Siesta Sa Carmen Town Plaza

One of the nicest town plazas in the North is the Carmen town plaza. The park has benches, playgrounds, fountains and a relaxing view of the sea. The plaza, facing the Carmen Municipal Building, can be seen right along the north national highway. The plaza is perfect for high noon strolls and chats as huge trees shade most of the benches. And it’s also quite interesting to note that a lot of teenagers frequent this plaza at noon because the cool breeze and the relaxing shade makes it a perfect spot for non-stop texting and chats.

The original look of the Carmen town plaza in Northern Cebu.

One of the many customized ‘carousels’ found at the Carmen town plaza.

One of the several slides that litter the grounds of the park.

The focal point of the plaza is this statue of a mermaid that is carrying a huge shell and sitting in the middle of a fountain. Also note that it is surrounded by dolphins.

One interesting feature of the fountain are the six dolphins that squirt out water from their mouth.

Fiesta buntings and a view of the Carmen Municipal building.

View of the mermaid fountain and the gazebo right next to it.

A beautiful walkway that is covered with vines and plants.

View of the amphitheater fronting the municipal hall which is facing the highway and the park on the other side of the road.

The Municipal Building of the town of Carmen, Cebu.

View of the town plaza from the municipal building.

Statue of Jose Rizal standing in front of the municipal hall.

View of a big open space as seen from the top of the amphitheater.

Sinulog sa Carmen 2015
Weekends in Carmen
New Carmen Plaza
Happy Fiesta, Luyang (Carmen, Cebu)

Have you been to the old Carmen town plaza in the past? Can you point out the changes that have been made since these photos were taken?