Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod

SM recently unveiled their very modern chapel at the South Road Properties. The chapel was originally named Shrine of Mary, Mother of God. However, it was renamed Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod in honor of the first Cebuano saint.

The Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod has 14 sunken gardens and can accommodate at least 800 people. It also has pockets of blue lights and an “enigmatic profusion of talismanic walls.”

The modern design of the chapel is stunning. And the details are just so beautiful. If the chapel – the first completed structure at the SM Seaside City complex at the SRP – is an indication of what the future complex will look like, I’m pretty confident that the Cebuanos will not be disappointed. Actually, I dare say that the chapel is the best-looking structure in Cebu today.


Check out the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod at the SRP.

Sign at the entrance. Looking so awesome.

When viewed upclose, the walls look like random pieces placed in various parts of the plot.

But when viewed from a distance, the spaces disappear and the walls for one huge beautiful structure.

One of the 14 sunken gardens.

Main entrance and driveway.

The main wooden door. Very nice.

Stations of the cross placed in various parts of the chapel.

Side entrance

View of the interior.

Various walkways and passages connect different parts of the chapel.

Side entrance ramp.

Main entrance and foyer.

SM Seaside City complex road network. Awesome!

Awesome job, SM! I’m sure the mall and the highrises are going to be sooo good!

Senior Citizens Park
Viva San Pedro Calungsod!



14 Comments on Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod

  1. Oh my God! so inviting. Look like im getting lost inside. Have to bring my relatives here for a pilgrimage. Once again thank you Ley.

  2. Ley,
    Earlier in the planning of the mall complex for this area, a St. Mary’s Shrine was proposed. Is that still in the plan or have they changed it with this one? Nevertheless, your presentation is great as usual. Thanks

  3. It’s BEAUTIFUL, pero ngano man jud ila mang gi lisud lisud ang mga letters? simpli lang unta para ma basa dayon. Mo simba ta para ma lamdagan dili kai lisud lisuron pag basa sa mga letra.

  4. Last Friday we suppose to drop by here on my way to Mactan airport but traffic and not enough time prevent us. Indeed my relatives goes there after they drop me. And my mother’s wish is granted to visit The Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod. Viva San Pedro Calungsod.
    chapel of San Pedro Calungsod.

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