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A Quick Motorbike Trip to Lake Bensis in Toledo City

One day a few weeks ago, my friend Jesson texted me, asking if I wanted to visit Lake Bensis in Toledo City. He said that he was going on a solo motorcycle trip to finish an article and he was wondering if I was interested.  Naturally, I said yes. The last time that I visited the lake was years ago for that Moto Adventure Ride experience. And if I remember correctly, we were there for just a few minutes. This time, I wanted to stay longer to enjoy the view and just really ‘experience’ Lake Bensis. So I hurriedly sent my reply confirming my attendance. I had to do it fast because he could change his mind, you know. This dude usually enjoys solo rides and this one was definitely something that I couldn’t pass up on.


So, long story short, the trip pushed through. Our journey began with a scenic ride through the gorgeous Transcentral Highway.

Less than an hour later, thanks to the intricate network of roads in Cebu’s hinterlands, we finally reached Toledo City.

It would take more than 30 minutes, however, to reach the actual lake.

To get to Lake Bensis, we had to navigate through thick greens and similar-looking dirt roads. If I were to go alone using only handwritten directions to the lake as my guide, I am pretty positive that I’d get lost after the first turn. Haha.

But, let me tell you, my friend Jesson is an expert rider. He’s very good with directions, he is not afraid to ask for help, and he has an excellent photographic memory. Not everyone can be like Jesson. So, yeah, this trip would be a mess without him. Haha.

And true enough, despite the initial doubt (I thought we were going in circles, ok?), we finally reached Lake Bensis.

And to thank Jesson for taking me there safe, in one piece, and on time, this first lake photo is for (and of) him.

Lake Bensis is just one of the several lakes in Toledo City. According to stories, these man-made lakes were originally pits left behind by the mining activities of mining giant Atlas Mining. Over time, the pits were filled with water (rain, I believe). And soon, they became gorgeous bodies of water that added beauty and character to Toledo. I read somewhere that the lake is also often called Lake Pingganon.

Close to the lake, we found this small community that sold quick bites and drinks. We decided to ‘investigate’ since we were both a bit hungry.

We got a few bags of chips and two bottles of cold sodas. Great! Picnic by the lake, anyone?

We decided to climb further up to see a better view of the lake. And from his area, Lake Bensis looked stunning!

Like most lakes, Lake Bensis sits in the middle of lush mounds and hills.

And here’s a nice 360-degree shot of the lake. Lovely, don’t you think?

We decided to go further up until we saw this small body of water. This one is still part of Lake Bensis. However, due to how the water seemed to settle behind a hill, this one looked like a new lake entirely.

We wanted to continue walking up the trail but it was getting warmer. And honestly, we didn’t come for a hike under the heat of the sun. So we decided to head back to the houses below for more snacks!

Before anything else, however, a quick photo!

And, of course, I had to have one!


Less than an hour later, we were back on the road to our next destination. You thought this was a one-stop trip? You’re incorrect. Stay tuned to find out where we decided to go next! 🙂

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