In Photos: Cebu IT Park’s The WALK


The Asiatown IT Park in Lahug has a new exciting joint. It’s called THE WALK. THE WALK took the place of the very popular Courtyard, which mysteriously disappeared a few weeks before the Sinulog years ago. According to some press releases, THE WALK, was specially built for the thousands of call center people in IT Park. For this reason, most, if not all, tenants are open 24 hours each day. THE WALK currently has Mc Donald’s, Shakey’s Pizza, Figaro Coffee, Mercury Drug, Mooon Cafe, and Casa Verde. Check out THE WALK!



A tall IT building right next to THE WALK.

Hayahay ang McDo inig open ana nga building.

Mc Donald’s is open 24 hours


I thought free parking? Pag sure mo ha!

The tall IT building. Now on its 12th floor.

The ‘courtyard’ with a really nice garden.

 The Waterfront (from Mc Donald’s)

Casino Filipino

Vacant lot in front of THE WALK

Another side.



The tall IT building in Lahug (That’s behind Jollibee)

The four giants.

20 thoughts on “In Photos: Cebu IT Park’s The WALK

  1. Hi Ley,
    Its so nice but, I was surprised regarding the Survey of AIM competitive city
    that City of Cebu is out List When i was there , there’s Alots of Improvement, But not
    including the Carbo Market Bati jud gihapon wala mapahimutang ang mga luger bisag asa lang, Anyway this is a challenge to Our Mayor in Cebu also Colon st. Bati gihapon. wala mo suroy suroy si Mayor dinha
    unta iyang kanang ipaayo ang mga Kalye pwerting ngilaara oy,

  2. When we were in Cebu my wife and I used to walk around IT Park early mornings. I had some good conversations with the IT workers who were changing shifts and the construction workers reporting for duty. How they work on those hanging rebar scaffolds is beyond me.

    Coffee at Bo’s, maybe a stop at the Quick Mart and now The Walk. I’m glad to hear there are now some more possibilities.

  3. Hala! murag kelangan na nako movisit sa IT park ay. Uwahi nako sa balita dah.

    Hay salamat duol na ang ako fave nga Moon cafe,hehehe.

    enx ley!

  4. I can’t believe how this part of Lahug has progressed so much. In my days I use to work at the Magellan Hotel, which was right next door to the Club Filipino Golf Course. I am so looking forward to see this part of my hometown.

  5. The old Club Filipino Golf Course has transformed into what is now known as the Ayala Cebu. It’s sad that the Magellan Hotel has not been restored after the big fire that razed it. Ma’am Stella, do you know what happened to the big Bengal tiger that was caged at the hotel’s garden?
    I could never imagine that the old Lahug airport where we had our ROTC drills every week-end in my college days would give way to a more progressive set-up now.
    My last touchdown on this airport was on a six-seater plane from San Carlos City during the coup when the Mactan Intl Airport and all forms of transport were restricted.

  6. i worked for about a year @ Magellan H (in mid 70’s)- i never knew that it was gutted by fire or MH has caged bengal tiger in there . when did all these things happened?-maybe coz there was no MCPB at that time-no updates. thought all the while that it was bought by Ayala Investment. .

  7. daghan gyud naaffected sa pagkasunog sa MG. my aunt, who (still) works sa St. Moritz Hotel (that small german hotel right behind the MG lot) said that business was never the same gyud daw. daghan gyud kaayo to taw sauna. karon, nihit na.

  8. Hi Billy,

    I never knew that there was a caged Bengal Tiger in the hotel grounds. I knew of the Great Dane that use to scare me when they took him for a walk around the restaurant where I worked. I loved working at Magellan Hotel, the Zamora’s were very nice people. As for Lahug Airport, that is close to USP my school, way back.. Thanks for the memories though.

  9. There was. And a big one too. We saw it during one of our company sponsored dinner at the restaurant. We even joked nga basin ug na-roasted.

  10. Hahay, wa jud ko kaabot ani oy. Am I correct if I say this place was the previous The Village? OMG, tiguwang na jud tah ani…

  11. sus nganong wala pa man intawn na atong gatrabaho pa ko diha sa IT Park oi (3 years ago 😀 ) Mabalo intawn kog pangita ug kan anan kung mag OT sa una. The village ra juy naa ato…

  12. hello ley…..

    i like wat u feature abwt cebu…..nindot au ang cebu sah…..

    pwd ask ni kendi???????….kung ok lng nya………..

    pwd pa ask sa moon cafe if naa ba nga work na dennis deniega…kung ok lng sa iya…

    thanks and more power………..

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