Mantayupan Falls: Barili’s Jewel


We decided to tour the whole Southern Cebu over the weekend. First on our list was the Church of St. Alexandria in Carcar [I’ve already posted some pics of Carcar a few weeks ago]. After that was the Mantayupan Falls in Barili.

The Mantayupan Falls of Baranggay Campangga, Barili is one of the tallest water falls in Cebu. Since few people have discovered the beauty of Mantayupan, it remains very ‘natural’ and well-preserved. However, a few things have changed since the last time we were here.


Awesome sight! Wooot!

 A small Hydro Power plant (?) near the falls.


Fresh water from the falls. I think this goes to the nearby farms.

Entrance Php 5.00

One of the many changes: Newer and better pavers! Woohoo!

Exciting walkway to the falls. Wow!

Walay kulba-ay ha! Hehehe.

Awesome rock formation you see along the way.

Four falls below the main waterfalls. 

Keep walking! Up up up!

Woohoo! We’re finally here!

There’s Uzi taking a picture of the four lovely waterfalls.

Fresh water and greens.


Fresh water! Cool!

Ayaw pataka ug labay!

They say there’s a small cave there.

A bunch of first-timers enjoying the sight.

Dressing rooms.

Ayaw pataka ug biya sa imong mga gamit!

Ahh! What a lovely sight!


More fresh water!


Posing ang mga artistahin.

Another view of the waterfalls.

One of the featured stops of the Suroy-Suroy Sugbo Heritage Trail.

View from the top.

Mu-try si dodong Ivan. Tan-awon nato ug dili ba mabasa beh! Hahaha.

Uy! Nabasa man! Bwahahahaha.

Dili ka mabasa ana? Kakusog ana!

Sean enjoying the water.

Exhibition ang bata.

Si Vet ug si Captain Barbell.

Water everywhere!

 Visit Mantayupan!


P.S. To Ms. Jenny: Don’t worry. I’m doing good. Dugay lang ko naka-update kay wala na man koy ika-update. Hehehehe.


93 thoughts on “Mantayupan Falls: Barili’s Jewel

  1. i was dead wrong to say earlier that Barili was been faced out on this planet earth. . ‘she’ still keeps her beauty and majestic wonders-the ‘falls’. are these falls a year round or stops during dry season? Do we enjoy rafting in there?

  2. hmmm. rafting is not possible kay gamay lang ang river. hehehe.

    this beauty works 24/7. all seasons. hehehe.

    btw, about your question regarding barili:

    barili is next to carcar. but not when you head straight down south. to get to barili, you make a right turn when you reach the carcar rotunda. barili is situated SW of carcar.

  3. So this is what Mantayupan looks like! It’s refreshing and beautiful. My mother told me they used go to Mantayupan for their outings when she was a little girl. Next time I’m back in Cebu, uban-uban unya ko sa inyong laag, Ley.

  4. tks a bunch, Ley. as i mentioned elsewhere in this blog, that there was that kinda swimming pool and the source of water was from a spring-it was about 4 decades ago, i am not sure whether if it still exists today. we were told before that the spring water has therapeutic element. i could not recall the name of the town anymorel. what about the ‘lamayagan’? Is it still Barili’s fave?

  5. incredible waterfall shots + amazing seashore shots + brilliant view shots – close up shot of line’s fabolous arm pits = NOT ENOUGH.

    Oh okay, im just kidding. Bwahahaha.

    Nice picks parekoy. How’s the little date with your papa-to-be? HUWAAAAA!!! 😀

  6. Ley, you have really expanded Dominic’s list on what to see when I take him to Cebu. We will have to stay a whole year to see and enjoy everything.

    Thanks and take care,


  7. kanindot ani oi..nainspire gyud ko mu adto, tinuod na nga weekedns ra ni abli?

    pls in karung marted na gyud unta kung puwede..ty daan

    God Bless

  8. chanced upon dis site wyl surfng. i am from barili n we do have a spring with therapeutic elements as you said. its called Boloc Boloc spring which s a few minutes drive from the waterfalls. the local govt made 2 swimming pools out of it. but if you feel a little bit adventurous then i’d recommend dat you go the another spring. they say its the source of it all. for your convenience, there is a a swimming pool there n a place wer u can stay overnyt. very nyc place, very cold water, very peaceful. its all nature. can be reached within 30mins thru public transpo.

  9. I used to spend my childhood summer vacation at Barili and we would go to Mantayupan… it was magnificent as still it is now! I just wish it would not be commercialized.

  10. Barili is a very peaceful place… nindot kaayo ang mga pix nimo. Pero, pwede tang-tangun ang nawong sa mga politicians? Makaguba sa view!

    1. hello!
      sayun ra au.. adto ka south bus terminal sakay ka barili, bus example,, chan,,britt, bobby , ceres or librando and many more.din kung skay mga mini bus like bobby britt, chan adto jud ka hunong sa merkado sa barili. naay tinongs bakery naay mga motor pwede ra ka moingon nga mantayupan falls. kung sakay sad ka librando or ceres naog ka sa parkingan nla sa shomrock. pahatod ghapon ka motor ingnon nmo para mantayupan falls.. got it?/!

  11. tks a bunch, Ley. as i mentioned elsewhere in this blog, that there was that kinda swimming pool and the source of water was from a spring-it was about 4 decades ago, i am not sure whether if it still exists today. we were told before that the spring water has therapeutic element. i could not recall the name of the town anymorel. what about the ‘lamayagan’? Is it still Barili’s fave?
    —YUP NAA PA ANG SWIMMING POOL DID2, ITS CALLED “BOLOCBOLOC”, ingon sila if naa kai kagid kai maau ka did2 hehehe..kai ang water naay sulfur.:)

  12. SiobHe (22:53:16) :

    Saon man pag adto dira????? Unsa pde masakyan if are me mogikan sa Cebu,….PLease nahan ko moadto …..
    –mosakay ka bus sa south bus terminal, sakay lng ceres para sure mohunong sa shamrock sa barili, then sakay ka tricyle, ingna mantayupan falls. n ana ra hehe…

  13. friend, pila ka mins o hrs lakaw gkan sa hununganan sa sakyanan? kon naay dalang sakyanan makasulod ba didto o maka park duol sa falls? pila man ka mins o hrs lakaw gkan sa hununganan? safe ba? mga bata man gyd akong kuyog…

    1. hello! doul raman au kung magdala sakyanan.. no problem kay makasulod raman mga 15 minutes to walk para makaabot ka didto. safe ra sad sa bata..pero dpat naa sad jud magbantay..

  14. this was the first waterfall i’ve laid my eyes on and true, it was so beautiful!!!!!! super. so natural, so virgin. we didnt get to ride on a raft that day though. it was tied up and we didnt bother to ask. i like how it has a “shore.” then naa pa jud river sa kilid2x. and it’s not too crowded. solo kaayo namo ang place kadto didto mi!

    @sophia geng:
    duol ra kaau lakwon ig park sa sakyanan. entrance ra dayun. unlike kawasan nga layo jud cya.

  15. Great pictures! I’m glad they renovated the steps going to the falls. It looks more beautiful (and is less hazardous) that way. Should they decide to do more, very good, but I hope they would maintain the scenic beauty and awesome majesty of the place.

  16. nindot bitaw na dha bugnaw kaayo ang tubig.
    But, be careful lng mo kay kusog kaayo ang
    current sa tubig maanod unya mo….
    oi!!! time sa mura kaila man ko anang
    Captain Barbell nakakita nako ana niya
    sa mantayupan mismo.

  17. oi kanindot aron sa matayupan uy…..taga barili man ko dati lagi kami sa mantayupan nia n kami now sa manila gs2 man ko muuli b…ang ganda n talaga ng mantayupan b…….

  18. nindot kaayo ang tubig sa mantayupan falls…bugnaw kaayo…
    b4 it was a silent dungog ra ug mag kusog ang alan unya mag it is well developed…so nice…………..bisita namo…

  19. Hello, I am looking for places to visit in Cebu & Barili came into light.. its my grandmother’s hometown btw. May mga alam ka bang pwede kami mag stay like overnight? Paano ang transportation from Cebu City, like Mactan Airport, manggagaling pa kasi kami sa Manila.

    Daghang salamat!!!

    1. Hi Sab. Im not sure about accommodation in Barili. But I can tell you how to get there. From Mactan Airport, tell the driver to take you to the South Bus Terminal in Cebu City. That should be around 30-45 minutes from the airport. When you reach the terminal, look for a Bato-Barili bus. The destination is Bato via Barili. You can tell the ‘conductor’ where you want to go.

  20. i’m also from barili and been to mantayupan once or twice when i was still a kid( more than 2 decades ago). kay naa may fiesta gi held didto, my sister was a member then. dili pa developed at that time…
    since then wla nko nakabalik didto until niari ko sa korea. it’s very nice to know and see your pics na nindot na diay og developed na.
    when i’l go back home nxt year, i’l surely visit there…
    it’s superb! it’s fantabulous!
    thanx for this site!

  21. mantayupan falls is really a work of nature! d jud ko pure tga barili, but i’m proud to say nga kapila nako ngbalik-balik ug anha sa barili ug cge sad ligo diha sa mantayupan falls 😉 bugnaw kaau ang tubig, and u will be in awe for that sight! i’m glad that many have been there too and appreciated her beauty. 😉 thanx ley for featuring her!

  22. Hi,
    Barili is the hometown of my grandma and grandfa. You have a very good shots.
    Thanks for your photos I admire it. I hope I can visit those nice places someday.

  23. nindut unta kaau ang maong work of nature, pero sad to say, hapit madisgrasya akong maga kuyog pero walay si bisan kinsa nga crew or management nga nitabang o nangumusta man lang sa akong mga kauban. hitupngan pero di hilabwan ang kaanindot sa mao nga lugar, apan kwedaw, ayaw kompyansa may tanghaga ang kalikupan!

  24. diri mi gikan pag-friday.. nice kau kay kami ray taw.
    ang tubig mag-aso2x tungod sa kabugnaw.
    bati lang kay molubog daun ang tubig.
    then tnuod sad wala silay crew nga magbantay sa mga taw.
    kuyaw xa, but nice jud kau ang view sa falls.
    thanks ani nga site, nakaad2 na jud ko mantayupan 🙂

  25. wow nice jud ayo ang mga view sa south part of cebu…..

    suya jud ko sa inyo laag@x dah!!!

    pwede ko makakuyog sa inyo mga adventure?!?

    i love nature and adventure itself………….

  26. Hello, I would like to go there this week end, can you indicate exactly where is it located ? Where is the carpark ? I am of Cebu. Thank you. Seems splendid !

    1. as soon as you see the municipal/town hall of barili, you can ask around just to be sure. also, you can see a sign by the national highway. you won’t get lost. and there is ample park space near the falls.

  27. hi ask lng ko asa ta pwede maka stay ddto overnyt?? naa bay mga available rooms ddto sa matayupan falls?? and how much?? mangadto nami ds saturday.. thanks..:)

  28. another awesome spot in my hometown! legend has it that there was a mute (amang) living in a cave behind the falls. heard this story when i was a little kid – some 30 years ago – LOL!!! I’m glad that they have re-opened the Falls. For some years, it was closed to feed the Hydro Plant. There is a dam above, went there in grade school in one Alay Lakad where we also planted trees. Was able to swim here with the whole family before I left home in 2004 and came for a visit in 2006. One of the first pics of me that my hubby saw was one taken here with the rock formation as backdrop ;-)It really has an exciting passage way – remembered how mossy and slippery it was when I was a little girl that my Daddy had to carry me everytime 😉

  29. a very nice place where you can relax and hangout with your friends or even your love ones.very fresh and very convenient place..go beyond your expectations here in Mantayupan Falls.!!!!wheEEEeeeEEee..

  30. CONGRATS!!!! og salamat sa maanindot nga mga hulagway, abi nako og ako nang na accomplish ang usa sa akong gustong mabuhat sa kinabuhi ang malibot ang mga maanyag nga talanawon dinhi sa probinsya sa sugbo apan sa akong pagsud ong sa imong blogsite akong nakit an nga ubay ubay pa gyud diay ang akong adtoanan susama sa MANTAYUPAN FALLS og uban pang maanindot nga lugar sa probinsya.I am planning a trip to visit the nearby dumaguete and negros island by land by the end of the month when im back in cebu im inviting you to come and tag along…naa koy sakyanan nga puede natong makamit sa atong pag suroy2x..kung available ka please drop me a line we can accomodate og mga 2-3 people pa..THANK YOU AND MORE POWER TO YOU AND WHAT YOU DO…i salute you for that

  31. naa bay rooms dha sa mantayupan? pila sad?
    if moanha mn gd mi, gnahan mi mag overnyt. nya basin nyag wlay room ba..huhu pls help! : (

  32. very nice place since i was younger i always visit and looked the falls’i missed the place very much.i lived in gunting barili and study gunting elem school but now only the enternet nalang nko mkita veiw of mantayupan falls.abot jud ko pamayli diha kung fiesta campanga

  33. Wonderful and lovely place… I went to that natural falls last year during my vacation with my sisters,Rose and Rica with the little sweety Shen. was so nice…We Love it…please, let’s preserve this nice treasure it will give the Town of Barili a WOW!!! to all places of cebu….

  34. You guys.. try to find the way to provide 1 or 2 crews to guard the place for safety of the tourists. lifeguard is the most emportant. I sudgested this idea due to the comments stated above that means they really badly needed these people there safety for there next visit…

  35. nice blog… been to busay zipline and mantayupan falls last june 9-10,2011.busay zipline is the is cheap and has the best view of cebu . its better than baguio and tagaytay.

    mantayupan falls is the best keep secret of cebu. it is better than cawasan falls.. its only an hour drive from cebu. the water is clean.. the view spectacular..we will be back

    thanks for featuring both


  36. One of Cebus must visit places. I’ve just recently discover this falls and I have to say it is a beauty. Too bad that I wasn’t able to dip in the falls since I was on a photo trip that time. This is truly an awesome place with a spectacular sight.

  37. Nindot jud siya bisag wala pami ka anha, were planning to go first at Mantayupan before heading to Kawasan . . . kalami e langoy!!!

  38. Na surprise jud ko! papa thank you nga naa diay kay surprise para namo ni jad, jamjam hope nga madayon ta ana with your sons….hope to start the 2012 legal family bonding….

  39. Tnx naa diay pictures sa Mantayupan Falls, actually diha ko 2007 naa sab ko mga pictures. Mantayupan mao ang ligoanan sa ako nanay ug mga parente diha sa Barili, mga (Antoni, Mag-usara, Sayson, Baritua ug uban pang kaparetehan, Kumustamos namong tanan diha sa Barili? just text me 09283861228.

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