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Visiting the Cebu Ocean Park for the Very First Time

I have to admit, this took longer than expected. But, finally, after so many years, I was finally able to visit the Cebu Ocean Park at the South Road Properties. I know a lot of materials have been published about this attraction, but I still wanted to document my visit anyway. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who ‘missed the boat’ and they might actually find this helpful. Hehe.

So, without further fuss, join me as I tour the largest oceanarium in the Philippines. Ready? Let’s go!

Cebu Ocean Park

The Cebu Ocean Park stands next to the San Pedro Calungsod Chapel at the South Road Properties. Considered the largest in the country, the park occupies around 10,000 square meters of land within the SM Seaside City Cebu complex. At least 2,000 square meters bigger than the equally famous Manila Ocean Park, the Cebu Ocean Park can accommodate more than two thousand people at any given time.

Cebu Ocean Park is open daily from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Regular tickets are priced at Php600 (weekdays) and Php600 (weekends). Senior Citizens and PWDs get a 20% discount while children below 2 feet are free of charge.

Note that children must be accompanied by a fully-vaccinated parent, guardian, or guide.

So I arrived at Cebu Ocean Park with my parents around 30 minutes before closing time. To be honest, we didn’t check the park schedule and we didn’t know that visitors are usually not allowed to come in very close to closing time. Fortunately, after asking her superior, the staff at the entrance finally allowed us to go in. There were actually only around 5 people in our batch.

Attractions at Cebu Ocean Park

Jungle Trek

The first attraction that you will see when you enter the Cebu Ocean Park is the Jungle Trek. This section features species that thrive in rivers, lakes, and other fresh bodies of water. This section has an outdoor set-up and is a perfect spot for photographs and videos. As guests are asked to follow one direction all throughout the tour, it is difficult to get lost.

Creepy Critters

The next section has an indoor set-up that features various species of reptiles. Here, v visitors can get a close look at the animals as the glass cages are generally small.

After a fun time with the snakes, guests can proceed to the second floor via this escalator. Right next to it is a gorgeous green wall.

Lorries Loft

On the second floor, you will find the Lorries Loft. The Lorries Loft features different species of birds. The animals are housed in a huge ‘outdoor’ dome where they can freely fly and move around. If you’re lucky, you can even move very close to some of them.

Seven Seas

After a fun experience with the birds, guests can proceed to the third floor for the next section which is called the Seven Seas. The Seven Seas section features colorful corals as well as species of fish that thrive in this awesome ecosystem.

After leaving the Seven Seas section, guests will finally reach the top of the structure where the open tanks can be seen. In this area, guests can have a top view of the tanks that contain the different animals on display.

It is also here where visitors can sit on those round pods and let small fishes nibble on their feet.


After this very fun experience, it is now time to check out the highlight of the entire park – the Oceanarium. The oceanarium features long tunnels as well as a central viewing section that offers a 360-degree view of the underwater world.

Main Tank Gallery

After leaving the oceanarium, visitors will find the Main Tank Gallery. The tank is more than 7 meters deep and features a sunken ship as well as various species of deep-sea creatures. On special days and occasions, the gallery can transform into a special dining or events area.

Gift Shop

And finally, the last section to visit is the Gift Shop which, like most parks and tourist destinations, doubles as the exit. The shop features cute and fun souvenir items, gifts, toys, and more!


So what do you think about Cebu Ocean Park? Have you been to this popular tourist destination? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Visiting the Cebu Ocean Park for the Very First Time

  1. thanks Ley! I’ve never been there and i have seen many posts about this place and this post is more detailed and very informative.

  2. Thank for showing us Cebu Ocean Park.
    I didn’t know there is one in Cebu and bigger that the one here in Manila.

    Be blessed!

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