha since 2000 p, grabe.hehehe. Nhinumduman p naq 2 nglakaw mi paingon sa anao lingaw kaau mi kauban q cla Jane2 Amamangpang igsuon nya c Joseph ug Alwin. hinaut c jane2 qng kaila p xa naq kron. Sori jane dghan n kau q kasalanan nmo. Nwala aq cp mao wa n q txt. mis n sd naq ang Stop Over bakeshop aq gitrabahuan sauna. Qng knsa nakaila ni JANE AMAMANGPANG nga mkbsa ini plihug lng q htag s q email add. TNX PO!


  99. hi to all public officials of ginatilan,

    maayo unta mahatagan ug budget ang pagtarong sa karsada sa kabukiran.. kay lisod kaau tawn ang taga bukid, maglugsong….. at least naa nay electricity… karsada na pud unta para ganahan ta mag uli uli bah…… tnx….

  100. Miss na jud nako ang ginatilan ..hahay kanus a pa kaha ko kauli ug usab . Gimingaw na ko lakaw sa bukid , sa ilawom sa kalubihan. The last time I was there sus nagdali dali wa jud kasuroy.Mingaw na ko sa among bukid. Bisan bukid pero happy and contented .Well hopefully makauli me ug 2012..Hello sa taga Middle palanas ug Canorong..

  101. Kumusta sa mga Gio ng Ginatilan, Cebu. Ang ganda pa la ng lugar niyo. Ang dami niyo pa la diyan. Kukunti lang ang mga pamilyang Gio sa Leyte! Best regards!

  102. apil ko ani b. To ric Gio: gamay ra sad ang Gio sa Ginatilan n fact murag sa Mangaco ra naay Gio. I hav 1 classmate b4 sa elem c roland but nag transfer ilang famly sa Surigao. Sa mga taga Ginatilan MABUHAY!!!! GOD BLESS US ALL!

  103. Hopefully this coming May 2011 ay maka anha na ko diha sa Ginatilan – the Place where “G O R N E Z” came from. Somebody please tell me how can I reach Ginatilan from Bato port.

  104. Ang Ginatilan, lugar na sya sa mga gwapo’g gwapa. The common trait of a Ginatilanon is that we are positive thinkers and then mangita gyud ug kaayuhan like panarbaho ug pag-eskuyla o negosyo para moasenso. Daghan kaayo nga mga “success stories” sa mga Ginatilanon. Mga nagkalisod-lisod kaniadto nga niasenso gyud sa paninguha o kaugalingong kayod. When it comes to “talent”, dili pud kabintahaan ang mga Ginatilanon. Be it in guitar, piano, accordion, etc. there are always Ginatilanons playing it. Before the town fiesta, there are “Nites” assigned to different groups and it’s in those nites that Ginatilanons pour out their talents and skills. Kadtong wala na manimuyo sa Ginatilan, mingawon gihapon sa lugsod ug sa mga kaparyentehan ug mopauli gyud – bisan sa makadyot lang nga pagbisita – malipayon na. Angay usab nga ikapasigarbo ang porma sa atong lungsod, mura ug subdivision. Ang atong kabukiran nindot kaayo suroyan. Daghan ka nga makit-an nga mga talan-awon nga makapahayahay sa imong paminaw ug makalipay sa imong dughan. Usa niini ang mga tam-is kaayo nga pahiyom sa mga Ginatilanon. Bisan sa kalisod nga mahiagian sa atong kinabuhi, kitang mga Ginatilanon mopahiyom lang ug mopadayon pagkayod nga walay pagkahugno. mao ni nga daghan kaayong Ginatilanon nga miasenso gyud. Bisan sa kalisod, moeskuyla gyud. Bisan sa kagutom, magtuon gyud. Bisan sa nahiagian nga mga kalisdanan, miharong ug nagmadaugon. Kana tungod sa atong dugong Ginatilanon!

  105. wow! Malipayong Fiesta Kanatong tana! in honor of ST. GREGORY THE GREAT.

    kitakits unya tas GINATILAN, karong Marso 13 ug 14. 2011.

    puhon tagaan ug kabisgay sa panglawas.

  106. To all the Villar clan of Ginatilan, hope you can still remember us here in Zamboanga City..I am the daughter of Hermilando Mascardo Villar, the eldest son of Angela MAscardo and Eutiquio Villar..We have been there with my sister Rosemarie way back 1989 when we visited for the first time in our lives the Villar of Canyurong, Ginatilan..We will be there when we have the chances again..I have been to Cebu last 2007 to 2008, didto ku nagwork sa cebu proper..

  107. my beloved hometown…sige jud mi uli kada pista ug summer, usahay ma-weekend maligo lang dagat….pwede pa share sa ubang pics Bai,……mingawon man sad ta ini, nindot na sad iuli oi…..

  108. my father, gregorio ferraren was born there in ginatilan, on march 12, 1934, and he’s 78 yrs old now…i witnessed the beautiful and peaceful town of ginatilan were our ancestral house is located at ginatilan town proper, way back in 1989, 2001 and 2003

    1. Re: Ferraren in Manila
      I remember in the late 50’s of a “Goding” Ferraren, a Ginatilanon Spanish mestizo, who was (is) an extremely good singer during his younger days, who liked to perform during the celebration of the annual fiesta of San Gregorio. I remember him very vividly because it was my brother, Rene Sitoy (now a doctor in New Jersey), who used to accompany “Goding” in Rene’s guitar. They were buddies in the 50’s with Nap Ferraren, Guido Manlunas, Eping Macasero, et al.
      Is this “Goding” I’m referring to, your father Gregorio? I know of a “Ferraren” also by the name of Merriam. Are you related to her? and there was a classmate of mine in high school, Rosario “Charing” Magalso, who’s middle name is “Ferraren”. Any relation to her. Where is she now? I’m currently living in New Jersey, having been in the US for 39 yrs. But I go home every year to attend the fiesta. There’s no place like home, indeed. Presently. I’m serving as president of “GAUSA” (Ginatilan Association of the USA). The GAUSA is the one that maintains the San Gregorio church. Nice to hear from you soon.
      Tony Sitoy

  109. uy intawon ako ancestry taga ginatilan ako grandfather middle name singko ambot ug parente nako nang mga singko..mangutana ko ninyo naa pa bay magpabilin nga apeledo Via…

    1. Sharon, where do you live now? Is your grandfather still alive?
      All the “Singco” “Sinco”, “Cinco”, “Singko” familes in Cebu, Negros Oriental, Davao, Leyte, Bohol, Cotabato and elsewhere originated from Ginatilan, whose roots came from one Chinese migrant worker in early 1800 or maybe late 1700. I, too, have a “Singco” blood in me, My grandmother was a “Singco” until she married a “Rocaberte”: from Samboan in the early 1900. I remember of many “Singcos” from Bais and Dumaguete in Negros Orinatilan this coming March 2013 during fiesta (2nd Sunday of March) I’m sure you will meet hundreds of relatives as there are still many “Singcos” living in Ginatilan right now.

  110. hi. i am grace c. sinco-kandog. my father’s name is arquipo itao sinco was from midsayap, cotabato but married and settled in manila with my mother, leova d. culannay. my grandparents are buenaventura obianda sinco and francisca itao. my great great grandparents was from ginatilan. cebu, sabi nga ng daddy ko. i was born and raise in manila but now settled here in cotabato city because my husband is a muslim, a maguindanaon. sabi nga nila, relatives daw namin o natin ang mga singco, cinco, sinco at meron pa palang singko, huh! great! sana makapunta kami dyan sa ginatilan, cebu with my husband and kids. sabi din nila na marami sa dumaguete, negros oriental. marami singco, sinco at cinco families dito sa midsayap, north cotabato. this coming jan 6, 2013 is their patronal sto. niño feast, every 1st sunday of january. please be there!

    1. Hi, Grace,
      As I mentioned a while back, all the Singcos, Sincos, Cincos, scattered all over the Visayas and Mindanao (particularly in Negros Oriental, Leyte, Davao, Cebu and Cotabato originated from one single immigrant from China in the late 17th or early 18th century, per Romeo Singco, preeminent Ginatilanon historian of the Singco clan. Personally, I have a “Singco” blood since my grandmother (my mother’s mother) was a Singco before she got married to a “Rocaberte” from Samboan. Among my mother’s cousins on her mother’s side were (are) the Singcos in Bais and Dumaguete, Davao (Padada) and Cotabato (Midsayap). I know there are other Singcos who are closely related to us but I have no idea as to their whereabouts. I know there are Singcos in Manila as well. My family and I, as well as my two brothers and a sister, have been outside of the Philippines (my 2 brothers and I have been in the US (New Jersey) for almost 40 years, my sister lives in Germany for over 30 years now. In my case, I go home to Ginatilan every year to attend the fiesta of San Gregorio. Are you attending? If you do, then I’ll make very effort to meet you and introduce you to hundreds of Singco’s in Ginatilan.

    2. Hello mga Ginatilanos! i am grace culannay sinco-kandog, born in manila but now settled in cotabato city. i want to know the cinco, sinco, singco and singko families.

      my father’s name is arquipo itao sinco, born in bual, midsayap, cotabato, married to leova domingo culannay from manila (both deceased)

      my grandparents’ names are buenaventura obianda sinco and franciscaa itao sinco (both deceased) from ginatilan, cebu but settled in midsayap, cotabato, having 12 children but now only 3 are living.

      i was there in cebu city last sept 2-5, 2017, but sadl to say we have no time go to ginatilan, cebu. i really want to go there because of so many reasons…

      to mr tony sitoy, i really want to meet u personally and talk about the sinco (etc) clans!

      i do tracing and making the family tree of sinco (etc) clans in midsayap,cotabato.

      we have a yearly reunion in midsayap, cotabato. we will having a reunion next year on april 1, 2018 at malamuti, midsayap, cotabato. the sponsoring family is pining sinco catulong.

      for those who read this esp the sinco clans, i am and we are gladly invite u to go in our sinco clan reunion. pls be there!

  111. marso na pod, wen jud fiesta ky movisit and enjoy sab mi sa celebrations dis year. am ed gorreon of parang, maguindanao. miss ko ang ginatilan

    We now have our own website:
    It contains four parts:
    (1) About Ginatilan: info about our history, updated news daily from different newspapers in the Philippines, biography of our patron saint, San Gregorio and San Pedro Calungsod, culture and way of life of Ginatilanons video clips in Suroy-Suroy, photos of cultural events, Hinatdan Festival, fiesta coronation.
    (2) About GAUSA: info about our history, objective, projects, Newsletter archive, financial documents and photo gallery of events that GAUSA has sponsored
    (3) The People: contains the officers and board of directors, list of donors (year by year), list of Ginatilanons, event photos, blogs where we publish articles that highlight positive impact on our town.
    (4) Contact: list of members of the admin staff, mailing address, other links: HTC, Ginatilanon Yahoo Groups. The FaceBook icon on top and in the bottom of each page connects you to the GAUSA group. We haven’t finalized our automatic contribution via PayPal yet There’s also an icon for Blogs. You may click the icon and go directly to the blog. You’ll read interesting and a little nostalgic articles there. Also, I recommend reading past articles of the Newsletter.
    Send your comments either writing in the box or send them directly to any of the E-mail addresses underneath the names listed in the admin staff.
    Note: If you know any Ginatilanon not in the list, kindly send complete name and address (including E-Mail address). We will publish only name and state.
    Salamat and enjoy browsing and navigating through the pages of our new website.
    From Web designers(GAS/ARS)

  113. hi ginatilans,

    we will be having a sinco, singco, cinco, singko’s reunion nxt yr May 2020. pls let me know d exact date. pls email at

    I am grace sinco-kandog, born and raised in Caloocan city, manila.

    my father is from midsayap, cotabato. my grandfather (my father side) is from ginatilan, Cebu.

    there are many singco, sinco and cinco here in midsayap, libungan, and pikit, cotabato.

    how I wish mkpunta ako jan s ginatilan, Cebu.
    I was in Cebu city last year.

    how many hrs from Cebu city to ginatilan, Cebu? u can txt me my dear relatives at 09979621393. I am now living in cotabato city.


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