Balamban’s Lovely Town Plaza

During my recent visit to Balamban, I was finally able to see for myself the town’s seaside plaza. Situated just in front of the bus terminal and the public market, the plaza is a refreshing break from the hectic and often riotous life of the poblacion. It’s interesting to note that despite the proximity, the plaza is quiet, peaceful, relaxing, and very, very clean. I’ve made Balamban one of my pitstops many times in the past. In fact, I often stopped right in front of this very plaza to park my bike and grab something to eat at the town market. However, I didn’t quite get the urge to inspect the plaza (which I thought looked boring from a distance. Hehehe.) Thankfully, I pushed myself to check it out and, boy, was I surprised! The town’s plaza is small but I must say that it most definitely serves it purpose – to give the busy soul a place to reflect, relax, and let go.

The town plaza of Balamban is gorgeous!

Park entrance. The circle lies at the very center of the park.

A small skating rink surrounded by lamp posts. Nice!

The grandstand just beside the park. The grandstand is facing a huge football field.

View of the skating rink and the park entrance.

The huge huge football field and a nice-looking building.

Breezy afternoon at the park. Nice!

Big green spaces for picnics and cartwheeling kids.

Nice walkways.

Kids playing at the park. Such a lovely sight.

The western end of the park.

The seawall right in front of the park. I like the fact that the park is a few meters away from the sea.

The park and the mountains of Balamban and Toledo.

Lazy day at the beach.

If I’m not mistaken, that’s the Tsuneishi shipyard.

Visit the town of Balamban now!

0 thoughts on “Balamban’s Lovely Town Plaza

  1. beautiful plaza, i miss the sea breeze, i love watching football, beauty they have football in Cebu. tnx bai

  2. hai kanami gd kaayu a. I will visit this place again. by the way, tol, pwede bang makipag xchange links? I will add you up on my blog.

  3. naa ni xa located @ d back of balamban public market, kna nice looking building facing football field mao na ang town hall…nailad pod ko ana sauna abi nko hotel na xa…:)

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