Happy Fiesta, Luyang (Carmen, Cebu)


One MyCebuPhotoBlog reader from Australia, INDAY MYRNA, told me that her hometown – Luyang, Carmen, will be celebrating its fiesta on Feb 3-4. She told me that she’d be happy if I’d go to her place and take a few shots. She also said that she told her sister about me so that they’d let me eat there. LOL.

So, I went to Carmen to grant her wish (naks!) and see what a Luyanganon fiesta was like.




Luyang – 300M 

Welcome to Luyang!

The “Proof” that I was there. LOL

The streets of Luyang

Each street, based on my observation, has an arch. I’m not sure if it was a contest. But the archs were amazing.

This one’s Chinese/Sinulog inspired.

A pond in Luyang

Another street with another colored bandiritas and street design.

Street design on Logarta Sttreet.

Ukay2x in Luyang

Another street, another arch.

Another street arch. =)

I deleted Inday Myrna’s comment which contained her complete street address by mistake. Was it Logarta Street, Inday Myrna?

Logarta street

Logarta street

I asked a few people around if they knew Emilia Magallanes. They immediately described this house. The house next to the tuba store… Is this the right house? Hehehe..

 I didn’t go in and introduce myself to the family. Mainly, because there were “hundreds” of people inside your house. LOL.

Don’t worry. I’ll drop by next time. Promise.

Hope this helped, Inday Myrna. And I hope I got the right house (and street) hehehe..

 Happy Fiesta.

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