Happy Fiesta, Luyang (Carmen, Cebu)

One MyCebuPhotoBlog reader from Australia, Mam INDAY MYRNA, told me that her hometown – Luyang in the town of Carmen, will be celebrating its annual fiesta on February 3-4. She told me that she’d be happy if I’d go to her place and take a few shots. She also said that she had already told her sister about me so that they’d let me eat there. Haha!

So, long story short, I went to Carmen to grant her wish (haha!) and see what a Luyanganon fiesta was like.


Luyang – 300 meters away! Exciting!

Welcome to Luyang, everyone!

The streets of Luyang are filled with excited guests and revelers.

Each street, based on my observation, has a welcome arch. I’m not sure if it was a contest. But the arches were amazing.

This one’s Chinese/Sinulog inspired.

A huge pond in Luyang.

Another street with colored bandiritas and street design.

Street design on Logarta Sttreet.

Ukay2x in Luyang since it’s the fiesta!

A simple arch on a small street in Luyang.

Logarta Street in Luyang, Carmen.

I asked a few people around if they knew Emilia Magallanes. They immediately described this house. The house next to the tuba store.

Is this the right house, Mam Inday? Hehe.

 I didn’t go in and introduce myself to the family. Mainly, because there were “hundreds” of people inside the house. Haha. But don’t worry. I’ll drop by next time. Promise. 🙂

Hope this helped, Mam Inday Myrna. And I hope I got the right house (and street). 🙂

 Happy Fiesta, Luyang!

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